Sunday, October 30, 2011

My week 10/23 to 10/29

Sunday-Mom call around 11AM to see if I want to go out for lunch. I said no. Christy call at 5:25pm We was eating dinner. I was talking to Carol. Mom cut me off two time. I told mom off. I told her to stop cuting me off from talking, Because she do it everytime I'm talking to anymore. I told Christy I will be done working at 9AM. I was brushing my teeths

Monday-I was filling up the washer with water at 6:04AM. I got done working at 8:45AM Went to the  bank and my parents house by 9:30AM. Mom, Carol, Ian, Christy and I went to the old High School that the Upland group made 24 Apartments in the building. Then we meet Stori at my moms house. Ian went with Stori. Then we went to Pizza Hut for lunch, But we had to wait for them to unlock the door, it was 11:04AM we think they forgot to unlock the front door at 11AM. Then we went to the new library. Because Chrirsty and I never been in it new library. After that we went back to moms. Christy went home around 1:30PM

Tuesday-I was working and thinking I forgot to turn on the dishwasher. .  come home after work turn on the dishwasher. Then went to pay the two town bills. I was thinking it was oct. 26 or Oct 28. When Jamey and Stori went to Congo to get Chad and Ian.

Wednesday-Before I went to work. I check my Journal to check the date for Oct 26 or Oct 28. The date Jamey and Stori went to Congo was Oct. 26, 2009. Last night and Today I can't get to my Wekekly blog page, and I don't understand why. I got to it ok all day Yesterday until 10PM last night.

Thursday- Stori and the boys come for lunch, but stay for about an hours. But Stori forgot the coupons. I went to Walmart for the week Today.

Friday-Order out went ok. Some orders was mess up  I received Kelly Clarkson new CD. I order it on Monday night online.

Saturday-Paoli had Halloween tonight for the kids. The time was 6-9 I had about 60 kids at my door. I had kids coming up at 8:55PM to my door.


Sunday, October 23, 2011

My week 10/16 to 10/22

Sunday-Yesterday on my TV cable box music channel DMX had Clay Aiken song "On My Way Here", it was on the Adult Contemporany channel on DXM.I wrote 4 pen pal letters. My grass by my bay windows donn't look like I mulch my grass on Monday.

Monday-I didn't feel good when I got up for the day. I got my new account with Frontier up and working. I will be able to pay my phone bill online in Nov. I clean the kitcken. I received a letter from Philip Robillard.

Tuesday-I only had 6 load of laundry at work. So I got done working at 11:15AM. 5 mins after I got home it start raning. The high for Today was 50. There was pictures of Clay Aiken woking on Celebrity Apprentice show on Facebook.

Wednesday-My heater come on before I went to sleep last night. Then at 4:30AM when I wake up for the day the heater come on. I got Halloween candy. I went back to reading "To Sir Philip With Love" by Julia Quinn. I will try reading the book between 2 and 3:45PM weekdays. If  I'm not sleeping. Christy Email me about coming home on Sunday for the day. and do something with her. I email Christy back ask her what time she was going home on Monday. If she stay for lunch I would take her out.

Thursday-Sophia Rae Blake 4 month old Today. I was getting dizz at work but it would go away and come back.. Went to Post Office to get 3 book of stamps. I was using my Master card. The lady couldn't take my card. So I came home and order 4 book of stamps online. I start getting dizz bad. I call Stori to tell her not to come for lunch. Stori told me Livia was home from school sick. I took the pill lay down in the living room. I didn't do anything after taking pill. I sleep msh of the day. Christy Email me back, she will go home around 2PM.

Friday-Owen Charles Sullivan 4 month old Today. Mom call this morning about Christy. I forgot to put my Car Insurance bill and rent bill in the out going mail box Today. So I took the bills to the Post Office.

Saturday-Went to Walmart. I walk in to Walmart about 7:45AM and walking out at 8:15AM. I took coupons. I got 22 Items. Without coupons and tax it was $55.80. With coupons and tax it was $49.69. I save $8.10. I put laundry away and did laundry.


Sunday, October 16, 2011

My week of 10/9 to 10/15

Sunday-It my 46 Birthday. Stori readed my weekly blog and comment on it on Facebook. She told me that we was having a cookout at 12 and eat at 1 . Stori ask what I want for my Birthday and said she was a bad niece. I told Stori I wish we could go to the Gala. I told Stori I wouldn't make her go. Because I told Stori in 2008 I wouldn't let her to Clay's concerts anymore. Stori told me she was talking to Livia about what to get me for my Birthday. Livia told Stori Clay Aiken tickets for a concert. I want to Thank Carole Hart and Angie Gincel for donating to my Birthday wish. My Dad give me a $20.00 check for National Inclusion Project.. Because he didn't know how to do it on Facebook. By 9:30PM I had 69 Birthday wishing from on Facebook.

