Friday, December 29, 2017

My week 12/23 to 12/29

SATURDAY-I try to tell Carol what mom said on the phone she wasn't happy on the phone. Mom told me Carol didn't want  Christmas Eve dinner the time Mom want. Carol call me a lier, then Christy call me lier. Try to tell them that want mom said. They call me a lier. I call mom she said yes she said it. That Carol didnt  want dinner the time mom want. So my sister are rude. 
SUNDAY-Yes both sister are bitches. I text Christy about in The ER 10 years ago. She told me I lie about it and never happen. 
 MONDAY-Christmas Day. I sleep good last night. Because I told Carol off after dinner. It was eating me for 6 or more years. I don't think about hating her anymore. I will not trust her feel save around her.. I went off the road this morning. I was almost to Carol's. I didn't get hurt or my car. this picture is not me and I didn't hit limbs.
TUESDAY-I went to the bank to put my Christmas money in. My gas tank door was freeze. A guy stop and help me open the door.  
WEDNESDAY-It was 5 outside this morning when I went to work. I wake up 14 mins late for work. Because I forgot to turn on the alarm on my Iphone
THURSDAY-I fall to seep in the living room. Wake up at 4:17AM. I found my Iphone it was dead, it wouldn't turn on. I put my Iphone on a charger. It took about 2 mins for my Iphone turn on. 
FRIDAY-The soap  opera wasn't on CBS Today. Because of College Basketball game and Sun Bowl. 


Friday, December 22, 2017

My week 12/ 16 to 12/22

SATURDAY-My parents haven't call about Christmas Eve dinner. I went to Walmart for the month with coupons I got 14 Items it cost me over $49.00
   SUNDAY-There wasn't any coupons in the Sunday paper Today. I didn't clean Today. 
 MONDAY-I  received 2 Christmas post cards. 1 is from Lyndsay & Matthew Blake. The other one is from Trisanna and Michael Charles. 
 TUESDAY-I didn't have to clean that much. Because They clean last night for the board meeting Today. I walk to the mailbox no mail. I didn't clean my shoes out Yesterday or Today. My snow boots from was ship Today. 
 WEDNESDAY-When I got back from the post office. My game Bejeweled was down for maintenance on my PC. 

 THURSDAY-I update Iphone. They want me to sign up apple pay. I got my gas bill. They didn't credit $335.00 on my credit Balance. I call Hoosier  Upland the lady told me the $335.00 will be on January bill.
 FRIDAY-I been 10 years since I saw Clay Aiken in concert in Merrillville, IN and meet Sue. Dad had his pacemaker in  for 10 years. Just saying someone F-- this Christmas up and I didn't do it My new snow boots came. 

Friday, December 15, 2017

My week 12/9 to 12/15

SATURDAY-I didn't have to use WD-40 on my mailbox lock Today. The snow was on the roads and sidewalks and my ramp.
 SUNDAY-I sleep in until 8AM. Put address labels on 8x11 brown envelopes for friendship books. An old co-worker of Dad pass away last night. William "Don" Vincent.
MONDAY-I think I may have to stay home next Friday because of freezing rain. I received friendship books Today. 
TUESDAY-There was only 3 people at work. I got to JJ's hair  and nails 20 mins early. She was waiting. I got another brown envelope with friendship books in the mail. 

 WEDNESDAY-I mail Harper Birthday card from the post office Today I'm a week early I put address labels in friendship books.
 THURSDAY-Stori and I went to the nursing home to see Cathy Jo, Helen and Sharon. I'm having trouble with my mailbox lock again I need to use WD-40 on my lock Tomorrow. 
FRIDAY-I talk to my boss about when the roads are bad with snow. They have a wall up. I have to keep my hours. Because I can't get to the time clock. I put WD-40 on my mailbox lock. 

