Friday, November 25, 2016

My week 11/19 to 11/25

SATURDAY-I wash my sheets and towels. I put another set of sheets on my bed. I got all my friendship books done for the post office on Monday. I received my papers from Hoosier Upland for Energy Assistance.
 SUNDAY-I got the coupons pack for the lady in Orleans, Ind, about 9 miles from me. For the post office. I have 2 brown envelopes for her.

MONDAY-It cost over $27 at the post office. It cost over 47 for the 5 Clay Aiken CD's. The Cheryl's cookies are at the post office 

TUESDAY-I had all 7 load of laundry at work. Carol text about Christmas. I text have fun. Carol text the kids will make it fun. I text Carol if you wasn't there I would be there. You don't listen to anyone, In October 2015 Jamey try Mike had me talk to you. Because you can't stay out of my business. I ask you to stay out of my business in front Mike. By February 2016  you said no to me in my own home. I can't take it anymore. Carol text back with ok.
WEDNESDAY- I got my Capitalone bill Today. I got my paycheck Today. But I can't put it in the bank the date is Friday 25,2016.

 THURSDAY-Today is Thanksgiving 2016. I sleep in Today. I kept my Iphone in the computer room last night. I didn't think about getting the mail Today. 
 FRIDAY-Carol had Thanksgiving Today. It was wonderful staying home. I didn't have to hear anyone fighting.  Jamey post a picture of Livia and Malcolm. I received my new night gown from LL Bean


Friday, November 18, 2016

My week 11/12 to 11/ 18

SATURDAY-When I went to the bank , there was 2 cars waiting  for the doors to open. I received my Clay Aiken Calendar Today. I received a Western Union Money order for 5 CD's of Clay Aiken. 
 SUNDAY-It Parker 15th Birthday . Jamey text to see if I want to go to Denny's. for Parker Birthday lunch. I said No Thanks. I clean the self's on the computer desk. 
MONDAY-I'm thinking about ordering Cheryl's Gourmet cookie of the month club. I will order the 6 month cookie. I thought I was going to have 2 load of laundry but didn't.
TUESDAY-Christy text a picture of Harper wearing the apron I got Sophia 3 years ago. Stori leave the Vera Breadly pruse on the deck.

WEDNESDAY-I order L.L. Bean and Cheryl's before work. I use Dad try to clean the outside of the trailer. 
 THURSDAY-Stori, Owen and I went to Wendy's for lunch so I could update my Iphone software. But now Periscope app dead I can't update it or delete it. So I will not be able to watch Clay Aken live anymore on my Iphone. 

FRIDAY-Christopher Birthday Today. He is 34 year old. Malcolm is 3 month old. I got my IU mug Today I will use it for Hot Chocolate for work. Jamey got a guy for my roof.


Friday, November 11, 2016

My week 11/5 to 11/11

SATURDAY- I put laundry away and start cleaning doing TV commercials. I will have to start in my computer room Tomorrow . I received 3 pen pal letters.
SUNDAY-I didn't get anything done Today. I found out I had no sound on video's on my Iphone. I have to update my Iphone and see if that help with the sound. If the update don't work. I may have to get a replace Iphone. 
MONDAY-There is amail Tomorrow. Talk to Stori about update  my Iphone. My warranty is done on 12/28. So we need to update before 12/28. I got a LED light for the computer desk.

 TUESDAY-I was thinking. A wife or a husband had a affair. They should go to jail. Christy email me. Harper start preschool Today, so grandma CeCe is sad. I wonder how Stori test went. 
WEDNESDAY-Donald Trump is the President starting Jan 20, 2017. I think I will see if See help me sign up to vote in 2020. Because I don't want Trump for 8 years. 
 THURSDAY-I email Christy this morning. But she didn't email me back. I'm thinking about making Clay Aiken coaters at shutterfly.
FRIDAY-It Carol Birthday. She is 58 year old. Stori had a picture of my Dad when he was in the Navy. So I took it , post it and thank him for his service.

Friday, November 4, 2016

My week 10/29 to 11/4

SATURDAY-Hallmark Start having Christmas movies last night. I received a person friendship books

SUNDAY-I LOVE watching Christmas movies on Hallmark. They took  GOLDEN GIRLS off for the Christmas movies. The GOLDEN GIRLS will be back on Jan 2.
MONDAY-Halloween 2016. I saw Malcolm for the first time. Livia had to work. So Jamey took Livia candy home. 

 TUESDAY-I had all 7 load of laundry at work, I was thinking my family (Dad, Mom, Christy, Carol and I) been in Indiana for 51 years Today
WEDNESDAY-I ask my friend Rhonda if she want to meet me at Wendy's for lunch Tomorrow. She couldn't because her van didn't work that good. 

THURSDAY-I got my data back up on my Iphone. I found out Wendy in Paoli don't take online coupons from Company
FRIDAY-I mad up my mind. I'm going to the bank every Friend to put what I have in my Checking account jar. I received a pen pal letter