Friday, October 20, 2017

My week 10/14 to 10/20

SATURDAY-I pack brown envelopes with friendship books. It got up to 80 for the high. I received 2 pen pen letters
 SUNDAY-I went to Walmart for the week. I order stuff from Schwan's. Schwan guy will be here on Wednesday. 
MONDAY-I went back to Walmart with coupons for the month. Rick Pitino fired by the University of Louisville athletics board amid.
TUESDAY-I couldn't order the cookies set. I want to buy for Sophia and Harper. It been a year since Christy call me because she was divorced Tom. I start the car early this morning. By the time I was going to work. Went to get in my car the doors was lock with my key in the car.  So I had to get in my fire box and get the other key. The lock button on the 2nd key didn't work. I had to put the key in the car door to open the doors. I haven't turn on my heater in my trailer yet. But it got down to 40 last night.
 WEDNESDAY-I love going to the post office at 8AM. I was the first person Today. Malcolm is months Today. By 2PM my Internet was out until 4:35PM. I turn on my heater in the trailer. Michael came to look at my shed. 
 THURSDAY-I think my heater is not working right. I put TLCgo on my Iphone. I try to update my Iphone to 11.0.3 but it didn't want update. So I did call Verizon. 
FRIDAY-I should get pay increase on my next paycheck. I have my gas bill. I don't have to pay yet. Because my Credit Balance is $237.81. The lady who help me wasn't there. No one could use the back door at work. 

Friday, October 13, 2017

My week 10/7 to 10/13

SATURDAY-As I was doing my weekly blog Yesterday I pm Trisanna about what kind of candy Lyzah may want. Trisanna told me Lyzah isn't pick with candy. Anything chocolate is always a winner. I wake up at 3AM couldn't fall back to sleep. I got up went on the computer until 5AM. I wake up at 8:30AM. I clean my bathroom. I received my cookies from Cheryl's . The cookies are pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Malcolm hide Trisanna and Michael TV remote. It been MIA for a week. I vacuum the whole trailer. It rain off and on bad since 7PM.
 SUNDAY-I didn't do much . I did clean the kitchen sink out. I got all the coupons together in a brown envelope to mail to a lady in Paoli. 
MONDAY-It my 52 Birthday. Stori donated $20.00 to National Inclusion project for my birthday. Ian came with cookies and homemade card. I forgot there no mail because I went to the mail box. I only had 36 Birthday wishing on Facebook by 10AM. Sophia and Harper sing Happy Birthday on video on Facebook and by text.
 TUESDAY-By 10PM last night I had over 100 Birthday Wishing in Facebook. The mail lady was 2 hours late because Yesterday was a holiday Coumbus Day. Everyone at work like Sophia and Harper video. 
WEDNESDAY-I work on friendship books putting address labels in the books. I got the brown envelopes ready for next Wednesday. I need business envelopes and stamps for my pen pal letters. 
THURSDAY- I check the power ball numbers. No winner I will get another ticket next October. I forgot to put the milk away last night.  I received a pen pal letter.
FRIDAY-They will start remodel the building on Monday. Today went good. Everything went great. They dryer was on the right thing Today.  It been 4 years since my friend Sandy Asbell pass away. It  3 years since my friend Christal Manning. pass away. I received one pen pal letter.

Friday, October 6, 2017

My week 9/30 to 10/6

SATURDAY-I was thinking last night as I was going to bed. I think Thursday or Friday I had my Iphone 6 plus for a year. I wash my towels and bed sheets. I received one pen pal letter. 

SUNDAY-I try my heater in my trailer, it working. I order a tote bag from L.L. Bean. I vacuum my bedroom. I got Owen Halloween candy order Ring Pop from Stori. Chad was thinking about it. Ian was at a ballgame.
 MONDAY-I vacuum my computer room I got Parker and Owen Halloween candy. Parker want Airhead. I vacuum the living room. I received  3 pen pal letters. Walmart didn't have a zipper tote bag.
 TUESDAY-I had 7 load of laundry at work, but I went home at 10:30AM.  I did more cleaning at work. I start cleaning after 7AM. 
WEDNESDAY-The Tote bag will be here Tomorrow. I clean my kitchen Today. I received 2 brown envelopes and 1 pen pal letter. 

