Friday, December 2, 2016

My week 11/26 to 12/2

SATURDAY-I peel potato's as I watch IU football game. I put them in cold water in fridge over night Today was Zander Diamont last game. He what his brain. I didn't have any friendship books to pack. 

SUNDAY-I got my rent check ready for mail Tomorrow. I got my friend Tracy Ann King card ready too.
MONDAY-It been raining all day. I didn't go to the mailboxes Today. I text Jamey to see when the roof guy was coming. He had to call him.
TUESDAY-I only had 6 load of laundry at work. Jamey text me. The roof guy can't do anything until the temp is over 60. So I had Jamey call my dad about it. I made up my mind I will just text Jamey or Stori if I need something done in or on my trailer. I will never talk in front of Carol every again.   
WEDNESDAY-It Clay Aiken 38th Birthday. I took my coins to Walmart money machine. I only had $6.36 in coins.
THURSDAY-I don't think Christy is divorce Tom. Because every time I ask they saw the lawyer. She said no, but Christy told mom they had. I put all of my laundry away Tonight. 
   FRIDAY-My Co-worker/friend wasn't at work. I received a brown envelope and 2 pen pal letters in the mail. 

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