Sunday, April 29, 2012

My week 4/22 to 4/28

Sunday-I post on Walmart facebook page Yesterday. I received a email from Walmart. The email is this: Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. I have forwarded your comment to the appropriate team. I hope the post I put on walmart facebook page will help get more CD's of Clay's in Walmart's. I think Jamey, Stori and Owen on they way home from they trip.

Monday-Since Friday I had red bumps under my underarms. But this morning there was 2 red bumps on my my right breast. So I call the doctor office at 8AM. to see if I can get in after 12PM. I got in at 1:20PM. My doctor told me it WASN'T chicken pox but have a infection. I blog about  it a Clay Aiken Fan club and I thought I put wasn't . But everyone who comment said sorry you have chicken pox. So reread my blog and I had was. So I  change it WASN'T.. Jamey, Stori and Owen got home last night at 11:30PM.

Tuesday- I had a appt at 1:20PM . But didn't get in until 1:50PM. But was driving home at 1:56PM. I had 8 load of laundry today at work

Wednesday-It hit me in the shower. I forgot to pass out 2 notes on Monday. I told Donna about my red bumps.

Thursday-crazy day

Friday-Order out went ok. Donna took me to get the pizza's We had 31 personal pan pizza orders. My back is not in pain from the bumps. 

Saturday-I had a BAD day. my home phones is dead. But if you all you can hear the ring, but I can't hear the ring or call out.. But my Internet is working ok. NO ONE CAN GET HERE UNTIL TUESDAY. I will not be home on Tuesday. I received my membership of Barry Manilow Fan Club and CD/DVD of Barry. But NO CONCERT tickets. I'm calling STARZ about the tickets on Monday at 1PM. We had a bad storm with hell.


Sunday, April 22, 2012

My week 4/15 to 4/21

Sunday-I check my order for my tickets and membership for Barry Manilow Fan Club  and his concert.. My membership is on back order. I hope my concert tickets are not on back order. I'm thinking about calling about the back order. I sold a CD of STEADfast by Clay Aiken.

Monday-I forgot to put down the lid of the washer at work. So I was late getting the laundry done. I mail Raynell 2 CD's. I received my taxes on my trailer. It $70.48 for the year.

Tuesday-Jamey, Stori and Owen went on a trip until April 23. Jamey Aunt and Uncle staying at the house with the 4 older kiddo. I had 9 load of laundry at work

Wednesday-After work I went the bank to get my money out for my trailer taxes. I sold all my CD's of Clay Aiken.

Thursday-After work, I gas my car up, went to pay my taxes for my trailer. Went to Walmart for the week. I mow my grass. 

Friday-. I got my paycheck before I come home. Sophia is 10 months Today.

Saturday-I went to Walmart for the month with coupons I save $5.45. It was cold Today. I turn on my heater in my trailer it come on about 30 mins after I turn it on. It will hit 39 or 34 at night this coming week. Owen is 10 months Today.   


Sunday, April 15, 2012

My week 4/8 to 4/14

Sunday-Easter. I wrote 16 pen pal letters Today. I fell at Carol's Today. Carol think if I fell on left hand I would broken my left hand. I send all my friendship books in letters.

Monday-I was sore Today from my fall from Yesterday. I mail 4 CD's of Clay Aiken and 4 letters for oversea. Clay Aiken will have a LIVE chat on Wednesday at 8PM.

Tuesday-Before I went to bed last night I check my Email. I can order Barry Manilow tickets on Wednesday. Stori told me last night she will order the tickets.

Wednesday-I feel better then Monday. I TXT Stori asking if it was Tickets time yet at 10AM. But Stori never TXT back. I got done working at 10:30AM I call Stori she never answer. Stori TXT back. She was sorry but she was getting Chad sign up for kindergarten. So I check  I couldn't order tickets until 1PM.   So I run out to Stori's at 12:30PM. We got F1 Center, 2row seat 28 &;29 at Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, IN. The LIVE chat with Clay Aiken went great on my side. But he was lock out of the chat room. Because there was 500 fans waiting for him to login. So Some logoff for him to login. Clay was 19 mins late .

