Sunday, December 26, 2010

Week of 12/19 to 12/25

Sunday-I wrote my blog at 2AM. But when I post it the date and time was Sat 18 11:54PM. CA time. So now on I will wait until after 2:30AM to write my blog.

Monday-I got to work ok. Went to Wal-Mart for 2 Christmas bags. took my trash out I park my car on Ice. I took baby steps with trash bags. Got back in the car push off with my left foot on wet Ice to get in the car. I didn't make it. I fell out of my car. The weatherman said snow and ice Tonight again.

Tuesday-I wake up at 4AM Went to check how bad it was outside. I saw blacktop. So I did the HAPPY DANCE . When I got to work.  laundry was there. So I was on high.

Wednesday-It been 3 years since I saw Clay Aiken in Merrillville, IN. I got done at 8:30AM at work  . Then went to Wal-Mart for the week. I did my laundry for the week.

Thursday-I put part of my laundry away. Michael come with Christopher. They made fun of Clay Aiken. We talk about Gay rights because of Clay. Michael and Christopher saw my C and A earrings.

Friday-My parents, Mike, Carol, Christy, Tom, Christopher and I went out for lunch. Tom told me a radio station been telling that Embassy may not let Clay Aiken be there. Because of bad tickets sale. If that happen Christy will be mad because, she could be on hers yearly trip with 4 girlfriends to FL. It start snowing. So I call my parents Christy got the phone. I told Christy to have them to pick me up Tomorrow.

Saturday-Christmas Day. Got up at 6:30AM got on the Internet. Got in the shower 7:15AM Start cleaning off the sidwalk and the car at 8AM. Tom and Christy come at 10:15AM We start open gifts. I got Walking shoes,Cold cash, A big check of $$$, 2 Wal-Mart cards $100.00 each. Then there was a box with To: "A Clay Fan" From Christy and Tom I open the box. There was a piece of paper The paper said:







I got home from Carol's at 10:30PM. I told Christy I would call the Embassy on the last Monday of Jan. To see what time the concert and see when they will ship the tickets to OFC. Then I will E-mail her the time of the concert.


Saturday, December 18, 2010

week of 12/12 to 12/18

Sunday-I went outside at 8:30AM to clean off the car. At 10AM it start snowing by 12PM the snow was gone. At 4PM it start snowing bad. Stori drove home from Bedford on really slick roads. Stori couldn't drove on the hill to hers driveway. So she went to Jamey parents house. Jamey went to get Stori, Chad and Ian.

Monday-I stay vans didn't run. I clean off the car of snow. The blacktop is showing. So I will be able to go to work.

Tuesday-Got to work ok. I park in Front. I got done at 9AM. I took Christy labels to the Post Office. TXT Christy to tell her I ship the labels to her.

Wednesday-I received my order from Ground(ctrl) of 2 T-shirts. I went to Wal-Mart at 2:30PM for the week. Because we will be in a snow and Ice storm by 7PM Tonight. It didn't start until about 11PM.

Thursday-We didn't get the snow but we did get the Ice. Orange County Transit didn't run at all. I try to clean my sideway. I just lay around Today. I can't stand up on the Ice. I may stay home Tomorrow if First Chance Center is open. I send a message to Cheryl to see if the vans are running Tomorrow. Cheryl got back to me. Orange County Transit was running for people who need to go to the Hospital for test Tomorrow.

Friday-NO SUN Today. Michael come and got my mail and put my outside table and chairs away for the winter. Michael try to get the Ice away from my sidewalk. Did laundry Today. I'm going crazy because of the Ice.

Saturday-The SUN come out Today. The Ice start melting. It got up to 30 for the high. I will be able to get out of the trailer on Monday for work. I got my Christmas gifts wrap, but Chad and Ian. I need 2 Christmas bags for Chad and Ian gifts.


Sunday, December 12, 2010

week of 12/5 to 12/11

Sunday-Everything was cover with snow but the roads. I use WD-40 on my car doors Yesterday. The doors open bit easy this morning. Stori TXT me to tell me Parker was taking back to the ER. I put my other part of laundry away. I put more WD-40 on my car doors for Tomorrow morning.

Monday-It was 16 outside at 4:30AM Got the car doors open in 5 mins. I TXT Stori around 7:40AM about Parker. Stori TXT back and said this: Ok they put him on a clear liquid diet for a few days. Water and Chicken broth. I put more WD-40 on my car doors for Tomorrow morning. I may turn on my water and have it run all night.

Tuesday-It was 16 outside at 4:30AM By 5:45AM it was 15 outside. At 6AM when I walk out the door for work it was 14 outside.  laundry was at work. So I will not dead Tomorrow night like I did last Wednesday.

Wednesday-It was 8 outside at 4:30AM.  I will not be able to go to the Christmas dinner. Because it is on Tuesday 21. Tuesday is my long day with laundry .

Thursday-. See if I start working at 6AM. So I could make it to the Christmas dinner.

Friday- I -e-mail Ground(ctrl) about my order on 11/26 on Wednesday. Ground(ctrl) got back to me and they ship it out Today.

Saturday-I received my Bath, Boady and work order Today. Christy TXT me About making Christmas address lables for her. It start raining at 3PM. Tomorrow will be snow.


Sunday, December 5, 2010

week of 11/28 to 12/4

Sunday-I think I know why Clay Aiken want a Twitter page. Someone Clay knows have a Twitter page now. It was 19 outside when I got up for the day. It took until this weekend. For me to sleep pass 4:30AM. Because of the time change.

Monday-I paid my gas and electric bills. It rain off and on all day. I only had 5 mops, rags, color rags and color pads to wash Today at work.

Tuesday-Clay Aiken is 32 Today. Crane didn't have they laundry in Today. So I will have a LONG DAY TomorrowIt was turn cold Tonight.

WednesdayIt snow off and on alll day. I wake up at 1:30AM and couldn't fall back to sleep. I got done eating dinner. I lay down to watch Y&R and fall to sleep. I have $271.00 in my National Inclusion Project jar.

Thursday-I have 1,000 tweet on Twitter. I think found Clay Aiken own Twitter page. I have 3 months before Clay Aiken concert at The Embassy Centre in Fort Wayne, Ind. I'm thinking about calling Embassy the first Mon in Jan. or the last mon in Jan. For the time of the concert.

Friday-Mary didn't have any money on her. I had to pay for everything. I start picking up around the trailer and cleaning the kitchen.

Saturday-Everything was cover when I got up. But the roads and sidewalks wasn't I got the kitchen all clean up. I put part of the laundry away. and wash my ttowels and beds sheets Today.


Sunday, November 28, 2010

week of 11/21 to 11/27/10

Sunday- I put a Birthday card and a letter in the Mailbox for Clay Aiken Birthday. But I forgot to tell Clay everything. I post on Facebook about Clay Aiken Birthday card. I got told I mail it to the wrong place.

Monday-The Embassy in Fort Wayne, IN called Ground(ctrl) about the concert tickets. They only can send out after the 3 week before the concert. I will never see the tickets. Because it take 5 days to received stuffs from CA. The Embassy only can send the tickets after 2 weeks before the concert to Ground(ctrl). Carol and Mike been married for 35 years.

Tuesday-Carol TXT me We are having Thanksgiving at Stori's. I call Stori to see when she was going to hers app. Stori going on Thursday. It been a week since FCCI had work. Crane cleaning is working on they day off so they can have Friday off. Because crane is open on Friday.

Wednesday-I got done at work at 9AM. I stay at work for lunch. I thought I would have 2 load of towels but I didn't. So I came home at 1PM.

Thursday-It Thanksgiving Day. It been 5 years since I saw Clay Aiken in Louisville, KY. Jamey parents and Aunt had Thanksgiving with us. I start playing Clay Aiken Christmas CD.

Friday-My order from JcPenny came Today. I order 2 T-shirts from Clay Aiken Fan Club store sale Today. I got the 2 T-shirts for the blanket I'm making. Stori TXT me with hers due date. Stori due date is June 30.

