Friday, November 3, 2017

My week 10/28 to 11/3

SATURDAY-I wash my towels and bed sheets. I put another clean set of bed sheets on my bed. I start filling out the Division of Disability and Rehabilitative Service. Bureau of Developmental Disabilties Service form. Because I have to have my doctor fill it out too. 
 SUNDAY-I put the towels away. I got done with DDRS paper work. Only thing I have to get is the doctor name on the doctor papers. 
MONDAY-I went to Comprehensive Health car at 1PM. My appointment was at 1:20PM. They didn't get me in a room until 1:51. The didn't come in until 2:20PM. He did sign the paper for me.
TUESDAY-Halloween Work was good. I thought I forgot my glasses at work. I came home look in the tote bag , the glasses was in the tot bag. Trisanna and Michael had Lyazh and Malcolm here after 6:30PM Lyazh wouldn't talk at all. The 4 boys came after 7PM Parker took Livia halloween candy home. I text Livia to tell her Parker have hers 3 bags of candy. 

  WEDNESDAY-I have a Vtech phone for my home phone. Last night I was looking at the hand set. It have 1 missed call. I never had that happen before and can't delete it. 
  THURSDAY-I post on Facebook about my home phone. A friend told me what to do and it work.   I received a bubble white envelope from Cherly's. In the envelope was a Thank you box with a buttercream frosted cut-out cookie. They thank me for being a loyal customer. EMS guy came with a free weather Alert Radio. I couldn't get it working. 
FRIDAY-I text Stori about helping me with the Weather Alert Radio. She will help next week. She is going up to Indianapolis for the High School marching band contest Tomorrow.

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