Sunday, July 31, 2011

My week 7/24 to 7/30

Sunday-Yesterday my cousin June became my friend on Facebook, my Dad is my friend on Facebook too. I couldn't get on Barry Manilow Fan Club Today. I didn't get anything done Today. Only thing I did was looking up stuff in Washington DC about the deal. I E-mail President Obama from the White House Web Site.

Monday-I couldn't get on Barry Manilow Fan Club yet this morning. I got on Barry Manilow Fan Club at 10:50AM. President Obama talk on TV Tonight. About the deal they need to sign. I went get the Therapy treatment for my ears. But the lady couldn't help me. Because she couldn't get me dizz.

Tuesday-I was thinking House speaker John Boehner & President Obama need to sign a short deal before Aug 2. Then they should start talk about pay the whole debt Crisis off .

Wednesday-I mow my grass Today. It took 2 hours. because Dad mower dead on me. Had to use my mower.

Thursday-I had to order a new grass shear. Because my grass shear dead on me Today before I use it Today. I post on Todd Young Facebook page. I ask him not to sign any deals that cut Social Security out for good. Todd comment after me. Saying there no deal with SS cut out.

Friday-Order out didn't go to good. I forgot to write down a order. So I feel bad about it. I got my paycheck before lunch.

Saturday-I wake up at 4:10AM. I clean some of the Computer room. I had to order a Crazy Horse T-shirt online Today. There was a deal for Aug 2 last night. But it was dead in the water this morning.


Sunday, July 24, 2011

M week 7/17 to 7/23

Sunday-Stori and Mom try every kind of cleaner for my bathtub. But they didn't work. I try old Scubbing Bubbles. It work better. But it will take a long time to clean the brown stuff off the bathtub.

Monday-I inbox Stori at Facebook to see if Chad like his Birthday gifts from Christy & Tom. See when Parker going to the doctor again for his seizure and see who is out Congress men was. Stori come back and told me. Chad love his gifts. Parker going to the doctor in September. Parker was at Church camp this week and Parker will start taking his med after he get home on Friday. Our Congress is Todd Young. Clay Aiken was on The Talk. Clay said his son Parker don't like Clay singing in the house or with the TV. But Parker like listening to Clay CD's in Clay car. Clay knows he will stop singing, but not soon. I wrote a letter to Clay about when Clay stop singing. in the Dear Clay thread at his fan club. But I got told don't have to worry. I'm sick of other telling me what they what me feel. I can't write anything without someone telling me I can't feel that way.

Tuesday- When I got home and got on my Internet it stop. The Internet yellow light went to red. So call Frontier. It took Frontier 2 hours to fix it. It was something in Town.

Wednesday-Sophia Rae Blake is a Month old Today. The power went out at 1:32AM for 2 hours. I got papers to fill it for Medicaid/ Hooier Healthwise Eligibility Review Form. I told Mary about the form. She told me where I can get the form fax. Ask Mary if she would go with me Tomorrow.

Thursday-Owen Charles Sullivan is a Month old Today. I pick Mary up at 8:30AM. We got the form fax done by 9:10AM. Blog about how I can feel stuff before it happen at Clay fan club.

Friday-I went to my doctor for my dizzy. He want me have therapy treatment for my ears for vertigo. I went home and call about my 1st therapy treatment. I will go on Monday at 1PM. I got the order out day note done for next Thursday. All week it feel like bath water at 6AM outside. We having a video chat with Clay Aiken on Aug 1 at 8:30PM. I try to upload Firefox, but delete it because java wasn't hook up with firefox yet. I hope I can see and hear Clay with my Internet Explorer.

Saturday-I received a letter from Avenue Broadband. NewWave Communication is purchasing Avenue Broadband. I did my laundry Today. Wish Washing DC would get they act together before next weekend.


Sunday, July 17, 2011

My week 7/10 to 7/16

Sunday-I wrote my weekly blog at my main page, then at Clay &; Barry fan clubs. I didn't get my mail Yesterday. I went to my mailbox Today. There was a key in my mailbox for the other mailboxes that hold boxes. There was a larger Post Office box it was from Carol Cooke. Carol gave me 13 DVD's of Clay Aiken 9 CD's of Clay. Pictures, a book of pictures of Christmas tour of 07, and other stuff. I E-mail Christy about walking on Friday's to First Chance Center and I would eat something from ther snack machine then floss my bridge. Christy said it sound good.

Monday-Crazy at work

Tuesday- I TXT Stori to see when she want me to take Chad Birthday gift from Christy and Tom out to him. Stori never TXT me back. So after work I call Stori. Stori got my TXT but got busy. I understand because Stori 5 kids under 12. I received the poster I order from Clay Fan Club. It the same one from Clay concert in Summer of 05. Because the one I have is falling down, and I have so much tape on it. But right now it staying on the wall. I thought Today was Wednesday.

Wednesday-Parker is having EEG done Today. I may not have my Monthly check on Aug 3. My dad said the Gov. have the money to pay in Aug. But they don' after Aug.