Satuurday-I mop my kitchen floor with bleach. Mike Called about my Christmas tree. I told Mike no I didn't want it. Because no one came to my trailer. That why I need to go to Clay Aiken Concert. Because it will be 1st time Christy will do something with me without the whole family since 1978. She think sitting with me for 5 sec in my home and be with Carol for 12 hours is ok.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Week of 11/14 to 11/20/10

Sunday-Paoli Facebook page post a video of the whole block that was on fire Yesterday. The whole block is gone for good. Sue post the video from Facebook and a news story video in my Forum at OFC. I want to Thanks Sue for the Video's.

Monday- I found out everyone went home at 12 on Friday. staff didn't go and get any work for the lines Today. Stori post on Facebook that she is pregnant.

TuesdayI was the only one working at Work and there will not be any work Tomorrow but me doing laundry. There was 8 family that lost everything from the Saturday fire. I post it in the forum about the fire OFC.

Wednesday-I wake up with ear pain. Went to the ear doctor. I waited for an hour. Went up to the window ask how long it going to be. I was the last person, my app was at 3:45PM and it was 4:40PM when I went up to the window. The lady told me the doctor was an hour late seeing people. So I made another app for Dec. 9. Then the lady told me the doctor is alway late. My app is 12/9 at 1:20PM and see how long I will sit in the waiting room. Carol call we are going to draw names for Christmas. I got everyone gift done. Then Dad call about Christmas. Dad told me, he will draw the names. There will not be any work for this week at  but me.

Thursday-It Christopher Birthday he is 28 Today. I was getting dizziness before I went to bed last night. I was feeling ok at work. I got home at 9AM for the day. By 9:30AM I was so dizziness I couldn't lay down without being sick. I call my doctor, I can see him at 2:40PM. I got to the doctor office at 2:30PM got in a room at 2:42PM. My doctor gave me another shot and pills for dizziness. I fell to sleep after taking the pills for 3 hours. Chad and Ian been in Paoli for a year I post that in they forum at OFC.

Friday-I was little bit dizziness when I got up. My mouth was dry from Yesterday. My mouth was dry until about 11AM. We had 31 order for The Tasty House Restarant. After lunch I went to Wal-Mart for the month.

Saturday-I send a message to Stori on Facebook. To see if she had hers Calenders mark for March 1-3. So Christy can have a hot date with me and my gay boyfriend (LOL) I put half of the laundry away this morning. I was little dizziness Today but not that I couldn't stand up.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

week of 11/7 to 11/13/10

Sunday-Some people who going to see Clay concert on 2/11 received they tickets on Oct. 19. This tickets was order from the PBS station. I can see my floor of my bedroom.

Monday-I send 4 Birthday cards Today. Stori called She told me that she is having a bab. But can't anyone in town. But I can tell my Claymate friend. Stori told that they are changing Chad Birthday from 5/5/2009 to 7/14/2007. About 2 people got layoff from work last Friday.

Tuesday-Went to work to do Crane laundry. The Crane laundry wasn't there. I will do the Crane laundry on Thursday. Because I have to see my doctor on Wednesday. Stori heard the heart beat of the baby. Stori go back to the doctor in 2 weeks.

Wednesday-I went to see my doctor for my left ear. He couldn't see anything wrong with it. He want me to see another doctor for my ear next Wednesday.

Thursday-It Carol's 52 Today. I found out there was 4 people layoff from work last Friday. We didn't get together for Carol Birthday.

Friday-Christopher E-mail me to Thank me for the $20.00 , Birthday card and told me he will be seeing us on Christmas. Sue received hers Birthday card she Thank me on Facebook.

Saturday-It Parker Birthday, he is 9 year old. We got together for his Birthday. The Old National Bank old building got on Fire from about 7:30AM to 4:40PM. There was about 16 Fire station fighting the fire Paoli run out of water. Because of the fire. fireman had to drive about 45 miles to get water. The police block 2 block from the Fire. I post it in a forum at Clay Aiken Fan Club about the Fire and Sue post some picture the I found on Facebook from other friends pages.



Sunday, November 7, 2010

week of 10/31 to 11/6

Sunday-It HALLOWEEN. I wrote my weekly blog at 5AM. I had trouble getting my Yahoo E-mail to show up. Then I blog at Clay Aiken Fan Club. It took an hour for my blog to show in the list. Since Ground(ctrl) too Clay login time off his page. They been having trouble.

Monday-. I'm sick of the Forum about Clay Aiken account. I know they will run him off. They did it before and will again. Stori told me. I can get Livia Black Hills earring for Livia Birthday in February. My whole Family been in Paoli for 45 Years.

Tuesday-. It 5 months to go before I see Clay Aiken in Fort Wayne, IN.

Wednesday-It Jamey's 37th Birthday. I posted on Jamey Facebook page. I wrote HAPPY 42th Jamey LOL. I start getting dizz tonight again.

Thursday-I feel little bit better. No dizz this morning. Until Tonight I had bad dizz.

Friday-I call my doctor. He can see me at 11:10AM It took him 35Mins before he saw me. He had me get a shot because I have water in my ears.

Saturday-I had no dizz. Wash my bed sheets and towels. Put laundry away. My ears is in Pain.


Sunday, October 31, 2010

week of 10/24 to 10/30

Sunday-I wake up at 4:47AM got out of bed at 5AM to write my weekly blog. Went back to bed at 6AM. Wake up at 8AM for the day. Before I wake up at 8AM. I was dreaming of Clay Aiken. I dream that Clay came to my trailer. But my Kitchen and Living room was in the right places in my dream and Clay cook in my kitchen in my dream Clay came in his tour bus to Paoli.

Monday- I paid my 2 Town bills Today. My new Winter Coat Come Today.

Tuesday-The wind was bad. By 10:20AM the rain storm started. It was so bad with the wind and rain. The lights at work went off and on. But part of the light didn't come back on . The washer and dryer didn't come back on.  So I went home at 10:45AM The Town was working on the pole as i was driving away. .

Wednesday-I will get done done working around 11:55AM at First Chance Center on Wednesday . Because I'm doing towels again.

Thursday-I saw a note with the date at work, It hit me. It been a year since Jamey and Stori went to Congo to pick up Chad and Ian I made a forum a Clay Fan Club about Chad and Ian.

Firday-It was about 32 when I got up for the day. Angie help me with orders. Some of Clay Aiken Fans is mad about his login time on his page. So Ground(ctrl) took his login time off his page.

Saturday-I didn't get sick Today like the last 2 Saturdays. So I put my clothes away. Carol came with my Birthday card. Paoli had Halloween Tonight. I had 11 kids tonight at my door. Livia, Parker. Chad and Ian came last night for their Candy. Because they went up to Indianapolis for the State High School Band contest Tonight. Paoli High School band came in 5th place.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

week of 10/17 to 10/23

Sunday-I feel 50% better. I wish I had Clay Aiken concert ticket. That could why my head is in pain. Because I know that if I don't get them. Christy will be mad at me and I will be in the doghouse for a long time.

Monday-I feel 100% better. I went to Wal-Mart after work for Aunt Alice Birthday card.But went home with more stuff.

Tuesday-Tom Bosley from HAPPY DAYS TV show pass away this morning. I received my Photo license plate with Clay Aiken on it.

Wednesday-. So I didn't have to clean the break room Today because everyone was in the break room at 8:30AM and that is when I start cleaning the break room.

Thursday-Stori come to my trailer to help me pick out a new winter coat. We pick a coat from Land's End . I order the coat after Stori and the boys went home.

Friday-I saw Jamey, Chad and Ian at Wal-Mart. Because Stori went to a mommy retreat for the weekend. I got Clay Aiken Super Hits CD Today. I wrote a note on my Facebook page about a lady helping a homeless classmate on Facebook.

Saturday-I was feeling good until 9AM then my head start hurting. I think it my sinus doing it to me or drinking to much Diet Coke. I received a Halloween card from Christy and Tom. Land's End ship my order. I should received it on Monday.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

week of 10/10 to 10/16

Sunday-I was thinking I was so upset Friday. I forgot to write that my friend Sandy give me a cat Blanket. I didn't get anything done this weekend. Want to thanks Carolina Clay for putting the Pepsi Refresh up for me on here.

Monday-I put part of my laundry away this morning before work. The coffee maker is gone at FCCI. Stori give me a Digital Camera and IU T-shirt. I thank Jamey on Facebook.