Monday-I was going to pay my Frontier phone bill online. But they have a new web site for online bill paying and it not up. So I pay it on the phone and cost me $3.50 more. I use my mulching mover  to mulch my grass. Peoples was going to the mailbox Today.

Tuesday-Went to the bank after work . I check Frontier web site. I call them for my account number and pin number. The lady said the web site be up by the 14th.

Wednesday- I fall to sleep watching Y&;R. Because I didn't get a nap Today.

Thursday-The power went out for about an hour. I call Town of Paoli. But they didn't answer. So I drove up to the office to see what happen with the power.

Friday-Crazy day

Saturday-I put laundry away. I was thinking Clay Aiken dog Raleigh Aiken Birthday was Yesterday. That what Clay said in the Live Chat last Friday night. So I post and blog about Raleigh Birthday at the Fan Club. I only waterpk when I went to bed at 3AM.


Sunday, October 9, 2011

My week 10/2 to 10/8

Sunday-It was 35 outside when I got up for the day. I got LannahSawers-Diggins from Western Australia pen pal letter done. Will take it to the post office Tomorrow. Had Home Style Beef Golash from Schwan's for dinner. It wasn't that good.

Monday-Lannah Sawer-Diggins letter cost me $0.98. I didn't get any pen pal letters Today. I post and blog about Stori Facebook page (Helping Raise Funds for Families Adopting) at Clay Aiken Fan Club. I what to thank Suereu for click Like on Stori Facebook page I only mop the Kitchen floor. Because after lunch I check on how to renew my driver licence online. I saw I have restriction they are A Glasses,or Contact and D Automatic transmission. I can't renew online. I order Girl Life magazine for Livia. Stori ok it.

Tuesday-I had 8 load of laundry at work. I got done at 12:45PM. I I order it from her Girl Scout group on Facebook. It was 70 outside and 70 in my trailer at 12:50PM.

Wednesday- I need to talk to Trisanna about if I could put my washer on my taxes if I donate it. I got a Birthday card from Mom and Dad in the mail.

Thursday-I was thinking in my bed last night.. Mom call when I was at work. She ask if I want a cookout. I ask Stori if she could do it on Sunday. Stori Yes with the 3 boys. Because Jamey, Livia and Parker going to the Indianapolis Colts football game on Sunday. I call mom I said the cookout on Sunday. Mom said go out on Saturday. Stoti can't make it on Saturday. Stori said Friday. I said NO  to Friday because of the Live Video chat. Mom said she had to talk to Carol about it. Because mom told Carol she cancel everything about my Birthday. Before I call Mom.

Friday-I told everyone at 11:30AM on Facebook that I was turning off my home phone and Cell phone at 8 or 8:15PM Because of Clay Aiken Live Video chat at 8:30PM. Mom never call about the cookout. Clay anwser one of my question in the live chat. Clay spelled my ID name out too.

Saturday-I did laundry Today. I hang my laundry out Today because it 84 Today. I'm coming down from a high from last night. Mom never call about Tomorrow. I guess Mom did Cancel everything about my Birthday.


Sunday, October 2, 2011

My week 9/25 to 10/1

Sunday-It rain all day. It been 3 years since Clay Aiken been on PEOPLE about being a gay Dad. I got my bank stuff together for Tomorrow.

Monday-I received a Email from Jerry Aiken he wrote this:

Deborah, good morning

In reviewing Network for Good data I see that you have been donating monthly and additionally to the National Inclusion Project. In that donations though Network for Good are handled by them including receipts I have to go searching to see donor information. In my search today I was pleased to see several recurring donors.

Thank you so much for your support of the National Inclusion Project. Your donations help us make a difference in the lives of all childern through inclusive experiences. I knew I remembered your name so I searched facebook and happily found you in my friend's list.

All the best to you and your and thanks again!

Jerry Aiken

Executive Director

National Inclusion Project

PO Box 110104

RTP, NC  27709

919-314-5540 Office

Tuesday-Shaun Cassidy Birthday is Today.

Wednesday-I received another Clock. It work, but it took me about 30 mins to get the time, month to set. Clay Aiken will have a live Video chat on Oct. 7. It will be a great Birthday gift to me.

Thursday-After work I went to Huck's to get a 16oz Diet Coke. Then went to the Post Office. Stori call at 11:30AM to see if they could eat with me. Stori had to pick up Chad and Ian from Play school. I took pictures of Owen. I'm getting one or two new pen pals a day.

Friday-Order out day went bad. I received a letter from a lady from Western Australia. My Internet went for 2 hours.

Saturday-I put laundry away. I received a Thank You card from Matthew and Lyndsay for being at the Wedding and the Wedding gift. I have $72.00 in my National Inclusion Project jar.