Friday, November 11, 2016

My week 11/5 to 11/11

SATURDAY- I put laundry away and start cleaning doing TV commercials. I will have to start in my computer room Tomorrow . I received 3 pen pal letters.
SUNDAY-I didn't get anything done Today. I found out I had no sound on video's on my Iphone. I have to update my Iphone and see if that help with the sound. If the update don't work. I may have to get a replace Iphone. 
MONDAY-There is amail Tomorrow. Talk to Stori about update  my Iphone. My warranty is done on 12/28. So we need to update before 12/28. I got a LED light for the computer desk.

 TUESDAY-I was thinking. A wife or a husband had a affair. They should go to jail. Christy email me. Harper start preschool Today, so grandma CeCe is sad. I wonder how Stori test went. 
WEDNESDAY-Donald Trump is the President starting Jan 20, 2017. I think I will see if See help me sign up to vote in 2020. Because I don't want Trump for 8 years. 
 THURSDAY-I email Christy this morning. But she didn't email me back. I'm thinking about making Clay Aiken coaters at shutterfly.
FRIDAY-It Carol Birthday. She is 58 year old. Stori had a picture of my Dad when he was in the Navy. So I took it , post it and thank him for his service.

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