Tuesday-Stori, Chad, Ian and I went out for lunch. Then Stori help me download the software for the Kodak Camera. Then I order a personal License plate frame with (I'D RATHER BE AT A CLAY AIKEN CONCERT) on it.

Wednesday-My day was going good, until 1PM then my day went down hill. I wish I could be at the concert Tomorrow night. Because it the only time I can put my wall down. That when no one call me names at a concert. I received 2 TXT. They didn't make me feel good.

Thursday-Stori saw my post from last night. We write in the inbox on facebook . I wish I was at the concert in Chiago. Then I would know what will happen in March.

Friday-Today wasn't bad. I need to write the pen pal letter. Because a pen pal wrote and answering if I stop being pen pal. I saw picture of the concert last night and saw 2 video too.

Saturday-I start getting dizz at 12PM. I couldn't sit without the living room going around. I was able to walk to my mailbox. My license plate frame with (I'D RATHER BE AT A CLAY AIKEN CONCERT) on it come. If someone broken this one. They will have to use a hammer. National Inclusion Project had they Gala last night in Raleigh, NC. It took until 8:30PM for the dizz to stop. Then my head is in pain.


Sunday, October 10, 2010

week of 10/3 to 10/9

Sunday-I had to write my weekly blog 2 time Today. Because I somehow delete the blog.

Monday-Dad come over to see if he could fix my car key. He work on it for 5 mins. But I think he mess it up more.

Tuesday-I went out to start the car. The Key went in easy but the key didn't move. So Dad took me to work. When I got done working. Dad put DW-40 and the key move. So Dad and I took the car to Heinz. I went to work to have the Transit pick me Tomorrow and Thursday.

Wednesday-A staff let me call the doctor office. I can get in at 1PM I had Transit take me. My doctor gave me Doxycycline Hyclate. The Doctor office computers went down and they had to do everything by hand.

Thursday-Heinz call me. Ford will not let him fix my car. So I call Dad. Dad will take the car to Beford on Monday. Dad took me to get my hair cut. Then we went out to eat for lunch.

Friday-I stay in the laundry room until the dryer was done. Stori, Livia, Parker and a friend of Livia's took me to Wal-Mart for the week and we got they(kids) Halloween candy. Dad call my car will be done on Monday. Because he took my car to Beford Today.

Saturday-I'm 45 Today. I stay up until 2:22AM. Mom call and said they was coming with my car. I told Mom what Dad told me Yesterday. She said they have it so I wouldn't bitch about it anymore. I have a new key for the car. The old key will open the car doors. About an hour laterI was looking out the window at the car. I couldn't see the Clay Aiken License Plate cover. So I went out to see and someone took they hands and broken Clay name off of the cover. I had 74 friends wish me HAPPY BIRTHDAY on Facebook. Carol never call Today.


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Week of 9/26 to 10/2

Sunday-I forgot to write that Christy and Tom will come home for Christmas. I turn on my heater in my trailer. Because will get down to 40 to 45 for the low.

Monday-It Shaun Cassidy 53 Birthday is Today. Jamey try to get hold of me. He try 3 times I couldn't answer at work. So I call Jamey as I walk to my car. He told me, he need to turn ours cell phones in , and go back to Verizon. So I run my phone out to Stori's. I paid my Town bills. Then Stori, the boys and I took my old and new phone to Jamey. I told Jamey to get me a new cell phone around $200.00. Everyone got back ours ols Verizon phones. Then Stori , the boys and I went to Seymour to get Chad shoses. Jamey post this on his facebook page: AT&;T data Service is like going back to a modem on a computer. 

Tuesday-Dad come to see about my car key. Dad can't help right now. He have to see his knee doctor Tomorrow.

Wednesday-Dad didn't call Today. I E-mail Christy about my old cell phone Yesterday. I told Donna and Angie why I have my old phone.

Thursday-Dad call and said to call him back when I know when I want to take the car to the Ford dealer in Bedford, IN. I look at my Calendars. I call Dad back and told him Oct 13 after work.

Friday-1st day of Oct. I thought a friend said she would donate for my Birthday wish on facebook Today. Mary and I had lunch at Long John.

Saturday-I have 151 days to go before I go to Clay Aiken concert in Fort Wayne, IN. I took about a 4 hour nap Today. I think I took 4 hour nap because of all meds I'm on.


Sunday, September 26, 2010

week of 9/19 to 9/25

Sunday-I start feeling sick this morning. So I took my sinus meds. I put more stuff in my weekly Blog profile.

Monday-The locker at work Have new name tags on them. Went to pass out 2 notes for order out day. I mulching my grass Today. My grass is dead. It first time I mow my grass in 3 weeks.

Tuesday-I took a nap. When I wake up I feel bad again. I wish my sinus would stop making me sick.

Wednesday-A staff told me, she found a safing pin in her dryer and thought of me. Because I had 8 safing pins in the rags last Wednesday. I took my Crazy Horse rock towork.

Thursday-I wish I could feel better. I need to get the pen pal letter done. I have it half way done. I went to the workshop to pass out notes for order out day for Tomorrow.

Friday-Stori call this morning about our cell phones. Jamey going to change from Verizon to AT & T Jamey and the kids pick it up before 8AM. I went crazy with out the cell phone at the workshop. Order out went good. But I couldn't eat my lunch because some staff was making fun of a disabled guy eating and hearing it made me sick. Jamey got me a pantech Prsuit Cell Phone.

Saturday-Naina Howerton King donate $10.00 to my Birthday wish at National Inclusion Project. Tom, Christy and I talk about the concert. Tom said Christy have hers Clay T-shirt . Christy said she wasn't wearing a Clay T-shirt. I wouldn't make anyone wear a Clay T-shirt. Stori said we need to dress up because we did at the Christmas concerts. I think we should because it a winter concert. Christy and Tom meeted Shelly Long from (Cheers) The TV show in a aiport. Shelly is from Fort Wayne, IN. Stori said the lady who help them Adopt Chad and Ian from Congo , May stop doing it. I told Tom I didn't house sit this summer. Parker said I was with them on the trip and it suck being with me on the trip LOL. Stori setup my vioce mail on my cell phone . Carol didn't talk to me at all tonight.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

week of 9/12 to 9/18

Sunday-Mary comment on Facebook about what I said about last Tuesday in my weekly blog. Mary said she start crying reading about Tuesday.

Monday-Christy E-mail they will be down here on Sept. 25 at 5:30PM. Because she will pick up Tom at the Indy airplane at 3PM as she drive down here. Ground(ctrl) wrote me back and told me there wasn't no Fan Club mail address. But IamMesmerized told me there was an Fan Club mailing adrress.

Tuesday-It nice having laundry on Today after last week.

Wednesday-I told I don't have to work on Friday.

Thursday-  I found out I can post on myspace page and it can go to my Twitter and Facebook pages too.

Friday-I went to Wal-Mart for the week. I didn't do that much Today. I call Mary. We talk for about an hour.

Saturday-Went to Wal-Mart for the Month with coupons. I'm done with Christmas shopping, but for one friend at work. I order a 4 pack of Ink from Dell for my printer Today.


Sunday, September 12, 2010

weeek of 9/5 to 9/11

Sunday-I got up at 6AM so I could wrote my weekly blog. I lay back down after I got done with my blog. Carolina Clay put a count down on my blog for Clay Aiken concert in Ft. Wayne. Thanks Carolina Clay

Monday-It's Labor Day. I didn't do anying but went over to my parent house at 7AM to get my parents Saturday mail.

Tuesday-Today feel like Monday. I feel funny without Mary at work. But I will get use to it.

Wednesday-Today is my last day to get my parents mail. The mowing crew mow my parents grass. A guy posts on Ground(Ctrl) facebook. He wrote that he didn't received his Myrtle Beach Deftone tickets. So I e-mail the guy.

Thursday-I made a Birthday wish at National Inclusion Project facebook it for a month. The guy E-mail me back after I went to bed last night. He told me that Ground(Ctrl) forgot to ship the tickets and the tickets are sitting the Ground(ctrl) office.

Friday-I start not feeling good at 8pm. My head is in pain.

Saturday-I was feeling good until 9:46AM. I think it my sinus. But my right side of my head in pain again Tonight.


