Friday, August 25, 2017

My week 8/19 to 8/25

SATURDAY-I loss another pound. I order address labels from Current labels. I tape Malcolm for over 9 mins eating his cake.

 SUNDAY-I order 30 pictures from Shutterfly. It took me 4 hours to upload the 9 mins video of Malcolm eating the cake on Facebook. 
MONDAY-I call The Look for a hair cut. I will go on Wednesday at 1PM. I went to the post office I didn't have to wait.  Then went to Wal-Mart for the week.
TUESDAY-I had all 7 loads at work. I got my Electric bill. It was only over $66.00
WEDNESDAY-Superburger what the orders on Thursday. So I had to run the list of name back to the workshop with my order on it.. Then went to the bank. The lady who should cut my hair wasn't there. (The Look) So the owned cut my hair. 
THURSDAY-No one call me. I ask to be taking off the basic long distance plan on my home phone, the lady told me I couldn't take it off. So I went on and chat with a lady. She took it off with no problem.I received $18.82 from State Farm. IRS Call my Iphone

  FRIDAY-Order out went ok with Superburger. A friend told me something. I received the 30 pictures from Shutterfly.

Friday, August 18, 2017

My week 8/12 to 8/18

SATURDAY-I weight myself before I went in the shower, I was at 149.4. I weight before after breakfast I was at 153.0. I put address labels in friendship books.

SUNDAY-I change my profile to Malcolm for his first Birthday. I found out that a old classmate daughter is friend with Livia. I gave Sue our picture from December 2007 to put in ad in the National Inclusion Project. Gala Program
 MONDAY-I ask about Clocking in and out at work. My engine light came on after I took trash out of my car. I call mom after I park my car at the workshop. I got to the post office and Walmart and home without the car deading on me. Dad and I will take the car to Babcock at 1PM on Friday.
TUESDAY-I babysit Ian and Owen last night for about 2 hours. Then went to pick Parker up at the High School. After work I went to the bank to get Malcolm Birthday gift.
WEDNESDAY-After work went to Walmart with coupons. I couldn't use 5 coupons. Because I pick up the wrong Knorr bags. I have watch I what I pick up next Month. 
THURSDAY-I got all the laundry done by 11AM. I didn't put it away. I didn't get anything done but my laundry.
FRIDAY-Malcolm is one year old Today. My engine light came on Because it need Vent Valve and caister. The parts will be over $300.00 Dad said to wait. . It been 12 years since I saw Clay Aiken in concert for the first time.


Friday, August 11, 2017

My week 8/5/ to 8/11

SATURDAY-The low in the trailer this morning was 69. I drink Hot Chocolate this morning. I received friendship books.

SUNDAY-It wasn't as cold this morning. Lyndsay took Sophia to get School supply for kindergarten. Sophia start going on 8/15.

 MONDAY-Trisanna text about Malcolm Birthday party. She will have it on August 19th at 4pm. Having Hot Dogs. I told Stori I want to move the trailer out of the trailer park.
TUESDAY-I had all 7 load of laundry at work. I want to talk to Stori. I text her told her I need to talk to her . She never got back. Clay Aiken son Birthday is Today. He is 9 year old. 

WEDNESDAY-I full the bird feeders was pulling weeds, Carol show up. I try to tell her about my landlord. She said who care and I need to move in apartment without a yard. She don't understand I love my yard and where I have the trail. It the landlord that I hate. A apartment will kill me. I put a picture of Owen on Clayversity like away no one said anything about the picture. Another person post a picture about an hour after me and got comments right after she post it.  So I will not put the picture I was going to post there next Friday. 
THURSDAY-After I got done with laundry. I went outside to use my leaf  blower and kill weeds. I love doing yard work. Carol the one who need to put in a apartment  so she learn that she have no right to tell people what they can't do. I ask all my facebook friends to vote the picture of Rhonda and I. No they just like it.
 FRIDAY-I told a friend at work about Carol. I should let the doctors in the ER in 2008 call the police on Carol. I kill weeds by my ca.

Friday, August 4, 2017

My week 7/29 to 8/4

SATURDAY-At 7pm last night I had to pull grass out between the ramp and the trailer. I wash towels and bed sheets.
SUNDAY-I look up safety glasses. I got Business envelopes for new pen pals with they home address. I need to write pen pal letters.
MONDAY-It was crazy at work. My nephew Christopher had a video on Facebook I share. I didn't get any mail only 2 magazine. 
TUESDAY-I had all 7 load of laundry at work. I had to update my Iphone. It only took 10 mins. I didn't received no mail again but a LL Bean Magazine. 
WEDNESDAY-I fold towels before work. After work went to William Brother to refill Losartan Potassium, but I didn't stay I went to Division of Family Resources to make copys then went back to William Brother.
THURSDAY-The kids went back to school Today. Livia is a Senior, Parker is a Sopormore, Chad is 4th grade , Ian is a 3rd grade and Owen is a Kindergarten.

 FRIDAY-IDon't understand why I'm clocking in and out if I don't get paid that way. I received my Cheryl's Cookies. They give me Peach Cobbler Cookies. I don't like them. I will not pig out with this cookies.