Sunday, February 28, 2010

The weekof 2/21 to 2/27

Sunday-I called Barnes and Noble about the Michael Jackson DVD. They will ship a new one out Tomorrow. Mary and I was talking. Yesterday was the First time I didn't have to wear my snow boots.

Monday-It's Livia 10 Birthday. Call Stori about having Ice Cream Cake at 6:30 for Livia Birthday. I recevied Parker Christmas gift.

Tuesday-I was thinking of Michael. Because he had to do something Today. 

Wednesday-I start working at 5:50AM. I done working at 12:45PM.

ThursdayWork had snow route. So I went to see if we was ordering out Tomorrow. I pass out notes at 8:30AM. I call my friend Sandy about Tomorrow. The snow was gone by 10:30AM.

Friday-My DVD player is not working again. If I put a DVD it will not play. It just go White or green. Then it take me 30 to 1 hour before the DVD can come out. It a VCR and DVD player.But I can use the VCR part. I need Jamey to look at it.

Saturday-I received my license plate for my car Yesterday. Carol call about having a dinner for Michael 30th Birthday for Tomorrow. His Birthday is on Monday.

Until Next Sunday

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Week of 2/14 to 2/20

Sunday-It Valeintine's Day. I got a feeling about Clay Aiken One-night only Concert at Memorial Auditorum in Raleigh, NC. I think he will not go on tour is Summer. Since before his son was born. I been getting feeling about Clay. When he have news and know what the news is. Before he blog about it in the Fan Club. I call Mom to tell her to tell Dad I will need him to take me to workTomorrow.

Monday-Dad was here at 5:53AM I start working at 6AM. Carol TXT me at 6:59AM to tell me to call her. when I'm done. I call her to tell her I will be done by 1PM. A lady give me 3 new T-shirt with Janitorial crew on them. I call Carol at 12PM to tell I would be done working at 1:10PM Amanda told me that I didn't have to work Tomorrow because the night crew can't work Tonight. Michael call to see if I was at work. I told him I was. Michael told me he was in the parking lot. I told him I will be out there in 5 mins. He clean my sidewalk for me again. Because I clean the sidewalk at 5:20AM.

Tuesday-It feel funny staying home Today. No one can be on the roads until 7AM. work wasn't open until 9AM. Livia had hers adenords and Tonsils removed in Jasper Hospital. My DVD player will not work. The door of the DVD will not open.

Wednesday-I drove myself to work. It feel like Thursday. Because I did Crane laundry on Monday and had Yesterday off. Dad told me that Christy is home Tomorrow night.

Thursday-I was feeling great until Carol call. She said Dad was going to do the lunch. But told me she have more right then Dad. I'm sick of Carol telling peoples they have no right to do dinner or lunch. Because she have more right to do it. She do it to our parents 24/7. no one will tell her off but me. I have 159 pages to go in Hollywood Kids by Jackie Collins.

Friday-I order Parker Christmas gift on Wednesday night. I'm sick of my family lie to me, and sick of peoples at work about me. . I ate one pint of Ben and Jerry Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream because of Today. Christy call to see if she could come to my trailer. I told her NO. Because I don't her to walk in then 2 mins walk out I'm sick of it. She never stay around me long. Because Christy have to listen to the Town Bitch. On how long she can stay around me. Christy to me that herself.

Saturday-I was thinking thing will go down on Fridays now on. There wasn't no rain and Ice this Morning. After 7PM my DVD start working again. But the Michael Jackson DVD will not play. I will take the Michael Jackson DVD out to Stori's to see if his DVD will play at Stori's I was thinking Chad and Ian been in Paoli for 3 months now. The temp for the day was about 50. There are 22 days before Spring. The Tuhursday newspaper said we had 7 to 9" of snow on Monday (2/15).

Bye until next Sunday Morning

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The week of 2/7 to 2/13

Sunday-I put Livia, Parker, Chad and Ian Valentine cards in the out going mailbox. I got Yesterday Newspaper Today in my paperbox.. The high for the day was 54. I been forgetting to write in here. That Christy send me a Valentine card. I received the card on Friday. I clean half of the bathroom. The Colts didn't win the Super Bowl.

Monday-John told me that he meeted Stori, Jamey, Livia, Parker, Chad and Ian Friday Night. I gas my car up Today. I'm waiting on the snow storm. We could get 3to 6" of snow. Clay Aiken haven't told us about the news yet.