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Week of 8/29 to 9/4/10

Sunday-I E-mail Tom Thursday and Tom E-mail me back Today. I ask Tom if he knew the concer seats. Tom told Holy Crap...AWESOME seats. Then I told one of my dream is coming ture out of 3.

Monday-Mom called and told me what day they will be home from Custer, South Dakota. I E-mail Tom and ask if they had any vacation plans around March 2. Tom said no.

Tuesday-I received Confessions of a Priarie Bitch by Alison Arngrin. But it will take a little bit to get to the book. Because I have 30 book before it.

Wednesday-I have $188.00 in may National Inclusion Project jar. So I post it at Clay Akien Fan Club and on my facebook pages.

Thursday-I have 181 days to go until March 2. I wonder how the tickets will be sent to me. In a box or Envelope. The tickets will be ship by UPS. I'm hoping I will have the tickets 5 days after they are ship. I just with The Embassy Centre in Fort Wayne would put Clay Aiken in they date list. Stuff went bad Today at work Today. I did my own Laundry, clean the bathroom. I need to mop the Kitchen floor. I look again on the Embassy Centre web site. They have Clay Aiken on they web site list now. YES.

Friday-Dad and Mom been married for 54 years. Subway in Paoli is Close.

Saturday-I start writting a pen pal letter I mop the Kitchen floor with Bleach. The Embassy Centre in Fort Wayne is in the list on for Clay Aiken concert the tickets will go on sale from Embassy Centre window on Thursday 9/9/10 at 10AM and ticketmaster.

Until next Sunday

Sunday, August 29, 2010

week of 8/22 to 8/28

Sunday-I e-mail Christy and Tom about The Embassy and the tickets for Clay Aiken Concert. Yesterday I was thinking I will get a PaoliT-shirt for Clay and put it on the stage when I get to The Embassy on March 2.

Monday-I start getting at work. It was my sinus. I start taking meds Tonight for my sinus. Stori told me I can get a T-shirt at JandS for Clay.

Tuesday-I was so sleepy at work. I could falling to sleep on my feet. I went home after work and took a nap for 2 hours.

Wednesday-I got Dad Town bill from his mail. I took a nap for 2 hours again. Dad E-mail about Aunt Alice and the cabin.

Thursday-I pay the Town bills. I went to pass out notes for order out day at work. I took my CandA earrings to show the staff

Friday- Christy send me a check for Clay Aiken Concert ticket. She said she have hers Calendar mark for March 2.

Saturday-I'm thinking of taking my Clay Aiken Fan Club Tote bag to the concert. So I can put what I buy at the concert in it. So I don't have to put it under my seat or Christy don't have to hold it for me. I wish The Embassy Centre put Clay in the date list. There only 5 date son Ticketmaster too.

Until next Sunday

Sunday, August 22, 2010

week of 8/15 to 8/21

Sunday-I went to Wal -Mart to get stuff that I forgot on Friday. Mary Ann was there,. She ask me about my vacation. I have7 followers for my weekly blog now.

MondayI had to turn on the washer at work without having a load in it. Because they had to turn off the water on Friday. So the First load had brown water in it. Mary had me call her 12PM. I call Mary. Everyone got sent home at 12PM. The paper wasn't here before I went to work.

Tuesday-I talk to staff about the color rags. Now if I have 2 or loss of the color rags. I don't have to wash them. Clay Aiken Fan Club put more dates on his concert tour. They have Fort Wayne at Embassy Centre on March 2, 2011. I e-mail Christy and Tom about Embassy Centre. They said there NO concert on March 2. I told them it was at the Fan Club. So I told them to go to and click on appearnce. Tom come back and ask how would I get there. I said if Christy would go with me. Clay Aiken Fan Club send a e-mail saying Fort Wayne, IN tickets will be on pre-sale at 10AM PDT Tomorrow. So I send the e-mail to Christy and Tom.

Wednesday-Christy want me to get the tickets. So I call Stori to see if she would help and she WASN'T the one taking me Christy was. So I had to wait until 1PM to order the tickets. We got Section C Row A Seat 7 & 8. I went Crazy because I will have 1 dream come ture that is sitting in the front row of Clay concert. Today is 5 year since I went to my 1st Clay Aiken concert. On March 2, 2011 will be my 4th concert to see Clay. I had a Clay Aiken T-shirt on too. Thank Christy for keeping you word  to me about going with me to see to Clay Aiken.

Thursday-I told staff about the concert in Fort Wayne, IN and told them I will take 2 days off. I order Mike, Michael, Jamey and Carol Christmas gift. I call Ground(ctrl) to see when the tickets will be ship out. The guy said the tickets wasn't made yet. They should send them 2 weeks before the concert. Then I saw at my shipping Method have USPS for the tickets not UPS. So E-mail Ground(Ctrl) about it. They come back saying I pay for UPS. So the tickets will be coming from UPS.

Friday. I mow my grass. I took abou 4 breaks.

SaturdayI check at Embassy Centre to see if Clay Aiken was in the concert list. Not yet. I guess they haven't sign the papers for March 2, 2011. But Embassy will have Spamalot on May 18, 2011. It rain this morning.

Bye for now
Until next Sunday

Sunday, August 15, 2010

week 8/8/ to 8/14

Sunday -Clay Aiken son Parker turn 2 Today. I will get 16 more additional issues of People. I didn't have to get my Sunday paper at Wal-Mart. The paper was at my door.

Monday-It wondering that I don't have to go out to Stori's to get on the Internet. I need to write pen pal letter. I use my Clay Aiken Fan Club tote bag at the Post Office. I don't like it.

Tuesday-Chad start play school Today. Chad go from 9AM to 11:30AM Tueday's and Thursday's. I call Stori to see if she would help me pick out Mike, Michael and Jamey Christmas gifts. She said yes. I will go out there on Friday .

Wednesday-Mary took the Story about my computer. That Sue wrote in 2007. For Clay Aiken 2007 Christmas concert. I been playing UNO on Facebook.

Thursday-I don't have to do the green rags. It I only have 1 rag. So I got done at 8:45AM. I start playing bouning balls on Facebook.

Friday-I found out that the paychecks was done. So I got my paycheck at 9:50AM. work was having a pizza party because of football. I hope it don't mess up our order out day at end of the month with Pizza Hut. I went out to Stori's to have her help me find something for Mike, Michael and Jamey for Christmas. Chad like Play School but don't have a friend yet.

Saturday-I went to bed at 1AM this morning. Try to clean the trailer this morning but didn't. It rain Today. Clay Aiken And Ruben Studdard concert tour will end Tonight. I wish I had a way to the concerts in February and March. But the person I want to take me. Told me NO WAY to me face on Dec 23, 07 after I was feeling happy because I was home from Clay Aiken Christmas concert. When she told me 6 months before. She would take me to a Clay Aiken concert. That is how rude my sisters are to me. I gave myself 2 hours to clean my trailer at 8:11PM. But only clean an hour and half. Only thing I need to do is clean the kitchen.

Bye until next Sunday

Sunday, August 8, 2010

week of 8/1 to 8/7

Sunday- I have $126.00 in my National Inclusion Project jar. I learn I can sale Clay Aiken CD's and DVD at facebook faster then in his own Fan Club.

Monday-So I can't start work until 6:45AM. I received my renewal papers for The Young and The Restless Fan Club. Carol lie to me about picking up the boat self in the basement. Because I check on it. So I have to write to Dad about Carol lie to me.

Tuesday-I start working at 6:30AM because I had 8 loads of laundry. But will start at 6:45AM Tomorrow. I received the picture from Wal-Mart of my vacation.

Wednesday-I turn off my Firewall on my computer and couldn't turn it back. So Stori took it to a person to fix it. I went out to Stori's to get on the Internet. The computer should be done by Friday afternoon. When I got to Stori's Ian run to me. 

Thursday-Stori forgot to check on my computer. So Stori gave me the phone number to call Tomtech Tomorrow. Because Stori and Jamey taking the kids to Indy for the day Tomorrow.

Friday- I order Mary and my lunch. Then after lunch. I went to Stori's to get on hers computer. Tomtech was on Stori answer machine. My computer is fix. Stori will not be home until after 5PM. I call Michael to see if he would be home before 5PM. He got here at 4:30PM but I don't have a firewall. So I call McAfee. The lady was sending a download for the firewall in my email.

