Sunday, April 28, 2013

My week 4/21 to 4/27

Sunday-Owen is 22 month old Today. I pack 2 CD's of Clay Aiken for a Claymate. I tape up the box for Sophia. I'm mailing the two boxes Tomorrow.
Monday-Sophia should get the box on Wednesday. I have the tracking number on Sophia box. My Claymate friend frind should get the Cd's on Wednesday too. I mow for the First time this year.

Tuesday-I don't have to do the night crew laundry on Tuesdays anymore. Sophia box was in Fort Wayne. But the mailman had to put a notice in Matthew and Lyndsay mailbox about Sophia box. They have to pick it at the post office.

Wednesday-I got done working at 10:30AM. I got my hair cut at 1PM at The Look. My hair feel good havig it cut.
Thursday-Went to work and my car dead as I was going into parking lot. I had Stori pick me up after she got done in Town at 10AM. So she could take me to Michael'sto pick up his truck to use. At 3PM I took Michael truck back. Dad and I went to Babcock to get a car to use until my is fix.

Friday-Order out went well. I tweet GM last night about my car. They tweet me back this morning for my name and addrress and was going to call Babcock Tomorrow I told them don't to call Babcock. I haven't heard from Babcock Today. But Dad may have.

Saturday-I order Shriley Jones new book. The book will come out in July. I order 2 CD's of Clay Aiken. They are 2 hits CD's of Clay's.


Sunday, April 21, 2013

My week 4/14 to 4/ 20

Sunday-I'm in my 18 Journal book. There are pictures of Sophia on Facebook. So I took them so I could use them in my weekly blog.
Monday-Tax Day. Dad called Babcock have the part for the keys and working on it. We should get the car Today. Dad call at 2:30pm the car wasn't done. They found a new problem.

Tuesday-They are making little aprons for kids at wor. I took the very first ones for Sophia. Babcock didn't call. I write my Thank you note from National Inclusion Prject (Jerry Aiken wrote it) in my weekly blog.
Wednesday-I got the apron from work. It was $15.00 for the apron. Babcock call. I gas up Michael truck and got beer for him for using his truck. Then Dad pick me up to get my at 12PM. At 3PM Stori call the ambulance Mom to the Hospital because Mom was in pain and couldn't move. They test her heart at home it was ok. but her BP was low. The Doctor give mom alot of test. The tests didn't show anything. They kept Mom overnight in the hospital to give her fuid and keep an eye on mom heart.

Thursday-I TXT Carol to see about Mom. Carol tod me that Dad was with Mom and she didn't sleep good, because they come in take blood from her. The Doctor let mom go home. They think it could be a virus. Clay Aiken was on Aermican Idol Tonight

Friday-I went to the Post Office to get a box for Sophia apron. Carol TXT to see if I want to go out for dinner Everyone was going but the kidd. We went to Milltown, Indiana to Blue River Cafe. I had Rib eye, bake Potato, broccolito drink wine and water and a peanut butter pie.
Saturday-Did some laundry. Got a letter done for Sophia to put in the box with the apron. Sophia is 22 months Today.


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Thank You Note from Jerry Aiken

Deborah                                                                                                                4-8-13

Thank you for your continued support of the National Inclusion Project. It is the support of individuals such as yourself that help us to make a difference in the lives of children

All the best,

Jerry Aiken
Executive Director

Sunday, April 14, 2013

My week 4/7 to 4/13

Sunday-I don't understand why people think it ok to TXT other when they coming off vacation. I just TXT a person to see if they home yet from they vacation. Because I don't what to send a e-mail to the person if they are not home from they vacation.
Monday-Babcock didn't call. So my car is not done yet. I found out I was right about my bad feeling about Dad, Mom, Carol going to Christy.

