Saturday, June 27, 2015

My week of 6/20 to 6/26

Saturday-Sophia Birthday Today. She is 4 year old. I wrote 2 weeks in my weekly blog. I didn't have that many friendship books to mail on Monday, so I'm not. 
 Sunday.-It Father Day. Everyone went to Stori's for Owen Birthday lunch. He is 4 year old Today. Mom told Jamey, dad have to get a new pacemaker. Dad got the first pacemaker on Dec 22,07. When Stori & I went to see Clay Aiken in Concert and we meet Sue.

Monday-I forgot the order out list at home. So after my main job.  I went back home to get the list and take it to the workshop. I got refill of meds too.

Tuesday-I got done working at 10:15AM. Went  to Wal-Mart for the week. The NewWave TV Cable guy came at 1:45PM. Some how my old cable box came on.
Wednesday-I found out that my neighbor in the first trailer has pass away from facebook. I'm going to call Star about my A/C Tomorrow. I paid my 2 Town bills and I mow my grass.
Thursday-I didn't call Star about my A/C. Because It look bad outside. it 80% of rain. It didn't rain until late at night. I have bad feeling about orderout for Tomorrow.

Friday-Order out went crazy. We had pizza. Christy and Sophia got here at 1PM Carol act like a bitch to Owen She try to make him sit in a high chair. But she didn't make Sophia sit in the high chair and they are the same age. I understand why everyone from class 1974 to 1976 call Carol a bitch since she was in 9th grade. 
 Until next weekend

Saturday, June 20, 2015

My week 6/13 to 6/19

Saturday-I got my bank stuff together for Monday. We all got together at Stori's house for Dad Birthday. I was sitting by myself by the pool but Livia friend parents was standing close by and hear my dad starting going off at me. Dad go off on me everytime we get together. He make me upset everytime too.

Sunday-I didn't do anything. I'm thinking about stopping go to family together. So Dad can't go off on me. 

Monday-At work I went the bank the Post Office. NewWave cable guy was here by 2PM it was the cable box was the problem. Got the new box in 3 months. The new box don't have a clock. Then NewWave turn off my bedroom cable box because Channel 4 wasn't on. But the box never turn back on after 45 mins.  So I can't watch TV in my Bedroom until Friday.

Tuesday-I went in to work at 6:15AM. Because the guy who open the doors before 6AM. wasn't there. My boss wasn't there too. 

Wednesday-It Barry Manilow 72 Birthday. Tonight was Barry last tour concert for good. I will miss his tours. 

Thursday-I'm mad at NewWave. The work order for a new TV cable box for my bedroom, Was for  this Morning. So Yesterday I had to change the work order to next Tuesday at 1-5PM.

Friday-I save $5.35 in coupons at Wal-Mart. I text Christy to see if Sophia is coming down with her next Friday she is. It over a year since I saw Sophia. 

This is the 2nd week. So next week there should be pictures 

My week 6/6 to 6/12

Saturday-I don't have any friendship book to mail on Monday. I received Marry Christmas With Love and A Thousand Different Ways CD's by Clay Aiken. I should received 2 more CD's on Monday.

Sunday-Trisanna Grandma pass away. Jamey and Stori been married for 18 years. Christy email me about going out to eat. 

Monday-It Dad 87 Birthday. My sound on my TV went out. I got the first 20 channel sound working. A cable guy will be here on next Monday.

Tuesday-At 12:15pm I went out to Stori's to see Lyzah. Stori was cooking like crazy for Trisanna family. Lyzah is walking everywhere.

Wednesday-I did have 2 load of laundry at the workshop. I'm sick of watching TV in my bedroom. Can't wait for Monday. 

Thursday- Carol text about having lunch at her house with Christy. I said no because I plan to take her out Tomorrow. Did my own laundry. 

Friday-I was able to get my paycheck at 9AM. Christy and I went to Wal-Mart to get me new light covers for my bedroom, bathroom, laundry room and computer room. Then we went to Superburger for lunch. Then we came back to my trailer. Christy and I clean my whole trailer for 2 hours. Trisanna Grandma funeral was Today. I didn't go to it.

Sorry no pictures trying to blog 2 weeks in one day.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

My week 5/30 to 6/5

Saturday-It Graduation Day at Paoli High School. Livia is a Sophomore, Parker is a Eighth grader, Chad is a Second grader and Ian is a First grader. Stori Birthday is Today. But She went to a friend Birthday party on her own  Birthday out of town.
Sunday-Christy and I text about getting Together on June 12. Christy Birthday was June 3. So I will take her out her for lunch.

Monday-I mail 3 9x12 envelopes full of Friendship books. It rain and cold all day. It feel like Fall. 
 Tuesday-I went to work like it would be 80. When I walk to my car after work it was cold. I went to Wal-Mart like it was a Fall day that how cold it was. I received 1 white envelope with Friendship books. Michael & Trisanna been married 3 years. 
 Wednesday-It a cold day. It Christy Birthday. Matthew & Lyndsay been married for 4 years Clay Aiken use Periscope but I couldn't get on it. 

 Thursday-I saw my neighbor mow right up to my ramp.. So I don't have to mow that much by my ramp. A lady want 2 Merry Christmas With Love, 1 A Thousand Different Way, 1 Tried & True and 1 On My Way Here Clay Aiken CD's. So I reorder the same CD's so I don't run out.
Friday-My friend & I went to Pizza Hut for lunch. Mary told my parents at Wal-Mart that we was going to Pizza Hut. So they was there. We didn't eat with them. But they pay. About 4 hours later it hit me. We forgot to leave a tip. That way I didn't want my parents to pay. My neighbor move up the road in a house.
 Until next weekend