Friday, February 10, 2017

My week 2/4 to 2/10

SATURDAY-I put address labels in friendship books. I told the lady's I swap with I will mail friendship books on February 21.
SUNDAY-The lady who I send coupons too. PM me on Facebook, because she move to Paoli. So I made new address labels with her new address.

MONDAY-I received my oversea stamps. I have a feeling that I will not received my tax refund this year. 

 TUESDAY- I never received my renewal note yet. So I renewal my plate Today. If I don't received my stuff I need to call on 21th. 
 WEDNESDAY-I received my small tax refund Today. I'm waiting on my big one now. I understand where to check on my renew Registration.
 THURSDAY-I received I'LL BE DAMNED by Eric Braeden from The Young and The Restless. 
FRIDAY-I received my Annual Registration Renewal. I'm piss. I should received it in January not in February.

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