Friday, April 21, 2017

My week 4/15 to 4/21

SATURDAY-I post in Paoli Talk on Facebook about moving my trailer. As I was doing my weekly blog.
SUNDAY-Easter. Carol told Stori and Trisanna Easter dinner at 1PM. Carol told our parents and I 12PM for Easter.

MONDAY-I had Wednesday and Thursday load of laundry , so I work until after break. I received 5 pen pal letters. 
TUESDAY-I got done working at 11:30AM. I went to Walmart with coupons. I forgot to get my mail. My neighbor  mow my grass. 
WEDNESDAY-My Co-worker wasn't at work. She had 3 doctor appointments. The Schwan's guy was here before 4PM. I will have Jamey look at for me. 
 THURSDAY-Barry Manilow was on Today Show this morning. I can't wait for his new CD

FRIDAY-I took the check out to Stori's for Jamey. There was about 6 cars there. The persons was in Jamey mom's apartment  I received Barry Manilow new CD. The new lady at The Look was 30 mins behind on everyone. 

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