Sunday, August 26, 2012

My week 8/19 to 8/25

Sunday-Christy you see the pcture of the IU and Barry pictures in this blog. If You look under Deborah weekly blog to the left you will see the IU picture that what I was talk about last Sunday in my TxT. At 11:53PM last night (8/18) I change all my profile to the kids or my own picture. I put my own picture pricture on twitter. So Clay know what I look like. I will change my profiles before 9/1 again.

Monday-I was talking at work. It hit me. My Great-Niece Sophia Blake is 14 month old Today Wish Clay Aiken fan club would post dates of the tour.

                  Tuesday-I forgot my glasses at home Today. I didin't know until I start working.   Owen Sullivan is 14 month old Today. I been having bad feeling about Clay Aiken Christmas tour. Ian start preschool Today for the 2 nd year.         

Wednesday-I mow my grass for the first time since June. Because we didn't have rain.. I received the Barry Manilow pictures. Stori and I order on Friday.

Thursday-I PM Vanessa days ago at Clay Fan Club. She got back to me. What she said don't good. My bad feeling got real bad for Clay. I got 2 pictures come to my head. Clay house and his tour bus. and I never had pictures when I get this feeling before I only get words. The feeling was so bad I was sick and crying about  it

Friday-I wake up at 2:05AM with the bad feeling couldn't lay down after I got on the computer. So the 2nd time I got up. I tweet Clay about my feeling. I know he think I'm crazy. But I had to tell him so I could go to work. I would be very upset and sick at work. If I didn't tweet Clay.

Saturday-I tweet Clay about try to make a blanket with his concert T-shirs. He tweet me back Ask me to tweet  him a picture. I got laundry done at 6:30AM Clay Aiken made my day.


Sunday, August 19, 2012

My week 8/12 to 8/18

Sunday-I look at my old concert tickets . This are the concert I went to: Shaun Cassidy 1979, The Marshall Tucker Band 1980, Kenny Roger 1983, BarryManilow 1987, 1993 and 2012, John Mellencamp 1999 and Clay Aiken Aug 2005, Nov 2005, Dec 2007 ad March 2011. The pictures are in the way I saw the singer.
Monday-It start raining before 8AM. I went to the bank after work. I think I can put all 5 pictures in my blog next Sunday. Because I try with 2 pictures Today. This is a full week for the kids at school.

Tuesday-I had 9 load of laundry at work. Mom call Stori , Jamey and kiddo are having dinner at her house on Friday. I guess I will go too. The sound went out on TV at 4:42PM on Channel 12-CBS. I call it in. The sound came back on around 5:15PM.

 Wednesday-I turn the Internet at 4:55AM. But it didn't come up. So I turn off the Internet box, turn it back on the light come on red. I call the Internet part of the phone company but no one answer. So I call the phone company no one answer, but a guy voice come on said about 3 Towns didn't have the Internet since 4AM. So I call Mary at 5:15AM. Mary turn off her box. When Mary turn it on the light was red. Internet came on before I got home from work. I TXT Stori Yesterday to see when Ian start playschool. Stori told me Ian start next week.

Thursday-I did my laundry after Y&R Today. I do need to write pen pal letters. I start wrting a letter on Sunday but didn't get it done. I behind bad in my  letters.

Friday-I send a message to Stori on Facebook to see if she order Barry pictures from the concert yet, Stori forgot.. So I went out to Stori's to order pictures. I will received them on 8/23 or 8/28 by mail. We went to Mom and Dad for dinner. I talk to Jamey about getting my own cell phone account. It will cost me $80 to $100. But will have to wait until March.

 Saturday-I been 7 years since I saw Clay Aiken in concert for the first time. I went to Walmart for the month. I save $13.55 in coupons.

                                                        UNITL NEXT SUNDAY

Sunday, August 12, 2012

My week 8/5 to 8/11

Sunday-I got the 2 CD's of STEADFAST by Clay Aiken pack to mail Tomorrow to a Claymate friend. My left leg feel little bit better.

Monday-After work I want to get my license renew before my Birthday. The lady gave me a paper with my picture on it. The lady told me, I should get my license in 10 business days.

Tuesday-I had 9 load of laundry at work. Check on my Claymate friend package online. She should received the CD's on Thursday.

Wednesday-Clay Aiken son Birthday is Today. His son is 4 year old now. I received my license Today. I don't have to renew my license for 5 years. My claymate friend received the 2 CD's. Today. The High School had open house. So Stori took Livia, it was from 5:30PM to 6PM.

Thursday-I didn't hang my laundry outside Today. Because the weatherman said it should storm by 12PM. But it didn't rain until 6PM. Mom called and said they be home Tomorrow. I been larning how to change my profile pictures on Clay Aiken, Twitter, Barry Manilow and myspace pages.

Friday--The kids went back to School for the first day of 2021-2013 year. I look at the clock it was :515PM. and I was thinking what I was doing last Friday night. I send a message to Stori. About Barry Manilow pictures. She haven't send Barry pictures to Walmart yet. It took her a long time to upload the pictures on Facebook. At 9:19PM I was thinking I was walking away from my seat at Barry Concert last Friday night.

Saturday-I put laundry away. I learn how to put pictures in my blog Today. I found my 2 old Barry Manilow tickets the dates are 12/13/87 and 11/14/93.


Sunday, August 5, 2012

My week 7/29 to 8/4

Sunday-Barry Manilow cancel his concert in Atlanta tonight. Because of production difficlties. Some fans think he is sick. 

Monday-After work I went to the bank then went to pay my gas and Electric bills. put laundry away this morning before work. 

Tuesday-I had 8 load of laundry at work. I check Barry concert dates. He is off until Thursday night.. All the family that was at Stori congo picnic over the weekend that she have every year went home Today. I send a message to Stori about Barry Manilow Sunday night concert.

Wednesday-I have $70.00 in my National Inclusion Project jar. I email Christy about Barry Manilow Sunday night concert. I have 72 hours before Barry concert. 

Thursday-I have 24 hours before Barry Manilow concert. I took money out of the bank for Tomorrow night. I got my laundry hang out on the line by 10:30AM. 

Friday-I watch Y&R at 12:30PM. Got in the shower at 1:45PM. I got to Stori's at 3:10PM. I gas Stori van up at Gasoline Alley in Mitchell. We park the van in a parking lot, about 4 block from Banker Life Fieldhouse. We had dinner at Hard Rock Cafe. They had Pearl Jam stuff on the wall. So Stori TXT the pearl Jam stuff to Michael. Because Pearl Jam is his favortie group. Michael TXT Stori back told her to have me get the Pearl Jam stuff off the wall put them in my bag. I told Stori to tell Michael he have to take me to a concert.  I had to walk down about 100 steps to the floor of Banker Life Fieldhouse to my seat. Stori know every song but Barry new one.. Barry was right in front of me. I  TXT Michael telling him I saw Barry eye, and plan on going to a Clay concert with me soon. Michael TXT back will do. I talk the whole 2 hours after the concert in van. I think that why I couldn't sleep at Christy's after Clay concert. Because I couldn't talk for a long time .

Saturday-I went to bed at 3:30AM got up for the day at 6AM. I worte a Thank you note to Jamey and Stori on Facebook. I wrote this: I want to Thank Jamey and Stori for the last 18 years. They have done stuff that they didn't have to do. They took me on a 2 weeks vacation in a RV with 4 kids (under 12 year old). Stori went to 5 concerts (Barry Manilow and Clay Aiken) with me.. Stori let me talk for hours after the concerts, she can't stop me from talking LOL. They know if they need my help they can call anytime.I think I pull something in my left leg from walking so much last night.