Thursday-Chad Birthday is Today. I waas dizz after I got home from getting my hair cut. I took the pill again. I sleep all day again after taking the meds. I miss the TV show Big Brother. Wal-Mart freezers was down Today. Lyndsay due date was Today. But she had Sophia on June 20.

Friday- Wal-Mart freezers was working Today. Stori & Jamey had a pool party for Chad Birthday. Jamey parents & I was the only family at the party. Carol talk my parents out of going to the party because it was kids under 12. Jamey got dad favorites beer for him for the party. I ask Stori about Parker EEG. She told me they are putting Parker on med. They have to go back to the doctor next week. I think. Livia, Parker. Chad, Ian & Owen have a 2 story playhouse outside. I blog my Great-nieces & Great-nephews ages at Clay Aiken fan club.

Saturday-I wasn't dizz. But I didn't fell like do anything Today. I wish everyone in Washington DC would get they hands out they butt and make a deal before Aug 2. I blog my Great-nieces & Great-nephews ages at Barry Manilow Fan Club Today.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

My week 7/3 to 7/9

Sunday-There wasn't any good movies on Today. Clean some of the trailer. Stori post on Facebook that she took the boys hiking days ago. They got off the patch and she realized they were in Poison Ivy. went home and shower everyone quickly Apparently, Stori miss washing her ears, neck, and upper chest!Stori carrying Ian home. Stori have some wicked posion Ivy. But Stori feel better from Mastitis. The power didn't go out doing the storm Today.

Monday-I have a black and blue mark. on my right leg. I blog my week at Clay & Barry fan club. It's the 4th. I clean my bedroom. I laugh hard watching The Talk with Donny Osmond Today. It will feel funny working Tomorrow.

Tuesday-When I got to work my car dead as I back up. The battery & oil lights came on. I turn off the car. Then turn it back on with no problem. I call Mom so she could tell Dad about my car. . Dad came We talk. Dad drove the car almost to French Lick without any problem. The book I'm reading the pages are falling out after I read it. Carol call me. Because Christy call Carol to tell us that Sophia is back up to her birth weight 5lb 3oz. Because Sophia lost her wight when she went home.Sophia is small too.

Wednesday-I was thinking Today was the day I came home from my 2 weeks vacation last year. I didn't have any problem with the car. Mom was on my answer machine. To see if I had any pictures of her or Dad on my facebook. She order me to delete a pictures. Because she said the a law the no one have to have pictures. on Facebook. I guess Mom will have to call hers 2 nieces and Tom sister and order them to take all picture of her and Dad off. I made 2 thread about Casly Anthony Verdict. at Clay & Barry Fan Clubs. I have abou 8 post at Barry fan club. But no one post at Clay fan club. Today was the first outing for Stori with all 5 kids.

Thursday-I call Stori about Chad Birthday gift from Christy and Tom. Casly Anthony will be out on Wednesday. Stori call to see if I would house -sit started Tonight. She will understand if I don't want to because it was last minute call. I said no. Parker will have a EEG done on July 13. Owen went on his first road trip to Indianapolis for Jamey niece wedding. I blog about Matthew and Lyndsay Meun from they wedding. at Clay Fan club.

Friday-, Mastitis and hers outing with all 5 kids. I think I will do my fill-in puzzles on Fridays and write pen pal letters on Saturdays and read my book on Sundays.

Saturday- I was going to Clear real good Today. But I got Dizz. It took Antivert. I sleep almost all day because of the Antivert. But I did mow my grass. I use both mowers. I use my to mulching around my tree by my bedroom window. Then I use Dad cordless Electric mower. It took me about an hour to mow After dinner sleep 3 hours off and on.


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Week of 6/26 to 7/2

Sunday-The power went out at 5:14AM it come back at 6:06AM. But Mary told me. Her stove clock stop at 3:42AM. But I wasn't up at that time. I clean the bathroom sink. I try writing a pen pal letter.

Monday-It storm when I was at work. I paid my Town bills Today. Weather man said it will storm Tonight and Tomorrow. I didn't think it was Monday. When my cell phone alarm came on at 4:30AM. Sophia is one week old.

Tuesday-It's didn't rain Today. Owen is a week old. I need to get the pen pal letter done. Mary TXT me. To see if I know Sandy Mom age. Because the ambulance was call to a Asbell resident and the lady was 87.

Wednesday-Crazy day at work

Thursday-Stori due date was Today. But Stori had Owen 9 days ago. Mary don't have money to go out for lunch Tomorrow. Mary will TXT me if she want to go for lunch.

Friday-A year ago. I was in Custer, South Dakota. Mary at TXT 12:21PM but I was eating lunch. Before 4PM I post on Mary Facebook page to see what she want. Mary said she want to go for Lunch. I told her I thought she would TXT before 12 not after 12. Mary post back with she was sick with a headach that why she TXT so late. We will try next month. I have $49.00 in my Jar for National Inclusion Project. A police man came to my door looking for a guy. The police man was calling in Licence plate numbers.

Saturday-At 12AM I put my laundry away. I wash my Towels and sheets. Fold last month towels. Stori post on Facebook last night that had Mastitis. Carol Cooke will send me stuff of Clay Aiken.