Friday, February 9, 2018

My week 2/3 to 2/9

SATURDAY-Christy call this morning to tell me, she on her  way back. Then she call at 1:30PM for Jamey iphone number. It after 4PM she never call. It show me she lie about want to  see me.

SUNDAY-I text Christy last night at 7PM I thank her for lie to me  and she act like Carol she act like an asshole to me. She did say sorry. But then she said what the big trouble with not call me. She said her friends don't keep they word to her. I guess I'm no one to Christy but a friend not her  little sister. Because she had to see Chad ball game before coming back to Paoli in Bedford. I been dead in the family for years. Everyone go back on they word to me. If I did it I get told off. Christy didn't call to see if I would do something with her Today. Christy don't understand that I can't just walk in to our parents house I have get a call first. I forgot to wear my watch Today.
MONDAY-It snow last night about 1" It melt by 2PM. I got my Vehicle Registration from my mailbox. It was in it on Saturday.
TUESDAY-It didn't snow or Ice last night. So I could get to work. This is first time I work 2 whole weeks on Tuesday's.

WEDNESDAY-It Ice last night School was closed Today. My car look like snow not Ice on it. It start melting around 1:30pm I didn't get my mail and are Cheryl's Cookies in the mail. 
THURSDAY-I was able walk to the mailboxes. My ramp isn't melting that good. 
FRIDAY-Work was crazy. I went to Walmart Today.   Because it may snow and Sunday morning. 

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