THURSDAY-I did my laundry. I received the Tote bag. I had to send it back with UPS it cost me $15.37 to have UPS pick it up. So I post it on Facebook. It went on my Twitter page. So L.L. Bean Service comment ask me to email them. So I did and told them why I need a tote bag. I start not feeling good. I received a pen pal letter.
FRIDAY-I wake up at 4:11AM. I had a crazy feeling as I was getting dress for work. Everything was crazy at work. The dryer was on air. So the fisrt load didn't get dry before I came home. Clay Aiken is not running for office again. I received  Birthday card and Wal-mart gift card from Christy


Friday, September 29, 2017

My week 9/23 to 9/29

SATURDAY-I had 14 persons read my blog by 6:20PM last night.  I seat down at 10 PM last night to watch TV and fall to sleep, wake up at 11PM.  Indiana College Football team win Today. My left feet went to sleep this morning for about 5 mins

SUNDAY-I put my rent check in the mail.  I put 2 pen pal letters in the mail. I got oversea stamps together for a lady. I clean my computer room. I need to vacuum the whole trailer soon.
 MONDAY-I received 4 pen pal letters. I received my car Insurance (State Farm) $315.77. I look at my weekly blog 133 persons read my blog. I received my pictures from Shutterfly. 
TUESDAY-I will  start cleaning in the building as I'm waiting on washer and dryer on Tuesday's So next Tuesday I should get everything done. I didn't get any letters. I received The Lake Collection.
 WEDNESDAY-I went to the bank and post office. The bank recover they parking lot last weekend it look lot better. I didn't get any letters Today, but The Orange Countian and LL Bean

THURSDAY-I got my laundry done. I put all the laundry away but my T-shirts. I received the paper work from Bureau of Developmental Deabilities Services (BDDS). They what my doctor sign paper work. But I see my new doctor on October 30. I received 2 pen pal letters.
 FRIDAY-I got to work ok. I told the lady about the paper work from (BDDS) I received 2 pen pal letters. I update my Iphone with 11.0. Trisanna put a picture of Lyzah and Malcolm. on Facebook.

Friday, September 22, 2017

My week 9/16 to 9/22

SATURDAY-I went to Walmart for the month with coupons I got 18 Items for $44.49. I'm in a new journal my 19 book. I got this journal from Barry Manilow  Fan Club. (BMIFC). I pack brown envelopes with friendship books. I order 10 pictures from Shutterfly. I order a IU  water bottle from I print out pen pal letter Tonight.
SUNDAY-I went to gas up my car. It cost $13.94. My black ink in my printer run out. So I went to to order one ink. I received it the next business day. I got 28 pen pal letters done by 12:30AM. will not cash back with HP Ink.Stori call the doctor office for me. I can get in October 30. Because I'm new to Dr. Khatri (Dr. K). But they will refill my Levothyroxine. But Dr. Khatri was out sick Today. I mail about 35 envelopes. I went to Walmart at 8:22AM
 TUESDAY-I had all 7 load of laundry at work I was able to get my pills from William Brother. I didn't go get my mail Today. 
 WEDNESDAY-I went to the Post Office with brown Envelopes, cost me $19.89. I didn't clean anything Today. Schwan's came before 3:30PM. I received a pen in the mail with my name on it .
 THURSDAY-My Town of Paoli  bill was in the mail box.  Stori took me to Mitchell to NewWave to get a new remote. Stori had to the remote to the TV for it to work with the TV. 
FRIDAY-I didn't sleep good. I wake up at 2:30AM. My work let me work until I got all of the stuff was done on the list. The Indiana Natural Gas Corp bill have a new look. 

Friday, September 15, 2017

My week 9/9/ to 9/15

SATURDAY-I put address labels on brown envelopes. Then I put my home address labels in friendship books. I received the envelope from Hoosier Upland with my Energy Assistance program papers

SUNDAY-I got the papers Together for the Hoosier Upland on Monday. I'm thinking I may change the day I mail Friendship books.
 MONDAY-We had a meeting at work. After work I went to Hoosier Upland . I post in FB's  FB's FB's on Facebook about changing my day I mail friendship books. I should received my driving license by the 27. When I try to open my car doors. They was lock this morning. I never lock my car doors.
TUESDAY-I had all 7 load of laundry at work. I call a friend about a guy we know. He post on his facebook page. He was closing his facebook account.
WEDNESDAY- Starting next week I will 2 day's a week. I rain off and on all day. I did go to the Post Office. 
THURSDAY-I was thinking I will loss an hour of work. Starting next week. I received my driving license Today. I wrote a pen pal letter. I will be able to type the letter on my print shop this weekend. 

FRIDAY-A co-worker wouldn't talk that much to me. I was able to get my paycheck before I came home. This week was my last week I work 4 days a week. Starting next week 2 days a week.