Friday, February 24, 2017

My week 2/18 to 2/24

SATURDAY-I stat writing a pen pal letter. I pack brown envelopes with friendship books. I received a order for 4 Clay Aiken CD's. I have $26.00 in my National Inclusion Project Jar.

SUNDAY-I didn't received the Louisville, Ky Courier-Journal newspaper. I call 2 times. I post on they facebook page and on twitter.
MONDAY-I pack the 4 CD of Clay Aiken for the lady. The meeting went ok. It President Day. No mail.
 TUESDAY-David Cassidy have to stop touring. Because he have Dementia .
WEDNESDAY-Livia is 17 Today. We had a Birthday dinner, yes I went No I didn't talk to Carol never will.
THURSDAY-Why Dad alway tell me . I have no right to buy something I want. He been doing this all the time. Sorry I will buy a leaf blower.
FRIDAY-Today went crazy. I wake up at 3:50AM and couldn't go back to sleep. Then went to work. The one group of lady's that haven't been there came in Today. Then a lady had a seizure. about 5 mins after we got there. Then Superburger wasn't one with the food at 12PM. 

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