Sunday, October 31, 2010

week of 10/24 to 10/30

Sunday-I wake up at 4:47AM got out of bed at 5AM to write my weekly blog. Went back to bed at 6AM. Wake up at 8AM for the day. Before I wake up at 8AM. I was dreaming of Clay Aiken. I dream that Clay came to my trailer. But my Kitchen and Living room was in the right places in my dream and Clay cook in my kitchen in my dream Clay came in his tour bus to Paoli.

Monday- I paid my 2 Town bills Today. My new Winter Coat Come Today.

Tuesday-The wind was bad. By 10:20AM the rain storm started. It was so bad with the wind and rain. The lights at work went off and on. But part of the light didn't come back on . The washer and dryer didn't come back on.  So I went home at 10:45AM The Town was working on the pole as i was driving away. .

Wednesday-I will get done done working around 11:55AM at First Chance Center on Wednesday . Because I'm doing towels again.

Thursday-I saw a note with the date at work, It hit me. It been a year since Jamey and Stori went to Congo to pick up Chad and Ian I made a forum a Clay Fan Club about Chad and Ian.

Firday-It was about 32 when I got up for the day. Angie help me with orders. Some of Clay Aiken Fans is mad about his login time on his page. So Ground(ctrl) took his login time off his page.

Saturday-I didn't get sick Today like the last 2 Saturdays. So I put my clothes away. Carol came with my Birthday card. Paoli had Halloween Tonight. I had 11 kids tonight at my door. Livia, Parker. Chad and Ian came last night for their Candy. Because they went up to Indianapolis for the State High School Band contest Tonight. Paoli High School band came in 5th place.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

week of 10/17 to 10/23

Sunday-I feel 50% better. I wish I had Clay Aiken concert ticket. That could why my head is in pain. Because I know that if I don't get them. Christy will be mad at me and I will be in the doghouse for a long time.

Monday-I feel 100% better. I went to Wal-Mart after work for Aunt Alice Birthday card.But went home with more stuff.

Tuesday-Tom Bosley from HAPPY DAYS TV show pass away this morning. I received my Photo license plate with Clay Aiken on it.

Wednesday-. So I didn't have to clean the break room Today because everyone was in the break room at 8:30AM and that is when I start cleaning the break room.

Thursday-Stori come to my trailer to help me pick out a new winter coat. We pick a coat from Land's End . I order the coat after Stori and the boys went home.

Friday-I saw Jamey, Chad and Ian at Wal-Mart. Because Stori went to a mommy retreat for the weekend. I got Clay Aiken Super Hits CD Today. I wrote a note on my Facebook page about a lady helping a homeless classmate on Facebook.

Saturday-I was feeling good until 9AM then my head start hurting. I think it my sinus doing it to me or drinking to much Diet Coke. I received a Halloween card from Christy and Tom. Land's End ship my order. I should received it on Monday.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

week of 10/10 to 10/16

Sunday-I was thinking I was so upset Friday. I forgot to write that my friend Sandy give me a cat Blanket. I didn't get anything done this weekend. Want to thanks Carolina Clay for putting the Pepsi Refresh up for me on here.

Monday-I put part of my laundry away this morning before work. The coffee maker is gone at FCCI. Stori give me a Digital Camera and IU T-shirt. I thank Jamey on Facebook.

Tuesday-Stori, Chad, Ian and I went out for lunch. Then Stori help me download the software for the Kodak Camera. Then I order a personal License plate frame with (I'D RATHER BE AT A CLAY AIKEN CONCERT) on it.

Wednesday-My day was going good, until 1PM then my day went down hill. I wish I could be at the concert Tomorrow night. Because it the only time I can put my wall down. That when no one call me names at a concert. I received 2 TXT. They didn't make me feel good.

Thursday-Stori saw my post from last night. We write in the inbox on facebook . I wish I was at the concert in Chiago. Then I would know what will happen in March.

Friday-Today wasn't bad. I need to write the pen pal letter. Because a pen pal wrote and answering if I stop being pen pal. I saw picture of the concert last night and saw 2 video too.

Saturday-I start getting dizz at 12PM. I couldn't sit without the living room going around. I was able to walk to my mailbox. My license plate frame with (I'D RATHER BE AT A CLAY AIKEN CONCERT) on it come. If someone broken this one. They will have to use a hammer. National Inclusion Project had they Gala last night in Raleigh, NC. It took until 8:30PM for the dizz to stop. Then my head is in pain.


Sunday, October 10, 2010

week of 10/3 to 10/9

Sunday-I had to write my weekly blog 2 time Today. Because I somehow delete the blog.

Monday-Dad come over to see if he could fix my car key. He work on it for 5 mins. But I think he mess it up more.

Tuesday-I went out to start the car. The Key went in easy but the key didn't move. So Dad took me to work. When I got done working. Dad put DW-40 and the key move. So Dad and I took the car to Heinz. I went to work to have the Transit pick me Tomorrow and Thursday.

Wednesday-A staff let me call the doctor office. I can get in at 1PM I had Transit take me. My doctor gave me Doxycycline Hyclate. The Doctor office computers went down and they had to do everything by hand.

Thursday-Heinz call me. Ford will not let him fix my car. So I call Dad. Dad will take the car to Beford on Monday. Dad took me to get my hair cut. Then we went out to eat for lunch.

Friday-I stay in the laundry room until the dryer was done. Stori, Livia, Parker and a friend of Livia's took me to Wal-Mart for the week and we got they(kids) Halloween candy. Dad call my car will be done on Monday. Because he took my car to Beford Today.

Saturday-I'm 45 Today. I stay up until 2:22AM. Mom call and said they was coming with my car. I told Mom what Dad told me Yesterday. She said they have it so I wouldn't bitch about it anymore. I have a new key for the car. The old key will open the car doors. About an hour laterI was looking out the window at the car. I couldn't see the Clay Aiken License Plate cover. So I went out to see and someone took they hands and broken Clay name off of the cover. I had 74 friends wish me HAPPY BIRTHDAY on Facebook. Carol never call Today.


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Week of 9/26 to 10/2

Sunday-I forgot to write that Christy and Tom will come home for Christmas. I turn on my heater in my trailer. Because will get down to 40 to 45 for the low.

Monday-It Shaun Cassidy 53 Birthday is Today. Jamey try to get hold of me. He try 3 times I couldn't answer at work. So I call Jamey as I walk to my car. He told me, he need to turn ours cell phones in , and go back to Verizon. So I run my phone out to Stori's. I paid my Town bills. Then Stori, the boys and I took my old and new phone to Jamey. I told Jamey to get me a new cell phone around $200.00. Everyone got back ours ols Verizon phones. Then Stori , the boys and I went to Seymour to get Chad shoses. Jamey post this on his facebook page: AT&;T data Service is like going back to a modem on a computer. 

Tuesday-Dad come to see about my car key. Dad can't help right now. He have to see his knee doctor Tomorrow.

Wednesday-Dad didn't call Today. I E-mail Christy about my old cell phone Yesterday. I told Donna and Angie why I have my old phone.

Thursday-Dad call and said to call him back when I know when I want to take the car to the Ford dealer in Bedford, IN. I look at my Calendars. I call Dad back and told him Oct 13 after work.

Friday-1st day of Oct. I thought a friend said she would donate for my Birthday wish on facebook Today. Mary and I had lunch at Long John.

Saturday-I have 151 days to go before I go to Clay Aiken concert in Fort Wayne, IN. I took about a 4 hour nap Today. I think I took 4 hour nap because of all meds I'm on.