Friday, January 27, 2017

My week 1/21 to 1/ 27

SATURDAY- Lyzah went to Disney on Ice. I pack 6 brown envelopes with friendship books. I got up to 60 for the high.

 SUNDAY-I clean the kitchen and Vacuum my bedroom and living room , but not my computer room. 
MONDAY-I got 2 Walmart gift card from Christmas One of the card had $25.00 The 2nd one had $100.00. So I use the $25.00 and over $20.00 from the $100.00 card. 
 TUESDAY-Dad got the check last night. So after  work I cash the check went to Starr to pay for the dryer. By 3:30PM I had brand new dryer. 
WEDNESDAY-After work I went to pay my electric bill. I received a pen pal letters.
THURSDAY-I forgot I had the new dryer because it didn't make sounds. I text reminder to Michael ti get my W-2 for Trisanna.

FRIDAYIt was snowing when I went to work. I found out I'm not allow to work for an hour on Monday's. I didn't think I would use the ramp after work. But the snow was gone at 12:15PM.

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