Friday, September 9, 2016

My week 9/3 to 9/9

Saturday-It my parents 60th Anniversary. I pull some weeds and use Roundup. I need to pull weeds Tomorrow. Last night I was so cold I went to bed  at 11 with my electric blanket on. 

Sunday-I didn't pull weeds Today. Just stay in. I was on my computer or watching TV. I did mop some of the Kitchen floor.

Monday-Labor Day. I didn't do anything . But on my Computer and watch TV.

Tuesday-I only had 6 loads of laundry  at. It feel like Today is Monday. The pictures I order on Aug 26. didn't came. I chat with a person about the pictures from the company I order from
Wednesday- My friend start hers Chemo treatment for 6 months. She was at work. She went at 12PM. She hoping to be at work on Friday. A friend who can't talk  broken her hip. Going to have surgery sometime.
Thursday-I wonder how my friend is doing after hers first Chemo treatment. I received the pictures of Malcolm. So he have pictures in his photo album.

Friday-My friend was at work Today. She told me she haven't got sick from the Chemo yet. But she may get over the weekend. A guy from a man home pass away on Tuesday. 


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