Friday, December 8, 2017

My week 12/2 to 12/8

SATURDAY-Matthew have Elf on the self. Matthew up his game because of Michael Elf. He didn't take a picture he video.
 SUNDAY-I start cleaning the trailer tonight. I didn't clean everything. Because I start cleaning late in the day. 
 MONDAY-I clean before I went to Walmart and after I got home. The lady from Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Service. I don't think I will get the waiver. Because my disabled is not as bad because I can do everything myself. There should be a thing that if you are disabled the Service should help if you can do everything or not. 
TUESDAY-I had all 7 load of laundry Today. I didn't hear from the lady from BDDS. I don't think I will hear from the lady. Because I can do everything myself but drive out of town. 
WEDNESDAY-Christy text to tell us Christopher is coming with her for Christmas 🙋🎄🎄🎄. I received cookies from Cheryl's . It Molasses Spice Cookie. Malcolm is sick

THURSDAY-Stori came to hook up the Alert Weather Radio. Then we went to The Superburger for lunch. It was the first time in 9 years without childerns. Then we went to JJ so I can get her to cut my hair. I will get it cut Tuesday at 1PM Then we went to to the nursing home to see a family friend. 
  FRIDAY-The car start up right alway because the temp outside was 16 at 7:25AM. I use WD-40 on my lock of my mailbox. I have only 4 more work days before Christmas. 


Friday, December 1, 2017

My week 11/25 to 12/1

SATURDAY-After I post my blog  last night. I fall to sleep for 3 hours. I went to at 2AM. I forgot to wash my towels this morning. So I wash my towels and bed sheets at 3PM. I put another set of sheets on my bed. I had our Thanksgiving dinner tonight for dinner. 

 SUNDAY-I went to Walmart for the week. Because I'm working Tomorrow. I don't want to be at Walmart at 12PM.  I paid my Iphone bill . I had the last of Thanksgiving food for lunch. 
   MONDAY-The front office people got move Today. Dad will check his pacemaker Tomorrow. I ask Stori about Livia boyfriend.

TUESDAY-I got done working  at 11AM. Went to State Farm to pay Insurance for my trailer. Went to pay my Town bill. I found out I can pay online now. Christy will get a Kohl's gift card for me. To give to Trisanna for doing my taxes. 

WEDNESDAY-I wasn't the first person at the post office this morning. I text Stori told her what Christy is doing for me. Bake cookies and burn them. 😠I put Elf on the self pictures from Michael on Clayversity everyone like Tilly
THURSDAY-Clay Aiken Birthday Today. He is 39 Today. I received 2 letters from Austraila. I need to start writing a pen pal letter for my pen pals.
 FRIDAY-Last night I ask Michael if Tilly Elf on the self will do it for 23 or 24 more nights Michael told me, she starting to wear out her welcome


Friday, November 24, 2017

My week 11/18 to 11/24

SATURDAY-It Christopher Birthday 35. The wind was so bad some of the power in Paoli went out for about 30 mins. 

SUNDAY-My Co-worker Birthday was TodayI think she is 53. I went got my mail. I didn't get it Yesterday because of the wind and rain. David Cassidy pass away Tonight. 
MONDAY-After I wrote in my journal last night. I found out Today David Cassidy didn't pass away last night. Carol call she having Thanksgiving on Friday. 
TUESDAY-Dad had to check his pacemaker. He had to do it  over here. Because the machine and mom cell didn't work good together.  The guy had Dad name wrong. He had Phayer. After he had Dad right. It took about 10 mins. My boss text me ask me to work on Monday and Friday next week.
WEDNESDAY-David Cassidy pass away last night age of 67. I received a letter from Hoosier Upland Energy Assistance. They will pay my electric and gas bills. Carol and Mike been married for 42 years

THURSDAY-It Thanksgiving. Last night I cough so bad I almost got up and get my trash can, but just got water. Mike text me to tell me we having Thanksgiving at 1PM. 
FRIDAY-I went out to Carol's 2 hours early. I didn't means too. I thought we was eating at 12PM. I went to Stori's to feed the outside dog and cat for Carol. Dad fall down outside on Carol step. He got both hand, right side of his face and his replace knee blood and hurt a shoulder.