Sunday, April 24, 2011

WEEK 4/17/ TO 4/23

Sunday-I was thinking last week. Stori ask about going on vacation with them for 2 weeks last April. I look in my Journal . It was March 30 when Stori ask about going on vacation.

Monday-I paid my taxes on my trailer. I went to the treasurer office. There wasn't a line at the treasurer office. I went to the post office to mail CD to Randi Penland. Then sign a card so my mail will be on hold for 3 days. Carol TXT me Yesterday about going to Fort Wayne on Wednesday. I received my membership stuff from Barry Manilow. Fan Club.

Tuesday-I pack a overnight bag for the trip to Fort Wayne this morning. Stori call to see if I want to stay with them. Because we will be in a bad wind and rain storm. The wind will get up to 70 to 80. I inbox Sue about the storm. So if something happen to me. Sue will know. I told Sue if she don't hear from me Tomorrow. She know I'm hurt or dead.

Wednesday-I got onlie at 12:30AM I could stay in bed this morning. . Christy and Carol paid for shoses, earring and other stuff for Matthew Wedding. They thinking they help, but they didn't. I will get trouble when I tell Mom. Mom was mad because Carol was on my Cell phone when I was trying on the dress. We went to Matthew and Lyndsay house. Christy and Carol said they would help me get dress on the Wedding day. I will never see it. Because they will go help Lyndsay and I will be in the Hotel room with my parents getting trouble. Matthew and Lyndsay will name they baby Sophina Blake.

Thursday-I told Christy and Carol about last Thursday and did what Mom did to me to Carol. Now I think they will listen to me now. Tom fill 7 teeths need and 2 more and they are my 2 front teeths. Tom took my Insurance to pay for the work from March and Today. I need to drink more water and 1 coke on Saturdays. I couldn't feel my nose for 2 hours. We got more stuff for the wedding weekend. Christy made a appointment for June 6. Because Christy and Tom going to French Lick for meeting on the 9th for 3 days. So they will drive me. I inbox Amanda on Facebook about June 6 to 8 I told her I need to talk to her. Carol got rooms at Hilton. one for mike and her 1 for me on the same floor and 1 for Michael and trisanna for Matthew Wedding. I show Christy, Carol, Mike, Tom and Matthew National Incluision Project Thank You card. I have to use a waterpik on my teeths now to keep them.

Friday-My mouth blood last night. I told Tom about the blood. I ask Tom if I could have a coke one time a month. Tom ok it. I ask Tom how could I have 5 bad teeths in a month. Tom told me they didn't check that good at my teeths in March. Mike, Carol, and I start coming home at 9AM. We went to Sam in Bloomington. We got to Carol's at 2:30PM I went right to Wal-Mart for the week. I email Christy about what Tom told me about having a coke one time a month. Then I ask Christy if I could have a fiber bar. I got weak and tried. I posted Jerry Aiken note in the Thank You note thread in Clay Aiken Fan Club. Ground(ctrl) will give Clay fans a 6 years membership.

Saturday-Christy call about if it ok. If she put me with Stori,Jamey, Michael and Trisanna table after the Wedding. I was weak and tried again Today. I just sit around Today. I did laundry and inbox Stori about what Christy call that she will put me with her , Jamey , Michael and Trisanna table.


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Week of 4/10 to 4/16

Sunday-Mom call to see if there anything I need her to sew. Told her the dress for Matthew and Lyndsay wedding. Mom want me to go to the house. I told her it to hot and I will come on Thursday after work. I need a new trash can for the computer room. Because I got a new paper shredder and it don't work with the IU trash can.

Monday-It was so hot last night I couldn't sleep. It was 84 in the trailer. It got down to 80 tonight. It rain all day. I been getting about 150 Email every day.

Tuesday-Carol TXT to see if I need her take me to Maryann to get the dress fix. I TXT Carol back at break and told Carol about Thursday. Then I TXT Carol again and told her I will call her as I'm walking out my door on next Wednesday. Christy Email me. She saw my blog about Tom's bill. I don't have to pay the bill. Stori call about Saturday night. Because my cousin Cindy is coming to stay over night.

Wednesday- Stori went out of town to shop. I ask Stori if she was getting Matthew and Lyndsay Wedding gift. She told she couldn't. I received my taxes on my trailer. It cost me $60.80 for the year.

Thursday-I went to my parents to get my dress fix. Mom said I don't help Stori out. Then she call me fat. Then I try to tell mom Christy got me some underwear that I can wear at the wedding. But she call me every bad name for being disabled then Mom came after me and push me down in a chair. I took a picture of the dress for Facebook before I took the dress over to mom. I mow my grass Today. I try to get my only room at Matthew Wedding. Dad wouldn't let me because it will cost $300.00 for 2 nights at Hilton.

Firday-Stori TXT me about using my Computer. Because they CD player doesn't work. Because Livia use all they month time download music on her Ipod. I found out Chad and Ian put black marks on my TV. I call Stori, but she wasn't home. Carol call we may not go to Fort Wayne until Thursday morning the day of my appointment.

