Friday, June 24, 2016

My week 6/18 to 6/24

Saturday-I save $16.85 in coupons Yesterday. I didn't pack any brown envelopes Today. It been one week Carol and Christy got in my business. They only had to said sorry we got you mad. They don't know how.  This town is right they are bitch There was a skunk outside Tonight.

Sunday-It Father Day. I didn't do that much, I put address labels in friendship books. I got brown envelope made for next Monday. 
  Monday-It Sophia 5th Brithday. I put 23 pictures of Sophia on Facebook. Stori and Parker change my bathroom light bulb when I was at work. I received friendship books and 2 pen pal letters.
 Tuesday-It Owen 5th Brithday. I put 36 pictures of Owen on Facebook. I got 1 envelope full of friendship books. 

Wednesday-Someone told Ian he can't marry any one but a black girl in Summer School.. Then Ian told Stori he knew what he will be when he grow up. President , Stori know he can't be. Because he wasn't born here (in the USA). He what to be President in DRC . So the  childrens in Congo get food go to school and have Mommy and Daddy
Thursday-Barry Manilow did his last concert for good. I wonder what Barry did the next day. If he fly home or stay in England.

Friday-I understand why some peoples think Carol is more disabled then me. Because when I know I hurt someone feeling. I tell them I'm sorry Carol don't know how to say it. I don't think Carol told Christy that SHE GOT TOLD IN FRONT MIKE SHE NEED TO STAY OUT OF MY BUSINESS. If christy knew, I don't think she wouldn't tell me that I had to wash my car right then or I have to go where Carol to change my oil.  I think would got in my business. That how rust Carol in the family. 


Friday, June 17, 2016

My week 6/11 to 6/17

Saturday-I'm sick of the bitch Carol. I understand why class 1974 and class 1975 call her a bitch in school. She don't listen. I told her in October to keep out of my business. But she got in my business today about my car, and she did it in front of Sophia our 5 year old Great-Niece. If I did what she did I would be ground to my home. 

Sunday-I didn't feel good all day. I pre-order Baked cimmon french toast stick, Alaskan cod fish and Beer battered Alaskacod from Schwan's. Stori call about Owen Birthday they having it Tomorrow. I told Stori I wouldn't be there.
 Monday-The new Landlord had the sewer clean out. They found Tampons and lady's monthly pads in the sewer. My doctor is moving out of Paoli next Summer. 

Tuesday-I had all 7 load of laundry at work. It storm in the afternoon. So I didn't go get my mail. 
Wednesday-I haven't received any friendship books this week. I have received pen pal letters
 Thursday-I had all my laundry hanging outside by 10:30AM. I didn't clean the trailer Today. I didn't put my laundry away Tonight.
 Friday-I don't understand why Carol can't keep her word. In February or March. Carol told me I had to delete all my weather apps on my Iphone. Because I only need 1 apps for weather. But I had it this way for 3 years. Then she told me, I need to sale my kitchen table. Then last Saturday she told me, I had to wash my car Today, and I was going to the wrong place to get my car oil change.

Friday, June 10, 2016

My week 6/4 to 6/10

Satursday-Muhammad Ali dead last night. Frontier website was down all day. We will have  to start using turn signals as we exiting the square. I pack 7 brown envelopes with friendship books. 

Sunday-I text Christy to see who coming down with her on Friday. She text back saying Christopher is coming with her,
 Monday-After work, I went to the bank . Then I park in the square in front of the old library then walk to the Post Office to mail 8 brown Envelopes. Then went to Walmart for the week. 

Tuesday-I had all 7 load of laundry at work. When I was walking to my car after work. I saw a piece of paper on my car door window. When I got to the car. The paper had I LOVE YOU Chad. It was from my Great-Nephew Chad. Today is Stori and Jamey  Anniversary 19 years

Wednesday-It Dad Birthday He is 88 year young Today. The new lanlord put speed bumps in the trailer park parking lot.
 Thursday-I got up at 7:30AM. I hand my laundry outside to dry. I put my whites in a laundry bashet in the sun. So I don't have to use my dryer.
Friday-After I got home from work, at 10:40AM I watch Muhammad Ali stuff. I went out to Carol at 5PM. Trisanna and Michael ask about the speed bumps. Sophia & Lyzah play great.It took Michael and Trisanna until 10:30PM to get Lyzah to go home. 

Friday, June 3, 2016

My week 5/28 to 6/3

Saturday-I put some of my laundry away. I received 2 pen pal letters Today. I have 450 pages to go in Night Shall Overtake Us.
Sunday- I went to Walmart for the week. I was upset myself because I forgot my Iphone at home. I only got 11 Items from Walmart

Monday-It Memorial Day & Stori 40th Birthday. Stori and Jamey had a cookout and Swimming. Lyzah Love the pool

 Tuesday-I had 5 load of laundry at wor. So that means I went home at 10:30AM. I received 2 pen pal letters and 1 small white envelope full of Friendship books. 
 Wednesday-When my Iphone alarm went off at 5:45AM. I lay back down and fall back to until 6:40AM. After work I put my paycheck in my saving at the bank.
 Thursday-It Michael & Trisanna 4th  Anniversay. Today I start having 2 load of laundry at home until August.

Friday-It Matthew & Lyndsay 5th Anniversay and it Christy Birthday. I got Yesterday mail Today. It was raining