Friday, February 17, 2017

My week 2/11 to 2/17

SATURDAY-I received my registration sticker Today. I don't have to call BMV on the 21 . I will start ordering my plate on January 28. I'm not waiting around for the annual registration renewal.

SUNDAY-I received my Courier-Journal Louisville KY newspaper Today. Because the  the person didn't put a newspaper in my paper box last Sunday.
MONDAY-I received my $16.91 check from EBATES. I received a new pen pal letter from Llydminster, SK  S9V 1B2
 TUESDAY-It Valentine's Day. My WIFI dead 2 times last night.. My Internet box was red at 5:20AM. The WIFI dead 2 times before 3PM Today.

 WEDNESDAY- I didn't have any trouble with the WIFI. I post in My N.I.P jar group. No one comment on the post.
THURSDAY-I need 3 tires like Today. It will cost me $100. 00 a tire. I'm hoping I can have monthly payments. 
  FRIDAY-I got 2 tires for $192.07. I will get the other 2 in a month. So I don't have a $300.00 bill on my Capitalone card.


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