Thursday, August 29, 2013

My week 8/18 to 8/24

Sunday-It been 8 years since I saw Clay Aiken in Concert for the first time.

Monday-I paid my gas and electric bills after work. I paid my Iphone  and TV cable bills online before work.

Tuesday-I received 3 envelopes full of Friendship books I'm catching up in my Journal. 

Wednesday-Stori call. Stori, Ian, Owen and I went to Jay-C park for lunch. We got food from Wendy's New Wave TV cable have 4,5,6 and 10 channels out before 4:30PM. I call 3 times Tonight about the channels.

Thursday-The 3 channels didn't come back on until I post on New Wave Facebook page at 11AM.

Friday-After work I went to WalMart with $12.60 in coupons.

Saturday-I wash my towels Today I clean some of my bedroom.


My week 8/11 to 8/17

Sunday-I did my laundry for the week. I could hang my laundry outside again Today.

Monday-My friend didn't make it to work Today. She should be back Tomorrow. 

Tuesday-Carol, Dad come to tell me that Mom was in the OR. She had it plan. So we went out to eat. Then Carol, Dad went back to the hospital. Mom went home at 3:35PM.

Wednesday-Steven King who is Stori and Michael Uncle pass away Today. He had Cancer for Years.

Thursday- Gas my car up it cost me $8.50. Stori post on Facebook last night about Steven.

Friday-Jamey post on Facebook about Steven. The Service will be on Monday Night. 

Saturday-I pack 2 brown envelopes full of Friendship books. For Monday Post Office. 


My week 8/4to 8/10

Sunday- I did my laundry for the week. I hang my laundry outside to dry.

Monday-I mail 3 Brown envelopes at the Post Office. I put my wood table on the Orange County for sale on Facebook.

Tuesday-I got 2 brown envelopes full of friendship books. I LOVE Friendship books.

Wednesday-3 persons want my wood table. The first person will pick it up Tomorrow after 4PM.

Thursday-The lady come to get the wood table. She come an hour late. I got $20.00 for it.

Friday-My friend should be back at work on Monday. She had her left eye work on last Thursday. 

Saturday-Why can't I clean my trailer I clean for about 2 hours. Then after lunch. I don't feel like cleaning. 


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My week 7/28 to 8/3

Sunday-Did laundry for the week. Because it was sunny and I could hang my laundry out.

Monday-It last Monday of July. Where have Summer went. Why I don't get any friendship books Mondays. 

Tuesday-I check the date for order out day. I have 3 weeks before I start getting stuff together for Aug 30. 

Wednesday-Clay Aiken star in the play Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at Ogunquit Playhousein Ogunquit, Maine until Aug 25.

Thursday-I have $168.00 in my National Inclusion Project jar. I have $77.00 in my Bailey Baio Angel Foundation jar. 

Friday-Paoli Kids start school Today. Livia is in 8th Parker is in 6th and Chad is in 1st grades.

Saturday-It been a year since I saw Barry Manilow at Banker Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, IN.



My week 7/21 to 7/27

Sunday-I try to clean the trailer. I and Stori talk about getting a floor lamp with a table. 

Monday-I have pass 2 notes for order out we are ordering at Superburger. I will have to put another person on the list. 

Tuesday-Stori order my floor lamp with a table. It will be here Aug 1-6. I will pay Stori $68.00 for the floor lamp. 

Wednesday-My heal feel little better. But I will get the refill of pills. 

Thursday-I went over to the workshop to pass out notes for order out day.

Friday-The lady who help me wasn't there Today. The prices went up at Superburger and we didn't know it.

Saturday-I pack 5 Brown envelope full of Friendship books. I hang my laundry outside Today. 



My week 7/14 to 7/20

Sunday-Try to put my laundry away., but didn't. But I had fun house and pets sitting. But I LOVE my own bed.

Monday-Stori TXT they having Chad cookout/pool/birthday on Thursday. I mail all the 12 envelopes it cost me  $27.00 for all envelopes.

Tuesday-The meds for my left heal is Meloricam. I have in my heal is Plantar Fasclitis. The mads is helping. 

Wednesday-I can't put stuff away and up. Why Can't I keep this trailer clean like I did when I first got the trailer.

Thursday-I took my swimming suite to Stori's I took my med at 12PM. So I don't mess a pill. Because we had Chad Birthday/Pool Party. Stori found out Chad real Birthday. It Jan 6 , 2008.

Friday-I check on the notes for next Friday. Because it order out day next Friday. 

Saturday-Clay is in Maine for the play Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. He is in the play from July 31 to Aug 25. 




My week 7/7 to 7/13

Sunday-I went in the pool at 1:30and it was cold. Carol and Mike went in the pool around 4PM.

Monday-I let Toby stay out side when I went to work. I will get my mail Tomorrow. I went in the pool at 5PM and it wasn't cold.

Tuesday-I check my mail got more Friendship books. I went in the pool at 5PM. I pm Stori to see if they was coming home on Sunday.

Wednesday-Stori PM me back. They will fly back home on Saturday. They will land in Louisville, KY at 2:30PM. It storm for about 20 mins, I fell to sleep. When I wake up the old hot tub cover was off. Owen play car was on the pool cover.

Thursday-After work I wash my laundry and start packing my clothes to take back to my trailer. I didn't get sick this time.

Friday-I took my stuff back to my trailer that I didn't need Tonight and Tomorrow. I went in the pool for the last time on my house sitting time. 

Saturday-I start packing my car. I wash Stori bed sheets. I come home at 2:45PM. I start packing 12 brown 6x9 envelopes with Friendship books. 

Deborah Brand

Monday, August 26, 2013

My week 6/30 to 7/6

Sunday-I didn't do my weekly blog Today. I put laundry away. Today. I pack my clothes to take to Stori's for 10 days. 

Monday-I mail 3 brown envelopes at the post office. I received Brown envelopes with alot of Friendship books. I have $64.00 in my Bailey Baio Angel Foundation jar. I have $150.00 in my National Inclusion Project jar

Tuesday-I guess my family don't care about me. Because I ask my nephew Matthew wife to send a picture of Sophia in the apron I got from my job. for the place I work at facebook page and one for Sophia ablum I'm making her. But NO picture that was May 1 and now it July.

Wednesday-I got my food for next week at Stori's. I check to see what need to do with the pets. Stori call Tonight to tell me, they leave Tonight to Orlando. 

Thursday-It July 4th. I move into Stori's. Jamey, Stori, Livia & Owen was in a car accident in AL. A Semi T-Bone them. Owen got cuts on his  head. But they all walk away. But they van was total.

Friday-I had fun at Michael and Trisanna party. Because Carol wasn't there telling me, what I can't do something.

Saturday-I come home to get my mail. I got some Friendship books. I got about 100 friendship books.

Deborah Brand