Friday, January 20, 2017

My week 1/14 to 1/20

SATURDAY-Why can't anyone in the family see I'm in pain with Carol and talk to her. Because I don't want to get the police in this over 20 years problem. But the last 11 years I been saying NO to Carol didn't hurt me. Starting 1/1/17 I will not say no if someone see Carol hurting me. They ask me if they need to call the police I will say YES call the police on Carol. 
 SUNDAY-I didn't clean Today. Carol will not apologize to me. So I never have to see her.
 MONDAY-Martin Luther King JR Birthday. Because of mom cutting me off on the phone. That why I don't call my parents that much. 
 TUESDAY-I had all 7 load of laundry at work. I went to the Post Office after work, then went to my parents to get coupons. I look at the coupons. I can't use the coupons at Walmart because the coupons had Jay_C on them.
 WEDNESDAY-My Co-worker/friend for surgery on March 3 to get the cancer out. She will take 2 weeks off after the surgery .
THURSDAY-Carol came with the Christmas gifts, but didn't say anything to me. I guess she don't think she didn't do anything to me. My new snow boots came Today. 
FRIDAY-I went to look at a dryer. I'm waiting on money to buy a dryer. Donald Trump is The President 

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