Saturday-I download for the firewall at 10:50PM it took over an hour. I didn't feel like doing anything Today. I need to write pen pal letters soon.
Until next Sunday

Sunday, August 1, 2010

week 7/25 to 7/31

Sunday-Went to Wal-Mart to get GET WELL cards for Aunt Alice. Got home and count the cards. I have 5 GET WELL cards. I will send a card everyday.

Monday-Mary ask if I would pay her Electric bill. Mary gave me $$$ for the bill. So after work I went to First Chance Center to pass out notes. Then pay Gas and Electric bills. At 12:30PM I went out to Stori's to put vacation pictures on my facebook page. Suereu move all the pictures to Clay Aiken Fan Club. Then Suerue move one picture to my twrtter page for my proflie picture. I got my Frontier phone bill. It was $34.06. I been getting Courier -Journal Newspaper right at my front door since last Monday.

Tuesday-Orange County Medicare call about my Funeral papers. Stori and Jamey received the Thank You box of Cookies from me. I send to them for everything they have done for me.

Wednesday-I received Clay Aiken Tried And True Live DVD. I E-mail Stori to see if Chad and Ian had Sock Monkeys.

Thursday-Stori E-mail me back and said no Chad and Ian didn't have Sock Monkeys. So I order 2 of them. Then I found something for Christy for Christmas. So I order it for her and send it to Christy house. So I have 5 Christmas gifts done.

Friday-Order out day went bad. I didn't have all the money with us. So I was paying. Then one order didn't have everything I forgot to write down the whole order. I got 2 new bird houses.

Saturday- I send Aunt Alice last GET WELL card Yesterday I download stuff to make the computer better. But it didnt. I start cleaning my computer room at 9PM. I put more stuff on my fan page at Clay Aiken Fan Club.

Until Next Sunday

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Week of 7/18 to 7/24

Sunday-I went to get my Sunday paper. I walk up to the paper box. The paper wasn't there. So I call courier-Journal office in Louisville, KY. So at 10:20AM I went to Wal-Mart for the Sunday paper. I was thinking the guy forgot where my paperbox I call Courier-Journal again. The same lady took my call. She told me they knew the paper box was on Long St.

Monday-I received my Internet bill. I call Frontier about my bill. They guy was nice. Then he turn me over to another guy for a shipping label. So I can send back the 1st modern. The guy ask for the model number of the of the modern. The guy told me they didn't want the modern back. I told they guy I got $42.79 more on my bill. Because I have the 1st modern. He told me, I shouldn't have the $42.79 on my bill.

Tuesday-A Co-worker pass away from a blood clot .

Wednesday-Crying day

Thursday-Stori call about the E-mail I didn't send but my name is on it., some of the E-mail come back to me. Stori told me Jamey Dad was flew out mins ago but didn't know what was wrong with him. Stori was driving up to Mich to pick up Livia from Church Camp. Then will stay at Christy and Tom house in Fort Wayne over night.

Friday-I didn't do my laundry Today. Tina Funeral was Today at 1PM. It 98 Today. Carol TXT ask if Mom told me. That Aunt Alice broken her hip and was in the hospital and June was with her. I call Mom , Mom Told me the doctor didn't have to replace the hip, and Aunt Alice was up walking. Dad E-mail me told me to send cards to her house. Because June pick up her mail. I watch Clay Aiken 2006 christmas concerts on Youtube.

Saturday-I did laundry and hang it outside. I can't get all of Livia blog to show up.. I paid my TV Cable online Today. I watch Clay Aiken Christmas concerts 2006. I was laughing hard. Because Clay would talk to a person on other fans Cell Phone. To tell the person it wasn't right to listening to the concert on a Cell Phone.

Until Next Sunday

Sunday, July 18, 2010

week of 7/11 to 7/17

Sunday-It took me 3 hours to write my weekly blog. I post on Clay Aiken Fan Club that I done writting my weekly blog. I thought everyone would go and read the blog. But only 2 persons comment on it at Clay Aiken Fan Club. I blog again at Clay Aiken wondering why only 2 persons comment about my 2 weeks vacation. Then some did comment that they did read it but didn't comments on it.

Monday-The light over the washer and dryer at work didn't come on. The washer at First Chance Center is not fix yet. I forgot to take a trash bag to my parent house.

Tuesday-I had about 31 mops to wash at work. I got done at 12:30PM. Went to see if the washer at First Chance Center was fix. It not yet.

Wednesday-After I got done at work. I went to see about the washer at First Chance Center, the washer is not fix yet. I understand why Dad can't trust Carol with his mail. Because I had to look at mom magzing box. Because there was mail from South Dakota that should be in the house by the phone.

Thursday- I TXT Tom asking him to E-mail me. I guess I can't trust Tom too now. Because he never E-mail me. I guess he will not fix my teehts too like he said in May.

Friday-I had 2 load of laundry at work. I forgot to fill out my time card last Wednesday. I went home at 11:30AM. When I got to my parents house. I call Mom asking her if she ok Carol to open her mail. I told what I found under the magzine. I told her I would mail the stuff to her .

Saturday-I pick up ground the trailer and vac the whole trailer. I need to clean the kitchen and mop the floor Tomorrow. We had a bad storm. I got off the computer before the storm started.

Until next Sunday

Sunday, July 11, 2010

week 6/13 to 7/10

Sunday-I start getting sick at 3PM. I didn't feel good all night. I took some med as I went to bed.

Monday-I couldn't get hold of Stori. Stori call around 3:30PM. She told me, I could put my stuff in the RV Tomorrow after work.

Tuesday-I feel better Today. I went out to Stori's at 1:15PM to put my stuff in the RV. We could be going at 5:30 or 6PM. Thursday night.

Wednesday-Went to the house for the mail. Call Mom told her. If she need anything starting Tonight to call Carol. I call Carol to tell her wat to do with Dad mail. I try to pick up the trailer. I told Donna to turn in my time card Today.

Thursday-Amanda thought I was going on my trip last night. I thank John for letting me go on the RV trip with Stori, Jamey and the kids. Went to the Bank then went to the Post Office. I went to get my hair cut. Then took the order out day sheet to First Chance Center and a note to Angie. Stori call at 2:46pm to see if I could be ready in 40 mins I said Yes. I meet Jamey at the road. Chad was mad and crying because he couldn't move. Ian took a nap before we got out of Indiana. we got to Kanasa City. We park in a Wal-Mart for the night. Ian start walking at a McDonald Today.

Friday-We went in the Wal-Mart to get food for the RV. We had lunch at a Rest stop in Kanasa. Chad bit my finger. Iwas laughing so hard that Livia said I would wet my pants. We got to Grand Lake Colorado camp ground around 6 PM. Livia and Parker made Smores.

Saturday-RV was cold inside. It was 39 this morning. I almost last my Black Hill Gold ring. That I had since I was 10 year old. Ian was holding my finger when my ring come off from my finger . But I found the ring outside in the grass. Everyone but me went fishing. Then we went in the National Forest.

WEEK OF 6/20 TO 6/26
Sunday-It's Mary Birthday and Father Day. We drove to Rocky Mountain. We didn't have any gas for like Hot Water, heat. I ask Jamey what he got for Father Day. He told me no one had said anything to him but me, and I told him about what Christy said about Dad Father Day gift. I will not write it in here. What Jamey said. It make me think persons need to talk to me.

Monday-1st day of Summer. We stay at Forst Collins, CO. Stori and I did laundry at the camp ground laundry mat. Stori told me, we could fo to UT to see my Aunt Alice,. Dad and Mom may have the cabin sold. Stori got Aunt Alice number and address from Mom. Stori call Aunt Alice to see when and where we can meet her. Aunt Alice told Stori afternoon at her house. Stori told her there was 7 of us. Aunt Alice said it was ok. Because June and Joyce was there.

Tuesday-Stori got Parker a hair cut. Then we had lunch. Then we went to Aunt Alice'. She was happy to see Stori, Jamey, the kids and me. It was the 1st time Aunt Alice meeted Jamey and the kids. We stayed at Aunt Alice's hour and half. After we got in the car I thank Jamey for driving to Layton so I caould see Aunt Alice Then we went to the Zoo. I fell down. By the time we got back to the RV. We didn't have power. The own of the camp ground help Jamey. Jamey got the power back on.

