Friday, August 18, 2017

My week 8/12 to 8/18

SATURDAY-I weight myself before I went in the shower, I was at 149.4. I weight before after breakfast I was at 153.0. I put address labels in friendship books.

SUNDAY-I change my profile to Malcolm for his first Birthday. I found out that a old classmate daughter is friend with Livia. I gave Sue our picture from December 2007 to put in ad in the National Inclusion Project. Gala Program
 MONDAY-I ask about Clocking in and out at work. My engine light came on after I took trash out of my car. I call mom after I park my car at the workshop. I got to the post office and Walmart and home without the car deading on me. Dad and I will take the car to Babcock at 1PM on Friday.
TUESDAY-I babysit Ian and Owen last night for about 2 hours. Then went to pick Parker up at the High School. After work I went to the bank to get Malcolm Birthday gift.
WEDNESDAY-After work went to Walmart with coupons. I couldn't use 5 coupons. Because I pick up the wrong Knorr bags. I have watch I what I pick up next Month. 
THURSDAY-I got all the laundry done by 11AM. I didn't put it away. I didn't get anything done but my laundry.
FRIDAY-Malcolm is one year old Today. My engine light came on Because it need Vent Valve and caister. The parts will be over $300.00 Dad said to wait. . It been 12 years since I saw Clay Aiken in concert for the first time.


Friday, August 11, 2017

My week 8/5/ to 8/11

SATURDAY-The low in the trailer this morning was 69. I drink Hot Chocolate this morning. I received friendship books.

SUNDAY-It wasn't as cold this morning. Lyndsay took Sophia to get School supply for kindergarten. Sophia start going on 8/15.

 MONDAY-Trisanna text about Malcolm Birthday party. She will have it on August 19th at 4pm. Having Hot Dogs. I told Stori I want to move the trailer out of the trailer park.
TUESDAY-I had all 7 load of laundry at work. I want to talk to Stori. I text her told her I need to talk to her . She never got back. Clay Aiken son Birthday is Today. He is 9 year old. 

WEDNESDAY-I full the bird feeders was pulling weeds, Carol show up. I try to tell her about my landlord. She said who care and I need to move in apartment without a yard. She don't understand I love my yard and where I have the trail. It the landlord that I hate. A apartment will kill me. I put a picture of Owen on Clayversity like away no one said anything about the picture. Another person post a picture about an hour after me and got comments right after she post it.  So I will not put the picture I was going to post there next Friday. 
THURSDAY-After I got done with laundry. I went outside to use my leaf  blower and kill weeds. I love doing yard work. Carol the one who need to put in a apartment  so she learn that she have no right to tell people what they can't do. I ask all my facebook friends to vote the picture of Rhonda and I. No they just like it.
 FRIDAY-I told a friend at work about Carol. I should let the doctors in the ER in 2008 call the police on Carol. I kill weeds by my ca.

Friday, August 4, 2017

My week 7/29 to 8/4

SATURDAY-At 7pm last night I had to pull grass out between the ramp and the trailer. I wash towels and bed sheets.
SUNDAY-I look up safety glasses. I got Business envelopes for new pen pals with they home address. I need to write pen pal letters.
MONDAY-It was crazy at work. My nephew Christopher had a video on Facebook I share. I didn't get any mail only 2 magazine. 
TUESDAY-I had all 7 load of laundry at work. I had to update my Iphone. It only took 10 mins. I didn't received no mail again but a LL Bean Magazine. 
WEDNESDAY-I fold towels before work. After work went to William Brother to refill Losartan Potassium, but I didn't stay I went to Division of Family Resources to make copys then went back to William Brother.
THURSDAY-The kids went back to school Today. Livia is a Senior, Parker is a Sopormore, Chad is 4th grade , Ian is a 3rd grade and Owen is a Kindergarten.

 FRIDAY-IDon't understand why I'm clocking in and out if I don't get paid that way. I received my Cheryl's Cookies. They give me Peach Cobbler Cookies. I don't like them. I will not pig out with this cookies. 

Friday, July 28, 2017

My week 7/22 to 7/28

SATURDAY-After I wrote my weekly blog yesterday. I went out to Stori to see her and show her my leaf blower. She told me something about my ex-brother-in-law I didn't know about. It got up to 93 in the trailer. The A/C wouldn't turn off after 90

SUNDAY-I got up to get the newspaper from the front door. I open 5 windows. I went back to bed from 6:30 to 8.
 MONDAY-I received my Medicard Hoosier Healthwise/ Health plan. I have to turn in the paper work by August 18. I kept 5 windows open all night. I post the Veranda magazine.
TUESDAY-I had all 7 load of laundry at work. I was thinking I will miss Tom. Because he been in the family for 37 years. When I got home I open windows.
 WEDNESDAY-The Schwan's guy at 4:58PM It was a new guy. I didn't get any mail.  
THURSDAY-It rain off and on. I received a box of use Clay Aiken CD's for me to sale. So I can give the money to NATIONAL INCLUSION PROJECT.

 FRIDAY-I put my laundry away this morning before work. Order out day was crazy. But we order personal pan pizza