Saturday, January 31, 2015

My week 1/24 to 1/30

Saturday-I start cleaning my bedroom. I found my old Verizon pop-up cell phone. I text Stori a picture of the cell phone. She come back said they didn't know anyone who need it. But she will let Owen have it to play with it.

Sunday- Clay Aiken blog at the Fan Club. He moving to New York for 1 or 2 years. He shutting down the message board. But he will keep the blog. Knowing he will blog in the Fan Club again. Make me happy.
Monday-The guy who open the doors at the place I work on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. Broken his ankle. So I have to go in after 6AM. At 6:30PM my Yahoo Home Page,  Facebook & 90% web site I go to wouldn't come up   for me. at 11:30PM Yahoo Home Page start loading up for me. At the Post Office. I got Glosbal stamps for my oversea pen pal letters.
Tuesday-I done working at 10:30AM. I went and paid my Gas &   Electric bills for my trailer. I didn't get my mail Today to cold. I found out the Channel 48 CNN wasn't  that good. There was was sound but NO picture. So I call NewWave.
   Wednesday-Satursday I order what I need from Schwan. Because 2 weeks ago he didn't show up. I ask him Today. He told me he took the day off. The other guy didn't show up 2 weeks ago. 
   Thursday-Matthew is 30 Today. All my niece & nephews are in they 30's now. My boss told me if it is bad Monday Morning stay home. Because we could get 6" of snow. At 1:30PM  I text Stori to see if she didn't  babysit Lyzah.. Stori text back & said she forgot to tell me. She just put Lyzah down for a nap.    Stori will Babysit Tomorrow.

Friday-Today was order out day. After we got all the orders. I siton the floor in a staff office. So I stay out of the way. I wrote  pen pal letters as I was waiting to get the order. We had about 35 orders.


Saturday, January 24, 2015

My week 1/17 to 1/23

Saturday-When I turn on my computer. It said the Window block from firefox.I had to click on access for me to use the Internet. Then I was writing my weekly blog. It wouldn't let me do anything. I had to turn off my computer 2 times and my Internet box. I start cleaning my bedroom, but didn't do that much cleaning, will do more in my bedroom later. 
 Sunday-I clean out the box under the bathroom sink. I learn how I can received Clay Aiken tweets on my Iphone without getting on twitter. I put 1 1/3 cup of Fat Free Mild Cheddar cheese on top of hot cook spaghetti then put 6 cheese spaghetti sauce on top of the cheese.
 Monday-Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. My Iphone went crazy when I was at work. I turn my phone off & on. My apps on my Iphone start working again. I can't call with my Iphone. I try 3 time before it will call out. I found Yesterday. I was low on 9x 12 brown envelopes. So I went to Paoli Office Support and got a box of 100 brown 9x12 envelopes.
 Tuesday-I received 3 pen pal letters from oversea. It took my Iphone until 6:30PM last night to call out, without trying 3 times. I did received Clay Aiken tweet on my Iphone. 
Wednesday-Lyzah is 10 months old Today.. I was home for the day at 11:50AM. I got my new purse from QVC Today.
Thursday-I got a new AC changer for my Iphone. So I have 3 changer now. One in the living room. One in my computer room. and one in my bedroom. I receive mye new pink Pillows slams.

Friday-After work I went to the Post Office to get priority mail boxes. I got 3 of them. I got home and I could use 1 priority mail box for all 3 tins. I'm sending the tins to a claymate friend. I found out the pillow slams are King size. 

Saturday, January 17, 2015

My week 1/10 to 1/16

Saturday-I pick up the trash in my computer room from the cabinet. I didn't pack any brown envelopes with Friendship books. All weather pages have Paoli rain into Ice from Sunday afternoon until Monday Morning.. I wash my towels Today.
Sunday-I talking to my friend Tracy as I was putting my towels away. We talk about 22 mins on my Iphone. I text Stori about if she would help me clean cabinet out in the kitchen and if she was babysitting Lyzah this week.
Monday-I have to park in the back when I work on Friday at. Stori came around12:15PM to help clean out 2 cabinets I have 59 rolls of Toilet paper.
Tuesday-I went out to Stori at 11:30AM. I video Lyzah 2 times crawling. My tire light in my car turn off as I went home from Stori

Wednesday-I found out that the Coffee club will start up again Tomorrow. I check when my tire light come on, it was Jan 6. It took a week to turn off. 
 Thursday-I got 2 Birthday cards for Tom. I order a Vera Bradey Purse on I pack Tom Birthday cards to take to the Post Office Tomorrow.

Friday-I couldn't park where I was told too at work. I went to the Post Office and Wal-Mart with Coupons for the month. I save $3.05 in coupons.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

My week 1/3 to 1/9

Saturday-It Chad 7th Birthday. I pack 5 brown envelopes fill of Friendship books. Stori Text me about Chad Birthday dinner . We are having Tomorrow.
 Sunday-I went out to Stori's at 4:50PM for Chad Birthday dinner. My parents was 10 mins late to Stori. Lyzah is Crawling.
Monday-I got to work at 6:15AM. After work I went to the Bank and Post Office. I received 1 brow envelope of Friendship books.
 Tuesday-Something is wrong with my tire light in my car. Because Dad air tires but the trie light will not turn off. I hate thinking about the temp being 5 when I get up for the day and -4 for Thursday Morning. 

Wednesday-The temp didn't go down to 5 last night. It was 18 this Morning. But it start going down. It was 3 by 9PM.

Thursday-At 4:30AM it was 0 outside. My car start just fine. It stay around 20 for the high. I got to Wal-Mart just fine after work. I didn't take long in Wal-Mart because of the cold. Someone put a picture of my nephew Matthew family on Facerbook Tonight
 Friday-The place I work at on Fridays. Had a water pipe break. Yesterday at 10AM when it was only -2 outside. It went in about 2 Offices and the Breakroom. I clean the Cabinet I have in my Computer room. Now one self is Clay Aiken store. It all his CD's I have to sale. The other self have all my Great-Nieces & Great-Nephew Photo albums are. 


Saturday, January 3, 2015

My week 12/27 to 1/2/15

Saturday-I clean some of the computer room. Jamey was sick couldn't came to put the WI/FI and the photo maker in my computer room. I feeling funny not packing brown envelopes Today.
 Sunday-I got done cleaning the Computer room. I text Stori to tell not have Jamey put the photo maker. Because I will sale it Stori come back saying I was rude and they brought for me. I told Stori I didn't want it to be sitting in my bedroom for 3 year. Like the number lock for my door.They give me 3 year ago. I text Stori back about 2 hours later. Saying I'm sorry. 
 Monday-I got my paycheck Today. Stori told me that Jamey will put the WI/FI and the photo maker in my computer room this week. Mike come with food from Christmas Day.

 Tuesday-I only had 4 load of laundry at work. No Jamey Today. Dad came to help with other stuff. I went to the bank Today.
 Wednesday-It New Year Eve. Carol call about going to Hotel for dinner I said no. No Jamey Today.
Thursday-New Year Day 2015. I went to Wal-Mart for the week. I gas my car it cost me $7.96 Jamey came with the WI/FI. The photo maker they give me for Christmas to make pictures from my I-phone. The Ink will not make the picture. I have $421.00 in my National Inclusion Project jar. It 78 days to go until Spring.
Friday-Mary & I went to Connie's for lunch. They are open from 6AM to 3PM. I have 4 ladys to send Friendship books too.