Wednesday-Stori, the kids and I drove to drowning ID camp ground. So Jamey could drive the RV to a place to get it look at. The camp ground pool have Hot Spring water in it. It fell like bath water. We stay for 2 night at the camp ground.

Thursday-We went to the pool around 12:30PM. Jamey took Chad and Ian back to the RV Stori, Livia, Parker and I stay at the pool until 4PM. I call Mary. She went to the ER last night. She will get my mail Tomorrow. Mary may have a problem with hers sugar. Stori back is in pain. Parker ask for a Brownie and Chad said NO to Parker. We thought Chad was a sleep.

Friday-We got to Boise, ID around 1PM. We will stay here for 2 nights. I can't wear my glasses that good. Because Livia hit me with a bean bag last night. Michael Jackson been dead for a year. We at Donnie Mac's. It was on the TV show Drive-in, Dine and Dives.

Saturday-Livia was sick last night. I think Livia have the Flu. We went to a playground to meet another couple that adopt from congo for the 1st time and let all the kids play. Then everyone went but me to a family game place. I went in the camp ground pool. Then we went to pizzal-chik to eat. It was on the TV show Drive-in dine and dives.

WEEK OF 6/27 to 7/3

Sunday-The tires that keep the car up are bad. Jamey couldn't find a tire place open. So Stori drove her van to MT. We ate at a McDonald. Chad hi my drink and it went down to the floor. ?Livia took a 6 hour nap.

Monday-We went to Yellowstone for the day. Then Livia and I got 2 kind of Fugde. Livia help Jamey cook.

Tuesday-Jamey friend come around 9:30PM for about hour and half. Then we drove to Cody,WY. Jamey find a tire place to get tires for the car trailer. So Jamey and I took the RV to wash it. Jamey wash the front of the RV . Then he drive the RV half way out. So he could wash the back of the RV. After he got done washing the RV. Jamey start to drive out of the car wash. We heard a bad sound. Jamey got out to check. He hit the wall and the left side turn sign on the RV was broken. We pick up Stori and the kids at a Wal-Mart. We go to the camp ground. Livia and Parker was so Happy to get out of the RV. They run out to play. Livia and Parker come in laughing. Because Parker went out side in his underwear. Everyone was laughing. I paid for dinner. Stori and I talk. I tip the lady $20.00. So the bill was $114.63 withe tip.

Wednesday-We drove to camp ground by Devil Tower. We will walk around the tower Tomorrow. We will go to Custer, South Dakota after lunch Tomorrow.

Thursday- Jamey got sick last night. We walk 1.3 miles around Devil Tower. Everyone but Jamey and Chad had lunch. Jamey didn't feel good and Chad was taking a nap. Jamey start driving to Custer, South Dakota at 12:45PM. We got to my parents cabin about 2:30PM. My parents hadn't sold the cabin yet.

FridayEveryone but Mom went to White rock. Jamey drove on a bad road to get up to white rock. Jamey had to stop driving. We walk I couldn't get up to White Rock. I stop walking and sit on a rock and wait on Dad, Stori , Jamey and the kids to come down. Then we went to Kevin Costner restaraunt in Deadwood for lunch. After lunch I gambled there. Then we to crazy Horse. I watch a 15 mins movie about Crazy Horse.

Saturday-I don't know what I did to my back. But I was in pain all night in Bed. Tonight is my last night in my parents cabin. I was sick with my sinus all day.

WEEK OF 7/4 to 7/10
Sunday-It 4th of July. Everyone but Mom went to Mt. Rushmore Jamey park the RV in Custer for the day. We walk around Custer. Then we went to the town playground for the kids to play. Then we had dinner Dad didn't want to stay. So everyone said bye to my parents. Jamey want to start driving Tonight. So He talk Livia and Parker into it. At 11:30PM everyone was a sleep, Jamey was driving. I heard a sound that didn't sound good. Livia thought Jamey fall to sleep driving. The sound was a tire blow out on the RV.

Monday-Jamey couldn't find a person to help last night. So we sleeped on the side of the Highway. Stori call my mom about what happen last night. A guy come to put a new tire on. Stori had a window open. Stori let Ian play with her cell phone. I heard the gy said Oh NO. I thought he had a bad tire. Found out Ian let the cell phone out the window. It took the guy an hour to put the tire on. So we got back on the road at 10AM. We sleeped at Wal-Mart the 1st night on the trip. and the last night of the trip we sleeped at a Wal-Mart.

Tuesday-We got home to Paoli at 3:30PM. I paid Gray for mowing my grass. Then took a shower. Then went to Mary to get my mail from her. I'm dead.

Wednesday-I got to work feel like I was dead. I should stay in bed.  The washer was almost done but it dead. Went to the Post Office to pick up my parents mail. Then went to the house I couldn't get my 2 paycheck Today.

Thursday-I sleeped good last night. Mary made it in to work ok. At 8:30AM I went to First Chance Center. to see about the washer and get my 2 paychecks. Wen to the bank then to the Post Office. I'm not going in to First Chance Center Tomorrow. Because I don't think the washer is fix.

Friday-I got lunch for Mary and I at Long John. I went to my parents house. I saw my back left tire was low. I TXT Michael to see if he was in Town. He said No..why and What up. I told him I thought I had a low tire. I received a E-mail from a Clay Aiken yahoo fan club. It had that Reed Kelly not with Clay anymore. I e-mail a friend on Facebook about the E-mail. She told she heard it too.

Saturday-I sleeped good last night. Stori ask if she could use my friend list on Facebook for chase. I told Stori that all my claymate friends vote for NIP. But she could use my list for (Our Family Adoption). I blog at Clay Aiken Fan Club. about why I LOVE SOUTH DAOKTA so much.

Bye until next Sunday

Sunday, June 13, 2010

week of 6/6 to 6/12

Sunday-Stori didn't tell me Yesterday that Jamey went to FL until Tuesday Today. The lay from Verizon will send a new modem. I should get it on Tuesday.

Monday-Stori and Jamey been married for 13 years. Dad thanks me for his Birthday card. Then he thank me for his Father Day gift. I told him I didn't know anything about it. Dad told me, my name was on it gift. I E-mail Christy and Carol. I wrote this: Thank you for making me feel like an ass on the phone with Dad Today. When was you guys telling me about the Father Day gift? You should told me about it before you send it to him. Christy wrote back: Christy wrote this: Since we paid we paid and didn't want you to feel bad we just did it. What is the big deal.

Tuesday-Dad is 82 Today. I ask Mary would help me with the Modem. So I pick Mary after work. We try to hook up the Modem but it wouldn't stop going off and on. So I call verizon, the lady will have someone here on Thursday afternoon.

Wednesday-I had a bad day at work Today. Verizon call to tell me a person will be here between 1-6.

Thursday-The guy from Verizon was here at 12:50PM. The guy had to go back to Verizon to test something. He come back about 15 mins later. He told me the problem was their . By 2:15PM I was online with High Speed.

Friday-I got 2 money order from 2 Claymates for the CD/DVD of "Tried and Ture" I will mail them on Thursday. I forgot dad mail at the house.

Saturday-Gary mow my grass Today. It ok because I didn't have get my mower out. But I will have to pay $60.00 for to mow after I get back from my vacation.

This is the last blog until I get back from my 2 weeks vacation.
Until July 13
Bye for now

Sunday, June 6, 2010

week of 5/30 to 6/5

Sunday-Stori's Birthday. I try to renew at Clay Aiken Fan Club. I can't get to the address page. I email Stori to see if it ok for me to use computer to renew my membership. Stori told me I could use the computer anytime.

Monday-It Memorial Day. I went out to Stori at 6:30PM to renew at Clay Aiken Fan Club. Livia want me to get Justitn Bieber CD for her. Jamey was sick all day.

Tuesday-I went to Wal-Mart to get "Tried And True" by Clay Aiken CD and Justin Bieber CD for Livia. There was only 3 CD's of Clay Aiken. Jamey call about getting the High Speed Internet. We got Verizon for $19.99 a month for 2 years.

Wednesday-I couldn't sleep last night. Mary went to the Hospital at 12:30PM for tests before June 16. Donna told me she was taking Thursday and Friday off.

