Sunday, May 27, 2012

My week 5/20 to 5/26

Sunday-Sophia Blake is 11 month old Today. Robin Gibb from The Bee Gees dead Today. Clay Aiken didn't win Celebrity Apprentice Tonight. After the show. His fans start donating to Nation Inclusion Project.

Monday-Owen Sullivan is 11 months old Today. Jamey got his gall Bladder out Today.

Tuesday-Bacbcock call, mom took the call. They can get to my car next Wednesday (5/30) at 1PM. I TXT Stori at 11:34AM to see  when Jamey was going home. But Stori never TXT back. I TXT Carol Tonight  about Jamey. Carol TXT back Jamey went home last night.

Wednesday-crazy Day
Thursday-I was starting to mow my grass with my Black and Decker mower. It dead I call Dad about my mower he got mad at me about the mower. My Barry Manilow tote bag come Today.

Friday-Order out went ok. The order was over $200.00. I got the First load of laundry in the washer before we took the orders.

Saturday-I got my laundry done from Thursday. The weather outside was HOT 90. I got my order from QVC Today.. I put my laundry away . I tweet Clay Aiken asking him if he was married would he wear a wedding ring.


Sunday, May 20, 2012

My week 5/13 to 5/19

Sunday-It Mother Day. Stori call in the Morning about having Mother Day dinner at her house. Clay Aiken is in the finalist of Celerity Apprentice.

Monday-When I got home at 10:30AM. I had no Internet. So call Mary to see if she had the Internet She had no Internet. So I call the Frontier Internet part of the company , but it was busy. I call Frontier they was busy. I try to use my cell it was out of order. It Took until 1:30PM for everything to work again. When the Internet was down we couldn't call out of Town or use toll-free numbers.

Tuesday-I had 9 load of laundry at work. Because I had to make a load into 2  loads. I inbox Frontier at Facebook about Yesterday. 

Wednesday-I went to the 6th grade graduate. Livia got the President award and others. Then the music teacher was giving out a special award to one person. Who help him all the time. Anytime he need help the person is there to help. He look for the person. I was thinking it couldn't be Livia. The teacher said LIVIA SULLIVAN. So since 3PM today. Stori will have a Junior high, 5th grade and kindergarten start school on Aug 10, 2012.

Thursday-I didn't do my laundry Today. Because I had a hair cut at 10AM. Then went to Wal-Mart for the week. I got to the Look for my hair cut. The lady was on the computer. I sit down in a chair to get my hair wash. But I could see the computer and the lady was fixing pictures on her facebook page.

Friday-I got my laundry done for the week. I put 2 weeks of laundry away Tonight. I got drizz Tonight not bad. I was drizz all night. So I  took a pill for my drizz.

Saturday-I went to Wal-Mart with coupons. But I got 2 CD's player and 2 hanging flowers too it cost over $111.00. I sleeped most of the day. Because of the pill from last night. I have a problem with Clay Aiken chat room. 


Sunday, May 13, 2012

My week 5/6 to 5/12 was down for about 2 hours. After Celebrity Apprentice look at and my package was in Indianapolis since 10:23PM.

Monday-Capital One own HSBC credit card company. But I can keep my account number for right now. I got my package from Starz. Jamey post on Facebook last night that Parker and friend catch a 4 foot long black snake and bit, but it not the first time Parker bit by a snake..

Tuesday-I could renew at Clay Aiken Fan Club. I fill everything and check on Credit Card. My card was block. So I try again and it was block. So I use Palpay it work. I thought it was just because it was the renew to this club. So I to order something. NO it was block. So I call So I call my credit card company to see it why I was block from Ground(Crtl) The lady they block it because wasn't in Indiana. I don't understand they didn't block me 2 year ago when I order Clay concert tickets.

Wednesday-Why everytime I start having a bad day it the whole week. Why everytime I think  I have a good  friend online I get hurt.. I'm sick of geeting lie to online too.I put $791.00 in the bank, $300.00 of it is for Barry Manilow tickets. The $491.00 is for donate to National Inclusion Project.  The went on my Credit card..

Thursday-I went to Walmart. There was 1 CD of  STEADFAST by Clay Aiken and 2 CD's of  Tried  & True by Clay Aiken I took all 3 of them. I'm saling them for $2.00 each. When did Walmart bags change from white to gray. Dad come to pain the barn for me.

Friday- Dad come to paint the barn again. I got a recall note from GM. It about my Spark plug boots and Spark plugs.

Saturday-Today wasn't that good. I didn't do anything. Stori found a  green and black snake on they pool cover .She post picture of it around her hand and Ian holding it on Facebook.


Sunday, May 6, 2012

My week 4/29/ to 5/5

Sunday-After my nap. I start getting sick by 5PM. I was drizz and couldn't eat dinner.I lay down, everytime I try to sit up to eat I got drizz. So I took some meds. I lay down I turn on my alarm on my cell to turn on at 8:30PM.The alarm did come on. I turn it off and fell back to sleep until 10:38PM So I miss Celebrtiy Apprentice.

Monday-The phone guy come at 1:45PM. The guy cut my Internet cut off. Then drove away and didn't come back until 3:30PM, by 4:15PM I had phone and Internet again. I called Starz about Barry Manilow concert tickets. The lady told me that the guy she need to ask phone is busy.. So The lady ask for my home phone number. The call back in 2 hours later. The lady told me the tickets was mail out on Friday. (27). So I txt Christy and Stori about the tickets. Christy thought I would get them Tomorrow or Wednesday.. My Internet wouldn't let me watch Celebrity Apprentice.So I miss Clay going crazy.

Tuesday- I had 7 load of laundry at work. I didn't received my Barry Manilow concert tickets Today.

Wednesday-I didn't received tickets Today. I received a email from Starz with a tracking number. But it didn't work at Boxoh or I call my doctor to see if I can get in Tomorrow. 

Thursday-At 5:34 AM I check the tracking number and it work at the tickets was mail at 11:25PM on May 2 from Los Angeles. I got to see my doctor. He gave me more pills and cream for my bumps. It will be 4 months Today I will see Barry Manilow.

Friday-Mary and I went to Long John Silver'. My tickets are in Orlando, FL since 6:08PM.

Saturday-I only thing I got done was my laundry. I will have to put last week and Today laundry away Tomorrow.