Thursday-I told Amanda about the tickets, and about Clay being lock out of his own chat room. I received a letter from Social Security Administration for pay stub since 2009, and a forum to fill-out.

Friday-I send the stuff back to Social Security Administration. I start cleaning the trailer . I start in my computer room.

Saturday-I put laundry away. I received 2 pen pal letters. I clean the trailer. I kept track of the stuff for SSA on USPS.COM I  inbox Stori to tell that the tickets got paid by my master card. 


Sunday, April 8, 2012

My week 4/1 to 4/7

Sunday-It April Fool Day. I have $488.00 in my National Inclusion Project. I didn't get anything done Today. Like I want to get my pen pal letter done.

Monday-I received $2.00 for the CD of STEADFAST by Clay Aiken. I send 2 CD's of STEADFAST to Celine Tan in Canada. Some people got to work, but run out of gas and NO money for gas to get home from work. We may not get paid until Monday.

Tuesday-I had 7 load of Laundry at work
Wednesday-I was so happy thinking about donating $491.00 to National Inclusion Project. But when I got home, my Internet was out. So I call Frontier. So I call Stori to see if I could use they computer. She didn't answer. after 5 mins Stori call back. I went out to Stori's.. I donate the money at National Inclusion Project own web site. After the donate I tweet @Includingkids. Then I tweet @Clayaiken about the money. Clay retweet back to Thank me. I received$10.00 from November Night Owl for 2 CD's. 

Thursday-I had Stori take me to Jamey Office. We had lunch before we went to Jamey office Jamey meet us. I pay for everyone lunch. Owen look like his Grandma Charles(my sister Carol). Jamey said Owen don't act like Carol. I told Jamey he have 18 years to see if Owen act like Carol. I got my paycheck Today. 

Friday-Today is Good Friday. I went to the bank then went to gas up my car.It cost me over $22.00 I got $2.00 again for a CD of Clay Aiken. All the money I get for Clay Aiken go into my National Inclusion Project jar. Mary & I went out for lunch.

Saturday-I wash my towels and hang them outside. It was 52 before 12PM I start wirting pen pal letters Today.


Sunday, April 1, 2012

My week 3/25 to 3/31

Sunday-I wash the dishes that wasn't in the dishwasher . Because Stori dishwasher is not working since Friday because of the sink.

Monday- There was 2 guys in Stori's  kitchen working on the sink. The guys didn't find problem with the sink. But the dishwasher didn't work. So I TXT Carol, Carol came she called Stori. Carol turn off the house power turn it back on. It didn't help so Carol call Windhorst . The guy will come between 9-1 Tomorrow. Then Carol and I took all the stuff out of the dishwasher  and wash everything by hand..

Tuesday-I had 7 loads of laundry at work I got to Stori's and the guy never got here to fix the dishwasher. So I call Carol. Carol call Windhorst  the guy didn't walk in the house. So he came back. The guy work on the dishwasher. He have to order the part. I start getting my stuff together.

Wednesday-I got Stori's  sheets from her bed in the washer. Before.So I could get to Stori's and start pack my car. I TXT Stori at 1:45PM told her that I was going home for good. I went to Paoli Health and Living for my TB test..

Thursday-After work  I went to Walmat for the week. Then I start doing my own laundry.  Then went to pay the town bills. Did another load of laundry. Start mow my grass hang 3 load of laundry outside.

Friday-Order out went crazy. Taking the orders was ok.  Shakeburger don't open until 11AM and we start calling at 10AM because we had over 40 orders. We got the orders in by 10:30AM.

Saturday-Went to Paoli Health and Living at 8:15AM to have my TB test readed I think I got catch up on my sleep. Clay Aiken watch the UK vs  of L NCAA game Tonight. Because he tweet about it. I sold 5 CD's in a week.