Friday, April 14, 2017

My week 4/8 to 4/14

SATURDAY-I look last night before I went to bed. My claymate friend post at Clayversity. She was sorry that I got my feeling hurt by the board. I vaccum the living room. I got all my pen pal letters done in 7 hours about 30 letters. 
SUNDAY-I put my address labels in friendship book. My Courier-Journal newspaper was at my door 7:30AM. 
MONDAY-I update my software on my Iphone. It took about 10 mins. I received my property tax. My is for my trailer. I have to pay $65.84 for the year. My landlord call saying I have NO right to burn stuff in the back. I got to the phone. I said what are you talking about I'm not doing it. She said she have the wrong Debbie. 
TUESDAY-My neighor brother post on Facebook that my neighor hurt his arm at work. He went to Jasper Hospital. 

 WEDNESDAY-After work, I went to pay my property Tax. I pay the whole thing so I don't have to go in November. I mow my grass for the first time this years. 

THURSDAY-I was able to hang my laundry outside to dry. I was able to get my paycheck after 9AM. Sophia and Harper received they Easter gift.Cookies in Ornaments eggs form Chreyl's
FRIDAY-I went to the bank at 8:30AM. I didn't get anything in the mail but the PEOPLE magainze

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