Sunday, March 16, 2014

My week 3/9 to 3/15

Sunday-Livia came with the Strawbarriers, around 9:50PM. I order a Red Velvet cake from the 8th grade Choir. 

Monday-Ian Yale Sullivan is 5 year old Today. I fell at work Today. I didn't get hurt. But it made me at mad at myself. I went to see my doctor for my left heel. He put me back on Mobic. Then I got a blood test for my Thyroid, my doctor refill my Thyroid pills. Donna couldn't get blood out of me.
Tuesday-I could mix the load together at work. I got done at 10:30AM. Last night I order new shoes.
Wednesday-I got done at 10:30 AM at work. Had 5 loads. They said it will snow on Sunday 
Thursday-I got Ian Birthday card when I went to Wal-Mart for the week. Around 8PM I look at the Birthday card. It for a girl not a boy.
Friday-After work I went to the Bank to get $50.00 for Ian Birthday. Then went back to Wal-Mart to get another card for Ian Christy called for our parents address for Mom Birthday gift. 

Saturday-It Mom 80th Birthday. I got 3 Brown Envelopes pack full with Friendship books. Stori TXT  to tell me they are having a Birthday lunch for Ian at 1PM. Tomorrow. 


Sunday, March 9, 2014

My week 3/2 to 3/ 9

Sunday-At 6AM we was getting sleet & rain. By 6PM we had Ice that look like snow on everything. By 7PM we had snow. It been 3 years since Christy & I saw Clay in concert. It been a year since I had my own Iphone account.

Monday-The schools are closed and all schools 50 miles are closed. I had Michael shavel around car.. My neighbor clean my steps and sidewalk. 

Tuesday-I got out of the trailer park ok. But had a little bit hard time getting in. Went to my mailbox at 12:10PM NO mail I didn't go back to check. I will Tomorrow
Wednesday-My day wasn't that good. I post No News on my 8th great on Facebook. Michael comment with NO LATER THEN 21th. I ask when the next Dr appt. Michael said next Thursday at 3:45PM.
Thursday-I have to do 9 loads on Tuesdays again. Starting next Tuesday. I got 2 brown envelopes foull of Friendship book.
Friday-Went to work at 6AM to make up for don't being there on Monday. I forgot Today was payday. I have baby on my mind. 
Saturday-Stori pick me up at 10:30AM then we pick up Mary for our Friends Peg and Tracy-Ann Mom Memorial Service. It was my first Memorial. I should went to my friend funeral but I knew I would go crazy. I pack 6 big brown envelopes full of Friendship books to mail on Monday.


Sunday, March 2, 2014

the week 2/23 to 3/1

Sunday-Harper is 2 month old Today. Mom called I let my answer machine get it.

Monday-I had 7 load of laundry at work 

Tuesday-I'm sick of Carol The post I put on my facebook wall is not her business. Because she not my friend on there. If I did want she have done I would get told to go to hall.

Wednesday-After work. I paid my Indiana Natural Gas $60.05 and town of Paoli Utility bill $239.41

Thursday-I got my Big refund check from my taxes. I wish I could tell Stori about her mom but I can't. About her lie that made me feel like an ass at work. 

Friday-The order out day went ok. This last 2 weeks is the 1st time since Christmas. I haven't miss a day of work. Because of bad weather. 

Saturday-It Michael 34th Birthday. In 19 days Michael will be a DADDY for the 1st time.  I can't wait to meet my 8th Great-Nephew or Great-Niece. I have $745.00 in my National Inclusion Project jar. I have $137.00 in Bailey Baio Angel Foundation Jar.

Until next Sunday


the week 2/16 to 2/22

Sunday-32 days until Spring.

Monday-It Presidents Day. 31 days until Spring. Christy call as she was driving home from work. It check on the note for order out day.

Tuesday-30 day until Spring.

Wednesday-29 days until spring. I cut the notes.

Thursday-I was getting out of the car at Wal-Mart parking lot. cross from my car. Jamey Mom was getting out of her car. We walk in together.

Friday-27 days until Spring.My paychecks been 155.98. Because we been missing about 2 days every other week.

Saturday-Its Livia 14 Birthday. I was feeling wonderful. Until Dad start get mad at me about mom dump cat. So I walk out so. No one can't tell me that I'm the one who start the fight about the cat.


The week 2/9 to 2/15

Sunday-39 days until Spring.

Monday-I inbox Lyndsay to tell her I was send 2 Valentine cards on Wednesday and a box on Friday.

Tuesday-It hit me at 5:30AM I haven't paid my master card yet. So I got online before work. After work I call they don't understand why I didn't received a bill for my master card. I told Capital One on Twitter.

Wednesday-CapitalOne Twitter me about what will happen in the Spring. I send the 2 Valentine cards to Sophia & Harper.

Thursday-I received a valentine and with $5.00 from Christy & Tom. I TXT Christy to Thank her. Christy TXT me back she on the plane to go to Fllorida for 4 days. Trisanna inbox me to tell me how much my checks from my Taxes. 

Friday-It's Valentine Day   34 days until Spring. I send the box to Sophia and Harper.

Saturday-33 days until Spring.


The week 2/2 to 2/8

Sunday-It Super bowel and Groundhog Day. I wonder if Christy got home Today ok. To late to TXT her.

Monday-I TXT Christy around 5PM to see if she got home ok from Florida 45 days until SPRING.

Tuesday-44 days until Spring. We had a Ice and snow storm.

Wednesday-43 day until Spring. I stay home because we got the storm. Michael shavel my sidewalk and around my car. 

Thursday-42 days until Spring. I got hang up as I was driving out of the trailer park and it took me 4 more mins after I got hang up. 

