Friday, July 14, 2017

My week 7/8 to 7/14

SATURDAY-By 8pm last night there was 10 persons read my weekly blog. By 9AM this morning 13 persons read my weekly blog. Hallmark Movies and Mysteries had Christmas movies on. 

 SUNDAY-I peel potatoes before lunch. So I didn't have to do it at 4PM. I had fish from Schwan's with fry potatoes for dinner

MONDAY-My game Bejeweled Blitz was down for maintenance on my computer.  When I got up for the day. It didn't come up until after 8AM. 
 TUESDAY-I done got doing laundry at work at 10:30AM. I did have 5 loads not 7 loads. So I got home before it rain. The sky was grey when I drove home, but didn't rain. 
WEDNESDAY-I forgot to turn on my CD player in the bathroom. I didn't know it was on until I had shampoo in my hair in the shower.
THURSDAY-Last night all Louisville, Ky locals TV channels was out from 6pm to 11pm. I miss Big Brother. I forgot I had HD on my living cable box. 
 FRIDAY-work was ok. I put my laundry away before work. So I didn't have to do it Tonight. I was able to watch Bold on Facebook at break at work for about 10 mins. 

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