Tuesday-It snow last night. There was 3" on the ground . I call Mary she haven't been outside. I call Mary back at 6:05 AM Mary couldn't find hers glasses. I call Mary at 11:45AM. She got to work. I clean off the car at 7:51AM by 8:15AM the car was cover again with snow. By 3:00PM I clean the sidewalk for the 3rd time.

Wednesday-I didn't go in to work, but I feel bad about it. I clean the sidewalk. I talk to Dad about taking me on Monday to work. I talk to Mary. I call Dad back and ask him if he would take me to work Tomorrow. When I was talking to Stori. I ask her if she got my message about cleaning off my ramp for $20.00.

Thursday-Dad got me to work by 6:15AM. I got done at 9:05AM. There was alot of cars at First Chance Center. Parker come to clean off my ramp. After Parker got done. He had about 6 Double stuf Oreo cookies. Parker hop we will get 6" more of snow by Tuesday. So he can clean off my ramp again. So I will pay him $20.00 again.

Friday-First Chance Center was open for the 1st time since Monday. We got in trouble for last Friday. I don't understand how we didn't get in trouble with only one stuff in the breakroom. But with 4 stuff we get in trouble. I went to Wal-Mart for the week. I got 3 get well cards for Livia.

Saturday-It snow some this morning. I clean the Kitchen. The Sun come out. I got one of Livia get well card in the out going mailbox Today. I made a thread at Clay Aiken Fan Club for prayers for Livia. Because she getting hers Adenoids and tonsils removed on Tuesday.

Bye for now
Until Next Sunday Morning

Sunday, February 7, 2010

week of 1/31 to 2/6

Sunday-The last day of January is Today. I ask a moderator to delete the thread I made in Clay Aiken Fan Club. I check on Michael Jackson DVD on Barnes and Noble, they ship it out on Jan 29. I will received the DVD Tomorrow. I took my trash out at 10:15AM. I park my car the right way Today. The weather man said we will have a snow storm on Friday. I didn't clean this weekend. I turn on Channel 11 at 10:30AM and the sound was bad. I call Avenue about channel 11. I kept my bedroom TV on. At 4:15PM the sound on channel 11 come on better. So I call Avenue back to tell them the sound was on, and tell them it happen 1 time a month Sundays.

Monday-I had 27 mops Today. Crane gave me all they laundry from last week. So I shouldn't have about 7 to 8 loads on Wednesday. I received Michael Jackson DVD "This Is It". Amanda told me that something have to be going on at Dr. McCormack office in Beford. Only one lady is doing everything.

Tuesday-I only had 3 loads of laundry. I went to Bureau of Motor Vehicles for my license plate. I found out we can't have cover on the plates anymore. But I think I will keep my Clay Aiken cover on until I get my new plate. in the mail. Because the Bureau gave me a cardboard plate. Until I get my new in a week. If I don't get my new plate before 3/4/10. I have to go back to the bureau.

Wednesday-I only had 6 load of laundry. Mary had hers eye Surgery. Mary was home by 11AM. John talk about Dad to me. Because Bill and John had lunch with Dad Yesterday. After I got done working. I called Mary and we talk for about 15 mins. Sandy didn't act right at lunch.

Thursday-I went to Wal-Mart for the week. So if I'm snow in on Saturday I have food. Clay Aiken Fan Club change my renew from 2/27 to 4/1. I talk to Mary Before she went to hers eye doctor. I told Mary to E-mail me hers order for Subway.

Friday-It Tom Birthday Today. It may not be fun at First Chance Center after Today. It rain from 10:30PM last night until 4:15PM Today. Then it start snow shower. I got Mary and my Subway order at 11:13AM. I took our Subway order to FCCI and had lunch with Mary. I call Mary Tonight. She told me, Tom have to move hers job in another room.

Saturday-We got about 3" of snow. I went out to clean the sidewalks at 8:15AM. I try to open my car door and couldn't. I had to pull on the car door until the car door open. The snow start melting by 11:30AM. Dad come and clean off my car. He didn't have to do it. Put laundry away. Vac my bedroom and living room. Weather man said 3-6" of snow by Tuesday morning. NO one received the Louisville newspaper Today.

By until Next Sunday Morning.