Friday, October 28, 2016

My week 10/22 to 10/28

Saturday-Today was National Inclusion Project Gala. They had some of it on they facebook. It take $300.00 to send a disabled kid to camp. 
 Sunday-I didn't get any coupons Today from the newspaper. I got my rent check put in the mail box Today. I didn't put my Iphone on the charger. When I look at it at 3PM I had 12% charge.

Monday-There wasn't any load of laundry Today. Because the person who clean didn't go to work on Friday. 
Tuesday-I couldn't sleep. I was up at 2AM. I had all 7 load of laundry. After I got home I took an hour nap. 
Wednesday-A guy came to my door. He ask if he could keep here until Tomorrow . I lock both doors and my car doors.
Thursday-I email Christy. She is in Florida until Sundaywith girlfriends. She did talk to a lawyer. The guy came back around 6:30PM to get his car. 
Friday-By January I will have a new lady helping me with the order out day. November or December. We went to Kentucky Fried Chicken.

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