Thursday-It Christy's 53 Birthday. I received 4 "Tired and True " of Clay Aiken CD/DVD. I recevied Verizon High Speed Today. Stori try to hook up the High Speed but couldn't. So Jamey come to try to hook it up. There wasn't no CD with the High Speed. So Jamey call Verizon. The guy said they have to hook it up at the office. It will take 24 hours. So I will use my dial-up until the High Speed is working.

Friday-Mary got phone and Internet with Avenue. I received 3 more of Clay Aiken "Tried and True". Verizon High Speed is not working yet. I solded all 6 CD/DVD of "Tried And True" for $2.00 each. The money will go in my National Inclusion Projec (NIP) jar.

Saturday-I put two months of towels away Today. I received a letter from my landlord Today. Our rent will go up to $110.00 from $95.00 on November 1. She check with other mobile Home parks in Southern Indiana. No High Speed yet.

Until nex Sunday

Sunday, May 30, 2010

week of 5/23 to 5/29

Sunday-I wake up at 3:30AM went on the computer for 30 mins. Went back to bed at 4AM. sleep for 3 hours. I check Stori blog. Livia have hers own blog now. I weeded Today.

Monday- I got my new PJ today for the trip.

Tuesday-. I got my 6 pair of shorts for the trip Today. I had to go over to my parent house to see what I have to do for them this Summer.

Wednesday-They didn't work on Amanda office Today. Mom called they will go on Saturday to Custer, SD for the Summer. I didn't received the Town Bill yet.

Thursday-I didn't received the Town bill yet. I TXT Mary about it. Mary call them. Mary TXT me back and told me that the Post Office lost all the bills. Clay Aiken Fan Club got to ground(Crtl). I should say ground(Crtl) own Clay Aiken Fan Club. I can't get on the new

Friday-I got up at 4AM having bad feeling about Clay Aiken new Web Sit. I couldn't get on the new Fan Club yet. I didn't feel like going to work. I would go out to Stori's to see if I could get the web site up. But I have to go to work. Because we order out Today. When I went out to Stori's. The Fan Club come right up. I come home at 2:00PM could get the Fan Club to come up. But couldn't go everywhere. Went to the gas and Town bills . Went to Wal-Mart. Come home try to get on Clay Fan Club. and got Explorer cannot display the webpage. It took me until 8PM to get to Clay Fan Club to come up. Mary was upset at work Today.

Saturday-Jamey will look into Avenue High speed for me. I mow my grass It took me all day to get Clay Fan Club to come up. I blog at the Fan Club. Dad and Mom went to Custer, SD for the Summer.

Until next Sunday

Sunday, May 23, 2010

week of 5/16 to 5/22

Sunday-I start playing blackjack on Facebook. I got up feeling bad. I drink 5 diet cokes Yesterday that was wrong with me.

Monday-staff told me that they are framing her office up starting Today. I ask staff again if it ok for me to leaves at 12:15PM Tomorrow.

Tuesday- It a month until I go on Vacation Went to Bedford without any trouble. I have to go back in a year.

Wednesday-Mary went to the eye doctor at 9AM. So Mary ride with me to First Chance Center then walk to the eye doctor. I told Angie, Donna and Molly that I have 29 days to go before I go on Vacation. They guys didn't work on Amanda Office Today.

Thursday-I only had 2 loads of laundry Today. I can't play Farkle on Facebook anymore. I update my Adobe Flash and it didn't help When I update the Adobe Flash I couldn't play Farkle 2 and Blackjack.

Friday-I had hard time with Farkle this morning. I got 120 Crayons for Parker and Livia. We had a bad storm for about 2 hours. Christy called ask if they could come over. I said no because she would just walk in then 1 mins walk out. Christy said she wouldn't go to Carol until 3PM Tomorrow. Mary called and we talk for about 2 hours.

Saturday-I found out that Christy lie to me again. She told me she wouldn't see Carol until 3PM. They was together all day. I guess Christy like being a bitch. Because if Christy stay around Carol. People will be calling Christy a bitch too. I don't like persons who lie to me. Tom and I had fun. I show him something on Facebook and Tom look something. Christy didn't talk to me.

Bye Until next Sunday

Sunday, May 16, 2010

week of 5/9 to 5/15

Sunday-It Mother Day. We had a Mother Day and Chad 2nd Birthday party together. Jamey don't know what time we are going on June 18. We are going to stay in South Dakota for 3 to 4 days. I ask Stori if she received my E-mail about Livia Christmas gift.

Monday-I ask Amanda if it ok if I could go home at 12:00PM next Tuesday. So I clean up before Orange Transit pick me at 12:45PM for my appt for Dr. McCormark in Beford. Staff told me I could do it.

Tuesday-It rain Today. Mary told me that peoples at work can't come back until 2 week after days who stop working. I took a nap Because I couldn't sleep Sunday night.

Wednesday-It rain so bad the power went out after 8:30AM for about 5 mins. But the storm was so bad it got black outside. Mary went home at 11:30AM from work. Because she got sick. Parker found out that I have the Double DVD pack of Alvin and the Chipmunks the Squeak quel. I told Parker I will take it on our trip.

Thursday-Mary didn't make it to work. I did my laundry Today. It didn't rain Today but windy. I will get my Electric Blanket from QVC on Monday. Dell was having they 9th Anniversary with QVC. So they are giving away9 computers away. Mary didn't make it to work.

Friday-I TXT Tom to see if he want to work on my teeths. He never got back to me. So I guess Christy lie to me. Like she did on Dec. 23, 2007 so she wouldn't get in trouble with Carol. Clay Aiken Fan Club will give away a sign picture. We had to tag a picture in the Fan Club on Facebook. I learn to do it. Mary stay home Today.

Saturday-I mow my grass Today. I received My Electric blanket, Livia Christmas gift and Celine Dion Taking Chance World Tour/The Concert- DVD/CD. I wonder why Jamey and Stori can keep they word to me and my 2 sisters lie 24/7 to me. I understand why the town call Carol a b----since she was about 15 year old.

Until next Sunday

Sunday, May 9, 2010

week of 5/2 to 5/8

Sunday-It 28 days before Clay Aiken new Cd "Tried And Ture" will be out. I don't freel good yet. It rain Today again. I call dad to remind him about my eye doctor appt for Tomorrow.

Monday-I took a Ranitidine last night. It help I don't have any pains. I'm getting new glasses on Wednesday. Chad call to Thanks me for his Birthday card. Stori forgot about having a Birthday party for Chad. So Stori will have something on Mother Day for Chad. Clay Aiken online team going to shut the web site down for 2 weeks.

Tuesday-Amanda move her office Yesterday. I sent a question to @clayaiken at Twitter, about if they was shut down the whole fan club or just the message board. @clayaiken answer, They wrote:Only the message board will be shut down. So I put it on Facebook and Clay message board.

Wednesday-Everyone had to get they lockers check out at work. The Front Office have a key to my locker. Mary heard that the machine for the rubbies is fix. The voting for Clay Aiken Fan Club Message Board is over at 11:59PM Tonight.

Thursday-I ask Mary if she would get my mail from the post office. When I go on vacation. Mary said yes she would do it. I told her I would give her money for my Electric bill. So she can could pay for it. Clay Aiken online team will keep the fan club message board open. When they put the new form of the message board up.

Friday-I was thinking there 24 days before Clay Aiken New CD "Tried And Ture" will be out. Mary told me that everyone went home at 1:30pm from FCCI. I call Stori about Sunday for Mother Day. Someone heard QVC saiding Clay Aiken will be on Wednesday, but we haven't heard it from his online team.

Saturday-I fill out homestead Deuction TS-1A form. I will mail the form on Monday. I told Mary Yesterday I will give her $150.00 for my Electric bill. What she have after she pay the bill she can keep. My Electric blanket Dead Tonight that I keep in the living room. . I have order a new Electric blanket from QVC Tonight.

Bye until next Sunday

Sunday, May 2, 2010

week of 4/25 to 5/1

Sunday-I didn't do anything. Because it with bad wind. Clay Aiken Fan Club went down for about an hour. I was going crazy.

Monday-Carol made copys for me. I pay my Town and Gas bills. I ask about my Town bill for June. I should be about to pay it on July 9 after. I will ask again in May. I told John and Amanda my vacation dates.