Tuesday-There news that a fan of Clay Aiken. Was arrested for trespassing & misdemeanor. Clay was home at the time. It's was the 2nd time the fan did it. She did it on April 3. Dad and I went to babcock to check on my car and give them my cell phone number. They said my car should be done by Thursday.
Wednesday-Dad, Mom and Carol went Fort Wayne. The weather is great in the 50 to 60. I received a invites to the Pis lota Xi Pi Chapter "No-Show Ball" Christy sent the invite.

Thursday-I wait for Babcock to call. They never call. I was thinking I guess I will give a gift of $25.00 to Christy Psi lota Xi Pi Chapter.

Friday-I e-mail Christy how to send my gift of $25.00 to Psi lota xi pi chapter. Babcock can't get the motor in my car. Because when they took the motor out my car thought someone took the car from me. So they had to order something from another state for the thing to start the car and it will get to Babcock on Tuesday. So another week with Michael truck. I own him alot of beer.

Saturday-Dad was by 8:30AM to get my 2nd car key. When I open my Journal I saw I only had 3 pages and then I have full Journal. I started this Journal on 10/17/09. Jeanne Cooper from The Young and the Restless is in the ICU her family and some of the cast of Y&R was by her Hospital bed last night.


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My week 3/31/13 to 4/6/13

Sunday-It Easter. We went to Carol's at 4PM. I getting use to driving Michael Truck.. I come home with food for 2 days from Carol's Easter dinner.
Monday-I got to work, bank and paid my Electric and gas bills Today. I have $722.00 in my National Inclusion Project jar. Babcock have called yet.

Tuesday-After work I call my Dad. He told me that he went to Babcock Motors to check on my car. They was start taking my car motor apart. They found Cracked head and Broken Crankshaft.
Wednesday-I talk to Dad. Hewas check on my car on Friday. But I was going to check on my car Tomorrow. Because Stori is taking me to Jamey office Raymond James.

Thursday-After work I put $654.00 in the bank went to Wal-Mart for the week. After I come home I donate $722.00 to National Inclusion Project. Then I made a check out for $654.00 to Raymond James. After I got done at Jamey Office. I took Stori, Jamey, Ian and Owen  out for lunch.

Friday-I had to go back to the workshop to get my paycheck. Dad check on my car. they wasn't done taking the motor apart but think they be done next week.

Saturday-I did laundry for the week. Put some laundry away . Catch up in my Journal too.


Monday, April 8, 2013

My week 3/24 to 3/30

Sunday-When I got up. There was snow and Ice on the grass. Thank I didn't stay at Stori's. My luck we would get a 1" or more. So I have to sit and see how much snow we will get by Tomorrow.
Monday-We didn't get any snow but on the grass again. It make me mad. Jamey mom. call to see if I was moving back to Stori's . I said Tomorrow.
Tuesday-I move back in to Stori's at 11:30AM.I TXT Jamey mom to come with Toby. I start not feel good when I went to bed at 2:30AM. I had diarrhea. I clean myself up, put my PJ's in the washer. I lay down.

Wednesday-I got up at 4:30AM for work. I couldn't call in sick because I got back out here at Stori's Yesterday. I had diarrhea 3 time Today. My stomch was so much pain. I call Mom. She had dad come with 2 Aleve. I took one as dad was here. I ate crackers and water all day after I got to Stori's. Stori and Jamey Internet went down on me. So only thing I have is my facebook and twitter on my Iphone. I TXT Sue to tell her to go to Clay Aiken Fan Club that I didn't have the internet and that I had the flu.

Thursday-I wash my clothes Yesterday. I had diarrhea 2 time Today. I start packing to move out of Stori's.

Friday-I feel better Today. Today is Good Friday I went to my trailer to take my suitcase home. But I didn't made it. Because my car dead on Sandy hook by the white church. I call dad. He had to take me to pick my other stuff at Stori's like my Journal. I went home 12 hours early.

Saturday-Cindy and Mike got to Carol's around 12PM. Michael gave me his 1991 truck to use until I get my car back from Babcock. Cindy and Mike leave around 5PM. They are on Spring Break this week. They went to TN for the week.