Saturday-Stori call about the TV. I told Stori to call me when Cindy and Mike get there. Because Cindy is my cousin. Stori called about 2:30PM. I went out to Stori's. Cindy ask about Clay Aiken Concert. Cindy said I need to meet Clay. But March 2 was my last concert for good. I came home at 8:30pm.


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Week 4/3 to 4/9

Sunday-My TV channels 100 and up was all black. I call Aveune about the cable. It happen every month. So if the go crazy again. I'm E-mail them. Because it happen on the weekends.

Monday-I donate to National Inclusion Project the money I had in the National Inclusion Project jar. I will start saving for 4/4/12. We had storms Today. Stori said Parker was home sick. So we are going to Jamey office on Thursday. I will take Stori and the boys out for lunch on Thursday.

Tuesday-I was thinking I need to get a Birthday card for Sharon. I'm thinking about getting a card Tomorrow. I received a letter from Marcelene Gomzales from Dulce, MN. I need to fix my pen pal letter on my computer Louisville news said a mom lock out hers kids out of the house in the storm Yesterday.

Wedneday-I change up my cell phone up last nigh. I had one barrier line missing at 4:45AM. So I change up my cell phone. At 5:40AM the cell phone was change up. At 6:25AM to 7AM my cell phone had the mode cord will work press any key. I went to Wal-Mart to get a Birthday card for Sharon.

Thursday-Went out to Stori's. So we could go to Jamey office. Stori told me she hurt her back at Wal-Mart getting a botton of water. We got the boys from play school. We got to Jamey office. Stori had Jamey put the boys in the van. I paid for lunch for all 5 of us. Stori and I drove home the boys fall to sleep. When we got to Stori's house. Stori took Ian in the house first. I waited in the van with Chad. Stori got Chad out of the van. I went home. I try to make address labels with pictures. But I couldn't.

Friday-I TXT Stori at 10AM at break at work about Stori back. Stori TXT back she said Much worse. Jamey stayed home to watch kiddos. I TXT back to Stori. I said go to Doctor. Stori TXT back she said Jamey already called. Because I'm preganant, Tyilenol and bedrest.

Saturday-It Sharon Birthday. We had a rain storm for about 30 mins. I received a Thank you note card from Jerry Aiken Executive Director from National Inclusion Project for my donate from Monday. Stori told me she couldn't walk Yesterday.


Sunday, April 3, 2011

WEEK OF 3/27 TO 4/2

Sunday-I took pictures of the snow on my car and my desk steps. I upload the pictures on Facebook. I wrote my weekly blog late Today. I space the days in the blog as I wrote. But when I post it the days wasn't space. I editthe blog to move the days. But it didn't work. I try to move the days about 5 times.

Monday-I received my $50.00 rebate from Verizon wireless for my new Cell phone. Verizon put the money on a Visa card. I will use the card at Wal-Mart on Friday. Social Security Administration send my paystub back to my. The year of my paystub is 2009 to 2010. Amanda told me Bill late day is May 6.

Tuesday-My alarm on my cell phone didn't turn on this morning. Then my McAfee firewall was delete. I had to buy aonther $96.00 Firewall. 2 line on my cell phone was missing I change the phone for 30 mins. 1 line was missing when I went to work. By the end lunch 2 lines was missing again. I call McAfee, the lady told me the firewall from last week wasn't on my computer. So $85.00 from last week on the firewall will be back on my Master card. in 10 business days. I forgot my lunch bag at work.

Wednesday-I got my lunch bag from Yesterday. When I went out to my car from work it was snow shower.  I went to check the laundry went back to the break room.

Thursday-I dust my TV stand. I have to get a new picture frame for Mom and Dad married picture. I need to email Carol about April 20.

Friday-I received a bill from Tom's office for $389.00 I will send it on Monday. I was cleaning out my computer desk draw. There was 26 CD cover in the draw. I email Carol about April 20. Mary and I went to Subway for lunch. Last week was Subway reopening. There was a line at Subway. I try to talk to Dad about June 2. But he cut me off and told me. It not my business. I said I need to tell Amanda if I'm working or not. I check on how much I had in my National Inclusion Project jar. I have $700. to donate on April 4.

Saturday-I wash my sheets and towels. At 12PM Channel 34 and up was lock up. I couldn't get the toll free number work it was busy. I got a person at 1pm on the phone. The guy didn't know how long it going to be. It took almost 8 hours before all the channels was back on. Mary didn't have hers home phone or her Internet. Because her phone and Internet is with the TV cable company. So Mary had no home phone for about 8 hours. I didn't get anything done Today. I blog at Clay Fan Club about Stori walking in the 5K run and walk for Congo Woman in Indy. I had Sue move Stori profile picture from Facebook to Chad and Ian thread at Clay Aiken Fan Club. The picture is the whole family.