Friday, June 2, 2017

My week 5/27 to 6/2

SATURDAY-At 12AM my Iphone need to be update. So after 10AM I paid my Iphone. Then I update my  Iphone it took about 10 mins. I didn't have to ok anything on my Iphone.
 SUNDAY-I went to Walmart at 7:02AM At 7:31AM I was parking my car at the trailer. But I forgot grape-nut and salad dressing. Michael text about having cookout at 1PM.

MONDAY-It Memorial Day. We got to Michael's before 1PM. Lyzah was say outside all day. When I got home from the cookout. I was hungry at 6:30PM so I had a Walmart salad
 TUESDAY-Stori is 41 Today.Stori wasn't in the states. Was on a trip with Livia and Parker with they church  I only had 6 load of laundry at work. So I done at 10:30AM. I told Rhonda that her facebook friend Teresa Houston. Is my nephew Michael Mother-in-law. 
WEDNESDAY-After work. I went to pay my electric bill. Then went to State Farm to pay my trailer Insurance. Christy ask me to be friends on Facebook. 

THURSDAY-I was able to hang my laundry outside to dry at 9:15AM. I got all my laundry off the clothes line at 2PM.
FRIDAY-It Trisanna and Michael 5th Anniversary. I thought Today was State Special Olympics but everyone was in the workshop. My Co-worker/friend haven't been to work all week. She been that sick.


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