Friday-The workshop wasn't open Today. Because of the cold and Ice. 

Saturday-Carol pick me up at 1:45PM for Trisanna Baby Shower. I was feeling Great until Carol put me down for wrting 30 down. I post what I got Trisanna. Michael Thank me on Facebook. Then he post the 2 names they will use if it a girl or a boy. 


The week 1/26 to 2/1

Sunday-I put all Trisanna baby shower gifts in my bedroom. 53 days until Spring.

Monday-52 days until Spring.

Tuesday-51 days until SPRING.

Wednesday-50 days until Spring.

Thursday-I pass out the notes for order out day. 49 days until Spring.

Friday-Order out went ok. We had personal pan pizza. We had about 30 orders 48 days until Spring.

Saturday-I TXT Christy to see if she was home or in  Florida and see when she going home. Because there Ice come in Fort Wayne Tonight. She told me she going back home Tomorrow. 


The week 1/19 to 1/25

Sunday-60 days until Spring.

Monday-It Martin Luther King JR Day.  59 day until Spring.

Tuesday-58 days until Spring.

Wednesday-57 days until Spring. I call FedFx about the boxes. The lady told me that my address wasn't on the boxes.

Thursday-I took the tracking numbers of the boxes to the Post Office. I ask Carol for help after 3PM. She told me to sit in my car on Ice and temp is 10 for the mail lady. 56 days until Spring

Friday-I had to carry a box from the big mail box. I couldn't get my mail Today because of the box. 55 days until Spring.

Saturday-I got mail from Yesterday and Today. 54 day until Spring.


The week 1/12 to1/ 18

Sunday-67 days until Spring.

Monday-66 days until Spring.

Tuesday-65 days until Spring . Since Jan 2 there stuff saying Clay Aiken is going to run for Congress for North Carolina.

Wednesday-I got my hair cut. I have e-mail Christy to Thank her for going to Clay Concert. I told her about Clay run for Congress.

Thursday-63 days until Spring I'm sick of this weather.

Friday-I order a license Plate Frame with I Rather Be At Barry M. Concert. 62 days until Spring.

Saturday-I order 8 gifts for Trisanna baby shower. I should received everything by the 24th.


The week 1/5 to 1/11

Sunday-The storm didn't start until 6PM Tonight. My boss inbox me on facebook to tell me not to go to work Tomorrow. Because of the snow & cold.

Monday-It got down to -2 Today. I post on Facebook that if anyone come to my door to walk in. I wasn't opening the door. But the UPS man come.

Tuesday-At 10AM the temp outside was 7. So I went outside to clean the sidewalk off. At 12:15PM it hit 10. So I went outside again to start the car. It start without any trouble.

Wednesday-I got to work ok. I talk to my boss about Yesterday and that I would go in on Friday. 

Thursday-Today should be my last day of doing laundry. But I said I would work Tomorrow. 

Friday-I got over to the other build at 9AM. I got done working for the day at 11AM. 

Saturday-68 days until Spring  .


The week 12/29 to 1/4/14

Sunday-Last Sunday of 2013. This year I didn't go to any concerts. I hope something fun will happen in 2014.

Monday-It feel funny working Today. The workshop never been open on the 30th before.

Tuesday-I had only 4 load of laundry. I went home before break time. We have Tomorrow off.

Wednesday-I wish I was at work. Because there wasn't any good movies on TV. 

Thursday-My boss come to work. She took 2 weeks off. The kids had 2 weeks off for Christmas. 

Friday-They are saying it will be a snow storm on Sunday. About 6-12" of snow. 

Saturday-I'm waiting on the snow storm. Trying to write pen pal letters.


the week 12/22 to 12/28

Sunday-It been 6 years since I saw Clay Aiken in Merrillville , In. The whole town power went out. Stori and Jamey electric was on 30 mins before my.

Monday-My nephew Matthew wife Lyndsay had they baby girl. They name her Harper Noelle Blake.

Tuesday-It Christmas  Eve There wasn't no Christmas movies on Today. I was hoping for White Christmas. 

Wednesday-Christmas Day.I got my $$$$ from my parents. Money & an Indianapolis colt thing from Carol and $100.00 Wal-Mart   card from Christy.

Thursday-I did my Tuesday job Today. Because of Christmas Eve I'm going in at 6AM Tomorrow. So the night crew will have mops Friday.

Friday-In 3 months Today Trisanna is having a baby. No we don't know the sex.

Saturday-My friend Tracy Mom is doing better she got move out the hospital. I'm hoping she will be able to go home. 


The week 12/15 to 12/21

Sunday-I think the Yeast infection pill from Friday got my period start it brown not red. I have one more pill next Friday.. I did laundry haven't put it away yet.

Monday-A week from Today my 3rd Great Niece will be born. and my 7th Great in all. My friend Sue received hers cookies from Christie Cookies. I can't wait to order next year. 

Tuesday-I had 6 load of laundry at work. I got done at 11AM. There snow by the paper box and mail box.. It hi 40 to 50 Today.

Wednesday-In 5 days my 3rd Great Niece will be born in Fort Wayne, IN. I will go in at 6AM on Friday 12/27 to make up for Christmas Eve & Christmas Day.

Thursday-I only had 4 load of laundry. I got to Wal-Mart   at 9:05AM. I got stuff for the weekend of the 28th. So I don't have to go next  Thursday. There no Ice by the mail box.

Friday-3 days and my 3rd Great-Niece will be born in Fort Wayne, IN. There no Ice by the paper box. Sophia is 2 1/2 year old Today

Saturday-Owen is 2 1/2 year old Today. I'm waiting to hear about my 3rd Great-Niece .