Saturday, April 25, 2015

My week 4/18 to 4/24

Saturday- I mow my grass. It only took about an hour. I will pack about 5  9x12 envelopes. I didn't get any mail. So I only 5 envelopes to pack.
Sunday-What new Computer went crazy. It took me about 19 mins before my computer start working. Michael put a picture on facebook of Lyzah and him.

Monday-My computer went crazy again. It took about 30 mins. this time. Stori call the place where we take the computer to fix it. They would take it Today. But I chicken out. told Stori I would keep it this way.
 Tuesday-I had to go in to work later. Because the guy who open the doors before 6AM. Had a doctor appt today. So I got done at 10:45AM. 

Wednesday-No Friendship books but 1 business size envelope on Monday.. My Town bill is over $111.00. I only had 3 loads at my main job.Today. So I got done at 8:30AM. 

ThursdayAfter work. I pay my taxes on my trailer.. I pass out notes for Tomorrow order out day. 

Friday-Taking orders Today was good. Connie's Country Kitchen was happy to get 32 orders Today. I wrote pen pal letters. As I was waiting to get the food. 


Saturday, April 18, 2015

My week 4/11 to 4/17

Saturday-Carol & Mike came to stuff under my ramp & new deck. so the grass stop growing under it. They was here for about 2 hours. I fall outside helping Mike clean up. My right thump turning Black & Blue because of the fall.

Sunday-I'm sick of turning off my computer from the wall. I had to do it about 10 time Today. I have ask Stori for help Today with it but no answer from Stori. 
 Monday-I had only 1 9x12 envelope with coupons in it. I mail it to a lady in Orleans, IN. I do it every Monday. Clay Aiken unfollow me on Twitter. I don't undersand why. I haven't Tweet to him.
Tuesday-I had 6 loads because I had work gloves of load. I cut old T-shirts into rags. I received a E-mail from National Inclusion Project. they Gala is September 28. So I will send a check to Sue on Sept 14. Sue told me that Clay Aiken unfollow all fans but 2. 
 Wednesday-Tax Day. I got done with my main job before 8AM. So I came home change my Top. Went to the other building. If I knew what happen at the other building the whole day went to HELL for me. 

Thursday-I only had 2 loads Today at work. I got done at 8:15AM. So I came home got on the Internet. Then went to William Brothers to get refill pills. I didn't wait. I went to  gas my car up. Then went back to William Brother to get my pills. 
FridayI charge my battery for my mower. To mow my grass. Tomorrow. I didn't get any friendship books Today. So I will see if I get any Tomorrow .

Saturday, April 11, 2015

My week 4/4 to 4/10

Saturday-I put my laundry away. Wash my whites. I donate $875.00 to National Inclusion Project. Clay Aiken favorite my tweet about my donate. I pack about 9 Envelopes with friendship books. I got my stuff together for the bank on Monday.
 Sunday-It Easter. I wash and dry my towels. I went out to Carol's at 12:30PM. for Easter dinner. Carol was going to take a picture of Livia rabbit cake. I said I want a picture too. My dad said  NO I have NO right to take a picture. Because it NOT my house. My dad make me feel like a 2 year old. Then I made up my mind about something it will stop the screaming at me and the pain.

Monday-I had 1 day of laundry to do at work,  because of Good Friday.. I had all 4 load but little loads. I mail about 9 brown 12x9 envelopes.
Tuesday-I had all 5 loads Today. Stori text Jamey can have lunch at 11:30AM Tomorrow with us.

Wednesday-After work I went to the bank with $759.00 in cash. To make a check out for Raymond James. I went out to Stori at 10:30AM. Stori , Owen & I went to Jamey Raymond James office at 11AM in Mitchell. We ate at Wendy's
 Thursday-I couldn't get my Yahoo home page or Facebook to come up before work. When I got home Yahoo home page & facebook was working. I was getting breakfast. When I walk I fell into the bay windows. I hit my forehead, nose, my upper right arm. and upper lip. 
 Friday-My upper right arm is Black & Blue. I went to work, but I was in pain & sleepy. I received a Thank you card. from National Inclusion Project for my donate of $875.00. Parker came to get the old wood from under the new deck & ramp.

Monday, April 6, 2015


3 times in 2 years I got scream at by my dad.
 The 1st  time was at my Great-Niece Birthday dinner. I just said You need to talk to mom and he said. NO I have to listen to him it went on for about 2 mins. I received a e-mail from my niece it was my false that my dad was scream at me . and my disabled at false too.

The 2nd time Dad scream at me at my other Great-Niece Birthday. With my nephew in-law at the party. Talking about feeling bad. This why I don't go to they house without one of my sister or Niece & her famil or my nephew and his family.

The 3rd time was Easter Day. I was feeling good. Then my sister said she was taking a picture of the rabbit cake her 15 year old Granddaughter made.. I said I want to  take a picture too.. My dad start scream NO YOU ARE NOT ALLOW TO TAKE A PICTURE BECAUSE IS NOT YOUR HOUSE. . He did it in front everyone and my niece Mother & father law-in. I'm 49 and he act like I'm 2 year old.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

My week 3/28 to 4/3

Saturday-I put 2 weeks of laundry away. I got 1 envelope of friendship books this week. So I don't have any friendship books to pack  Today. My computer went crazy.It took me an hour for the computer to start working again. 
 Sunday-I put my whites away. I was thinking we have Friday off. for Good Friday. Wondering if we are getting our paychecks on Thursday.
 Monday-I use up 75% of my data on my Iphone. But it will turn over on the 2nd. I chat with a guy online from Capitalone to make a note that I will donate to National Inclusion Project on Saturday.
 Tuesday-I call Capitalone to see if the guy did make a note about my donate to National Inclusion Project. last night he did.
Wednesday-My National Inclusion Project jar $875.00. I can't wait to donate the money. I can send 3 disabled kids to camp.

Thursday-We got our paycheck Today. I will go to the bank with my paycheck on Monday. 
Friday-It Good Friday. Stori didn't babysitting Lyzah. Because Lyzah had a fever. So Trisanna (Lyzah Mommy) stay home with Lyzah. My friend Mary and I was going out for lunch. But it storm so bad. I said we shouldn't go.