Friday, December 30, 2016

My week 12/24 to 12/30

SATURDAY-It Christmas Eve. When I was done with my weekly blog It hit me that Thursday was 9 years since I saw Clay Aiken in concert and meet sue.
 SUNDAY-It Christmas Day I watch Hallmark Christmas movies and read Queen Marker. Mom and Dad come with Banana bread and my Christmas gift from them.
 MONDAY-I got gas for my car went to Walmart got home before 9AM. I didn't understand why Carol can't call me say we need to talk. But she never will. I did what Jamey and Mike ask me to do, but Carol can't Someone need to sit with Carol. Every time Carol say she what to do something have the person say no you are not allow to Carol. Then see how is she feel. I told Carol off on the phone. I told her everyone think she rude and unfriendly since 5 years, I'm not lie about it. I hear it 24/7 when school is in. Because she haven't done anything for me for 2 years.

TUESDAY-I text Carol asking when she taking me to Lowe's I call Christy ask her when Carol will take, then I call Christy again told her everyone I talk to think Carol need help that everyone is with me. I think Christy lie about having gifts at Carol's on Christmas. They should give them to my parents. 

WEDNESDAY-I had a laughing time at break at work. I took my  Christmas gift to the bank I email Carol asking So when we talking. Carol email is Deb, I think you have said everything. I have nothing to talk about.

 THURSDAY-Stori wouldn't let me pay for the purse she got me me in Nov. I post on Facebook this: Why do I have to fight to be happy -my feeling is piss off with my life because my loves ones hate me because I want No and Not Allow out of  my life. Stori came to to pick up my cable and DVD boxes. So I could dust under them I had Stori take some of the DVD's
 FRIDAY-I sold 13 VCR Movies to a nurse at the nursing home. I went to Wal-mart to meet a person giive the person 8 DVD's the person never show 


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