Friday, October 30, 2015

My week 10/24 to 10/30

Saturday-I order Halloween Cookies for Sophia and Harper. I PM Stori on Facebook about Halloween candy for the kiddo.
Sunday-I text Stori about the kiddo Halloween candy. Stori never get back to me Yesterday or Today. 
Monday-Stori got back to me about Kiddo Halloween candy. Chad want Peanut M&M. Ian want Skittles. Owen want Candy Corn. 
Tuesday-I got Livia and Parker Halloween candy order. Livia want Sour Patch Kids. Parker want Hershey's Chocolate. I got 5 bags Today at Wal-Mart. 

 Wednesday-My eye appointment went good. But I have a white thing on both eyes.. I couldn't get new glasses because my Insurance wouldn't  pay. They will every 5 years. I had my glasses for 3 year.
 Thursday-I didn't get my mail since Monday. Because It rain off and on all day Tuesday. Yesterday because of my eyes. My TV cable NewWave bill went up $10.00. So I will have to pay $125.14.
Friday-I put part of my laundry away this morning before work. It was cold all day. I call my friend Tracy from Florida.

Friday, October 23, 2015

My week 10/17 to 10/23

Saturday-I put some the laundry from Thursday. Wash my white. I write some of new pen pal letter. I pack 5 10x13 brown Envelopes with friendship books.

Sunday-I clean my kitchen. I was thinking I will clean my Kitchen on Thanksgiving and Christmas. I'm sick of seeing Owen and Chad in High Chairs at Carols when they are 4 and 6 year old. Waiting on opening Santa Claus  gifts for the older persons in the family. Carol have to game night after Dinner. So my parents and I have to sit around and wait. Before we can opening the gifts. 

Monday-The building I work at, half of the build had no power. So I came home until 6:50AM there was power. So I was an hour late getting everything done. That means the bank, Post Office too.

Tuesday-Frontier been coming as my home page. I call the guy said I have use my account Number and Pin Number. 

Wednesday-When I got on my computer after work.. Frontier came up again. So I put my Account Number and Pin Number. But my Account Number wouldn't take. So I call the guy fix it. 

Thursday I received the book I order Yesterday. The book is The Missing Kennedy.

Friday-Firefox Internet wouldn't use my password for Capitalone . So I have to make a new password everytime. But IE will take my password. 


Friday, October 16, 2015

My week 10/10 to 10/16

Saturday-Mike talk me into talking to Carol. I try to tell her, what she did that make me mad. Carol told Mike I lie to her all the time. So Carol made my mind up for me. I'm walking away from the family. 

Sunday-I clean my living room up and Vacuum the living room. I didn't cut coupons out Today. 

Monday-It was 57 at 4:30AM. I mow my grass in an hour and 15 mins. I start a new pen pal letter. I'm a bad pen pal. 

Tuesday-It been 2 years since Sandy Asbell pass away. I call NewWave a whole week Today about my home address.

Wednesday-I add all my coupons that I will use for October. I have about $14.30. NewWave had to call another company about my address again. 

Thursday-I mad appointment for my eyes. I made it at 1PM on 10/28. I hope Stori can go with me. Wish my pain in my back would stop. 

Friday-I use all the coupons but one. I'm done buying Toilet paper, Towel paper and Napkinsuntil April. I made a video of how much I have on Facebook.


Friday, October 9, 2015

My week 10/3 to 10/9

Saturday-I turn on my furnace for the year. Stori got a Doctor appointment for me on Monday at 5PM for Hormone Level. I pack 4 brown 10x13 Envelopes. with friendship books

Sunday-Why would someone text another person. If they are a surprise. So I'm piss off. I'm not going to the doctor Tomorrow. That how DUMP my family is If Tom didn't text me. There would be a party.

Monday-I cancel my doctor appoint for 5PM. If Tom did text or Email me. I would went to the appointment Stori think I lie about the water Meter. I told Stori I had to rank the stuff off the water Meter. Stori didn't say anything. Christy & Tom came down for Livia 2 days. But they wouldn't stay a day for me. They only had 30 mins that what Tom text they was going home . He text at 7:45 AM and I didn't see it until 9:30. But they can stay all day for Jamey but not for me.

TuesdayI went to Doctor to make another appointment for my back.   I can't get on Facebook with Mozilla Firefox. But I can with Internet Exporer. I found out why my credit card payment is getting rejected. Because NewWave have my Lot 35 wrong. They have 35 Lot Capitalone will not payment if it 35 Lot. Because Capitalone have Lot 35.

Wednesday-NewWave hadn't change my Lot 35 to the right way yet. I like doing one load of laundry at the workshop. 

Thursday-I send inbox message to Carol on Facebook. Say I was sorry about last Wednesday on the phone. I told her to man up tell the whole  family what she did with my water MeterBut Jamey and I knows Carol never will tell anyone. 

Friday-It my 50th Birthday. I wrote Christy a 2 page letter to tell her I'm sorry. But she will never read it. Because I told her that someone in the family think Carol need to say sorry to me. 


Friday, October 2, 2015

My week 9/26 to 10/2

Saturday-I wash my whites, my towels. I paid my car Insurance online. I call Capitalone first before I paid the Insurance.

Sunday-I found out on National Inclusion Project Facebook wall that Jerry Aiken is retiring from National Inclusion Project. Clay friend Nick Leisey is taking Jerry job. I will miss Jerry handwritten Thank you cards. When I donate in April.

Monday-I found out we are not ordering out in October. We will order on the Friday before Thanksgiving  in November. I pay my Town bills. 

Tuesday-I did the samething as I did last week at Wal-Mart. To see someone will take my credit card number, like last week.
Wednesday-I told my sister off on the phone. Because I'm sick of her order me around and getting me in trouble in Town. So I'm piss off tonight. Wish someone would sit her down and talk to her. Or someone need to tape her when she is getting mad at someone. 

Thursday-I went Paoli Office Supply to get 100 10in x13in Envelopes in a box. Jamey came to talk to me about what happen Yesterday with my sister. I told Jamey I have ask for help with my sister but no one will help. I told Jamey my parents should stop to this 23 year ago, but they didn't. That why I'm getting bully by my sister. I'm tried and weak from Crying tonight.

Friday-I almost didn't go back to the workshop to get my paycheck. It was cold and Windy all day. I wonder if Jamey talk to my sister yet.