Friday, January 6, 2017

My week 12/31/16 to 1/6/17

SATURDAY-The last day of 2016. Wash towels and my bed sheets. Put new sheets on my bed. I order Live Safe from McAfee. My luck my firewall will not update Tonight. I had to call McAfee had a guy take over my computer so he could update my firewall. 

 SUNDAY-New Year day. I was feeling great after My list of Clay Aiken CD's for sale on Facebook. A fan of Clay post under the list I post nonsense stuff on Facebook. It made me upset I guess I should trash all the CD's. Never talk to any Clay fan's or donate to National Inclusion Project again. So no one put me down for saling Clay CD's for $2.00

MONDAY-I went to Walmart at 7:45AM. Jamey was there I didn't do anything but on the computer or watch TV.
TUESDAY-I had 6 load of laundry at work.  Carol text when I was at work about getting my Christmas gifts. I didn't text Carol until I got home. I told Carol I wouldn't go out there. Because she didn't want to talk. 
WEDNESDAY-A lady husband pass away. There should be snow Tonight. I'm hoping for 1" of snow. So I can get to work on Friday. My landlord haven't deposit my rent check yet. I mail the check on December 27. The check went to Huntingburg, IN.

 THURSDAY-We got our first snow of the year. I got my laundry done and put away by 11AM. I didn't get my mail Today because of the snow. By 11:30AM the blacktop was white. I should be able to get to work Tomorrow. 

FRIDAY-School was open 2 hours later. My work van's wasn't picking up anyone. So I didn't go in to work. I don't have to go in to work on Monday. Because the lady I do laundry for on Monday's did it herself. It should get down to 5 for the low Tonight. 

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