Friday, April 6, 2018

My week 3/30 to 4/6

SATURDAY-I wash my towels and sheets from my bed. I put other set of sheets on my bed. Carol text aout Tomorrow (Easter). It's Shirley Jones Birthday she is 84 year old.

SUNDAY-It Easter Carol text again to say to came at 3:00PM. Lyzah was bossy Chad around. Malcolm hug me for the first time. 

MONDAY-I put money in my checking for my State Farm bill. For my car Insurance, from my Saving and Christmas money. 

TUESDAY-I work until 10:45AM. Because I only had 3 loads that need to be in the dryer. Then I went to State Farm to pay my car Insurance. It due on April 29. It didn't take 15 mins. I text Jamey to see how much I had and tell him how much the check is.

WEDNESDAY-After work I went out to Stori's to her a check for Jamey. We talk about we talk about on Sunday. And she told me why she having surgery a day early.

THURSDAY-I clean the bathroom I put laundry away from Yesterday that I had on the clothes rack and in the dryer. I put address lables in Friendship books.

FRIDAYI feel funny going to work Today. Because we had last Friday off. I'm hoping my dream will came true. I will start print out pen pal letters from my print shop Tonight. I didn't put pictures in my weekly blog because I didn't feel like look for a picture and forgot Today was Friday.  


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