Sunday, January 30, 2011

week of 1/23 to 1/29

Sunday-I put my rent check in the out going mailbox. I got Yesterday mail it was my Electric bill. Stori told me on Tuesday that Livia and Parker choir concert is at 2PM on Sunday (3/6). I was thinking I will not be able to write my weekly blog until 3/13. Because I may not be able to write it at Christy's. Dad and Mom got home Yesterday around 6:30PM.

Monday-It snow last night about 1". Schools was an hour late. I got to work ok. The high was 35 Today. I didn't got my newspaper. Carole E-mail Vanessa about Fort Wayne, IN tickets prices.

Tuesday-No snow last night. . The weather man say we will get about 1" of snow by 2 AM No news from Vanessa about our tickets price.

Wednesday-We got 3" of snow last night. Longest St. was clean. So I went to work. No schools.I look at my desk Calendar I mark that I would E-mail Groundctrl Today if I didn't received the tickets yet. I had the tickets for 16 days. Dad and I went to Wal-Mart to get a suitecase for my trip to Fort Wayne, IN.

Thursday-This week is 1st week I work all week. Since before Christmas. Matthew and his girlfriend should be here at 6PM Tomorrow night. Stori TXT me she having a boy.

Friday-It didn't snow last night.  Matthew and girlfriend got to Paoli last night. Matthew help me walk from Dad car. Because Carol's driveway was all ICE. Stori ask on Facebook for boy names. I post Thayer Charles Sullivan.

Saturday-Matthew is 26th. We went to my parents for lunch. Then we went to French Lick golf for a hat. Then went to a car race place. Then to the boat to gamble. then we ate at the Hotel. Mike said he would make breakfast before Matthew and Lydsay. go home Tomorrow.


Sunday, January 23, 2011

week of 1/16 to 1/22

Sunday-Mom and Dad went to Florida Yesterday for a week. Christy told me last Monday (1/10) that Dad and Mom cabin in Custer, South Dakota was sold with everything in it.

Monday-Today is Martin Luther King Jr Day.

Tuesday-I done working at 8:45AM. Stori come to see ifI want go out for lunch. When I got home. I went on the Internet at 12:30PM I couldn't get on my YAHOO Email. I couldn't get to my email until 4.30PM.

Wednesday-I done working at 12:15PM. At 3:30PM I try to get to my E-mail and couldn't. I got to my E-mail at 6:15PM.

Thursday-I stay home because everything was cover of snow. I start doing my weekly laundry at 6AM . It snow all day. No school. We got about 4" of snow.

Friday-It snow until 9AM. I e-mail Michael to see when Trisanna want my W-2. He told me he would get it in a day or two. I went outside at 12PM to clean the sidewalk and the car off. Carol and Michael come to help clean the snow off. Michael took my W-2.

Saturday-I put part of my laundry away. It was -0 at 6;30AM. Trisanna E-mail me at Facebook. She ask about my rent and my Birthday. I didn't get get my mail from my mailbox Today.


Sunday, January 16, 2011

week of 1/9 to 1/15

Sunday-I fell to sleep watching TV in the living room. I wake up at 1:20AM in the living room. I check Boxoh and UPS pages. They wasn't update yet. So I call UPS, the lady said the package was in transit. I told the lady Indy is only an hour from Bloomington. The lady didn't know what to say.

Monday-The Boxoh and UPS pages wasn't update. Before I went to work. So I call UPS. The guy said the page will be update at 9AM. So when I got done working I came home and check the UPS page it was update. At 11:27AM I had 2 tickets in my hand. I call Stori told her to pack hers bags. I took the tickets over to my parents. Mom told me where she would put the tickets and not a good place. I TXT a picture of the tickets to Sue, Tom, Christopher, Michael, Carol and Christy. Christy call about the tickets Christy said Matthew and his girlfriend is coming down here on his Birthday weekend.

Tuesday-I was going to work. Because it wasn't snowing that much when I went in to the shower. By the time I went outside to clean off the snow. Everything was cover of snow. Paoli schools was close. I call in to work. So they knew I wasn't coming in. By 8AM it was snowing real bad. Thank god I stayed home. By 10PM the roads was cover again with snow. The news said the snow will be bad until 9AM Tomorrow.

Wednesday-I stayed home from work again. Schools was close again. I went outside to clean the car off of snow at 9AM. A town truck came in the trailer parking alot. I can get out of here Tomorrow.

Thursday-I got out of here for work. I had 9 load of laundary.

Friday- I start doing my laundry for the week Tonight.

Saturday-Christy called. Matthew girlfriend is having a baby in July. Christy knew about the baby at Christmas but couldn't tell anyone. So we will have 2 baby in 2 months in this family.


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Week of 1/2 to 1/8

Sunday-I got on the Internet at 1AM Ground(ctrl) comment on my post I put on they Facebook page. They will ship all stuff out when they get back fro break. So I E-mail Christy and To about Ground(ctrl) Facebook page.

Monday-AStaff and I clean the room where the cleaning stuff is Today. My Clay Aiken concert tickets was ship out of CA Tonight. I got done reading "Random Acts Of Badness" by Danny Bonaduce, I start reading"To Sir Phillip With Love" by Julia Qiunn.

Tuesday-My tickets is transit to Hodgkins, IL. Carol TXT me to tell me that Mom was sick last night with the flu and was bad with it.

Wednesday-When I was having break at work. Stori called to see if I want to go for lunch. We went to Tasty house. Stori told me my Dad had the flu over weekend and went to ER and got a IV in.

Thursday-My tickets got to Hodgkins, IL at 1:27PM I update 2 time to Christy and Tom.

Friday-My tickets is going to Indy at 9:28PM.

Saturday-My tickets are on they way to Bloomington at 12:04AM. I wash my bed sheet and towels Today. I clean the steps sidewalk and my car from snow. A Town truck came into the trailer parking alot.


Sunday, January 2, 2011

week of 12/26/10 to 1/1/11

Sunday-I TXT Sue a picture of the paper last night, that Christy and Tom gave me. Sue post the picturein my thread at Clay Aiken Fan Club Today. I clean the car off of snow. Clay blog about the snow in Raleigh and Celebrate boxing Day, and have us call in radio stations to have them play his Unchaimed Melody. Saturday night I had play Lee Dwyze CD.

Monday-After work I went to the bank to put 2 checks in. Then pay the gas and electric bills. Got my gas bill paid. Went to the electric office they wasn't open. Took 4 bags of trash out to the Trash can. I didn't fell out of the car Today. I order the book "Christmas in Cannaan. It is a use book.

Tuesday-I was thinking this morning Tomorrow will be my last day of work of 2010. I call the electric office at 8:15AM to see if they was open for the day. I got done at 12:15PM. Went to pay my electric bill.

Wednesday-I got done at work at 8:45AM for the year. So I'm on vacation until Monday. The top I order from QVC came Today that I may wear on March 2.

Thursday-I lay around and readed " Random Acts Of Badness" Dad told me they may have the cabin in Custer, South Dakota sold. Dad came on Wednesdasy to give me pictures of his Grandparents Brand and his Grandparents Thayer. A picture of his parents with Aunt Alice. Then a picture Dad don't know who is in the picture. Dad thinks it his Grandpa Brand brother, but need to talk to Aunt Alice about the picture. My top from Landend came Today. I may wear on March 2.

Friday-New Year eve 2011. I been putting laundry away Today. I readed " Random Acts Of Badness"

Saturday-Its New Year Day 2011. I been watch the new Channel OWN. Clean some of the trailer. Readed "Random Acts Of Badness". I only have about 29 pages to read. Then by Monday night I should be in a new book.