Tuesday-It stop raining after I got done working. I order Celine Dion "Taking Chances" World Tour The Concert CD/DVD It will be mail to me on May 11 from QVC.

Wednesday-It didn't rain Today. Mary went to see her doctor. He think she need more sugery. Mary forgot to ask the doctor if she could go back to work.

Thursday-I pass out order out notes Today for Tomorrow. It didn't rain Yesterday or Today. So I mow my grass. I couldn't put all the money I donate to National Inclusion Project in my checking account.

Friday-Order out day went well. Staff had to take me to Superburger to get the food. work went home at 11AM for the day. I talk to Mary, She told me that we will be the only 2 at work on Monday. I mail 2 Birthday cards to Karen Today.

Saturday-I start not feeling good after lunch. I did my laundry Today. In a month Clay Aiken new CD "Tried And Ture" will be out.

Until next Sunday

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Week of 4/18 to 4/24

Sunday-I got 8 pen pal letters done Tonight. Stori E-mail me. She will tell me Tomorrow night what 2 weeks we will be going on Vacation.

Monday-I didn't hear from Stori. I didn't have any Mail. I put my 8 pen pal letters in the out going mailbox.

Tuesday-I call Stori at 9:30AM. She told me that they was in the ER with Ian all night last night. That why I didn't hear from Stori about our vacation. I received the movies The Blind Side, Alvin and the Chipmunks The Squeakquel and This Is It. Orange County Transit was here when I got home. But I didn't have a ride with the transit Today.

Wednesday-Mary had hers sugery Today. Sandy wasn't at work Today. Transit don't have me down for May 18. Mary called at 3:25PM to tell me that she was home from the hospital. John wasn't at work.

Thursday-Stori took Ian to the doctor about his breathing.. Ian may have allergy. Stori told me that the dates for our vacation is June 18 to July 6. Stori and Jamey want to be in South Dakota for the 4th. I call Dr. McCormack office about my time to be in Beford on May 18.

Friday-I told everyone at work the dates for my vacation. After work I went to Wal-Mart. I was putting stuff out of my packback. I thought I had my car key in my pure. I couldn't find my car key anywhere. I look for it for 5 mins. Then call my parents. Mom come to take me home to get the other car key. But Mom made me feel bad about myself. I didn't go into Wal-Mart I drove home and got down my my knees to look for the key. I found it it under the seat. Went in my trailer to change my pants. Because they was wet from the ground. I went back to Wal-Mart at 11:30AM. I didn't have any mail. Clay Aiken wasn't on Larry King Livie Tonight.

Saturday-Carol call about copying my paper work. For My medical, then she call again said it was going storm. Carol said she will do it Tomorrow. I watch THE BLIND SIDE Tonight.

Bye until next Sunday

Sunday, April 18, 2010

week of 4/11 to 4/17

Sunday-I didn't write a pen pal letter Yesterday. I mow my grass. I clean everything off with paper Towels before I put everything in dishwasher.

Monday-Parker have poison Ivy. He had it on his right side of his face and in his ear. I hope to do crane laundry Tomorrow. So I can get done by 10:30 AM on Wednesday.

Tuesday-crew laundry was there. So I did it. I got done working at 12:30PM. So I could go home and take a nap.

Wednesday-I got done working at 8:15AM.

Thursday-Clay Aiken team Twitter about there will be news on his Fan Club Tomorrow. It only for member. I can't wait to see what the news is.

Friday-Clay Aiken Team put part of a picture on the news page. They will put little of the picture up everything starting Monday. I got another jar to save money for a house. I start writting a pen pal letter.

Saturday-I order 3 movies: Blind Side. Alvin and the Chipmunks: Cqueakquel. Michael Jackson This Is It. I donate $25.00 to National Inclusion Project. I start reading "Random Acts of Badness " by Danny Bonaduce.

Until next Sunday

Sunday, April 11, 2010

week of 4/4 to 4/10/

Sunday-It Easter. Everyone went to Stori's for Easter Dinner Jamey don't have a date for the vacation yet.

Monday-I didn't sleep good last night. I start getting sick at 6:30AM at work. Karen, Brain, Cindy, Mike and the kids got to Paoli at 6:00PM. Jamey went to the NCAA game.

Tuesday-I didn't sleep good again. Crane cleaning crew had they laundry there Today. my staff told me that the crew will have they laundry at work on Mondays night. We had lunch at Stori's. Dad and Mom got KFC for us. Carol took all of us 17 peoples to Chicago Pizza.

Wednesday-I had 3 load of mops. But 8 loads in all.. So I call Stori about going to Wal-Mart for a VCR/DVD player. We got one but I can't tape shows yet. Because my TV don't have a out put. Cindy , Mike and the kids went home Today. Dad, Mom, Carol, Karen, Brain and went out to eat.

Thursday-I wake up at 3:30AM smelling sewer in the trailer. Stori and I went to Wal-Mart to a thing so I can tape with the VCR. Then we went to Bob's for lunch. The sewer was fix by 7PM.

Friday-I told Staff about taking 2 weeks off. She just told me When I know the dates to tell her. I was thinking may start reading Random Acts of Badness by Danny Bonaduce. Because I can't get into Hollwood Kids. But I need write a pen pal letter for about 9 letters.

Saturday-I have to keep the VCR on to watch TV. I know how to tape with the timer. I will start writting pen pal letter Today. I will have to mow my grass Tomorrow because the guy next to me mow Today.

By until next Sunday

Sunday, April 4, 2010

week of 3/28 to 4/3

Sunday-I try to pay my phone bill online. But Verizon web site wasn't working. Christy send me a Easter card with $25.00. Karen and I talk on facebook. Karen got a log cabin by the lake in French Lick for 3 days I think. In 1 week I will donate about $780.00 to National Inclusion Project.

Monday-Mary TXT me last nigh she didn't have power.I paid my town and gas bills. I paid my phone bill onlie Today. The sewer is coming out of the ground since Friday. I only saw it Today. Someone will fix Tomorrow.

Tuesday- Stori ask me if I want to go to South Dakota in a RV. I said yes I would for a week. Stori said no. They are going for 2 weeks. I said no to going. Dr. McCormack office call again. Dr. McCormack will not be in Beford in April. So I made the appointment for May 18.

Wednesday-I was talking toThe head guy at work Told him about Stori going to South Dakota for 2 weeks. he ask why I'm not going. I told him I didn't think he would let me off for 2 weeks. he said he would let me off. Because I don't miss work that much. But I need to talk to my staff about it. I did and she said ok. Then I called Stori at 9:30AM. I told Stori if Jamey get a RV for the trip to South Dakota I can go.

Thursday-I post in Clay Aiken Fan Club that I have $783.00 to Donate to National Inclusion Project. Mary will work Tomorrow.

Friday-Carol and Stori come with the Ottoman. I got Mary and my lunch from Hardees. I come home Carol and Stori was here. I show Stori my VCR and DVD player. Then I went to work for lunch with Mary. Then we went to Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart was a mad-house.

Saturday-Michael and Parker come to put in new edging with Mlch. They was here for about 2 hours. I thanks Michael and Parker for working for me on Facebook. I talk to Karen. They are going to be here at 8AM Monday.

Until next Sunday

Sunday, March 28, 2010

week of 3/21 to 3/27

Sunday-I went to my trailer at 6:30AM to write my weekly blog. I clean out my Yahoo E-mail. Went to Wal-Mart to get stuff for Stori's. There is no restrooms by the front door anymore.

Monday-I didn't make it to my trailer Today. Nina was at Jamey's parents house cleaning it when I got there. Nina ask me why I go to work at 5:20AM. I told Nina they open the doors at 5:30AM. I told Nina Toby will be lock up in the laundry room on Wednesday.

Tuesday-I made it to my trailer to get on the Internet Today. Mom called and said Carol told Mom Stori and Jamey was coming Home Tomorrow. I told Mom NO Because I haven't heard from Stori. Mom said I was wrong. So TXT Stori I told her that her mom said they was coming home Wednesday night? I waited for 5 mins then I call Stori got hers Voice mail I told her to call me Tonight. Then I TXT Jamey I told him this: I TXT and call Stori about this: Carol told my mom that you be home Wednesday night it right. Then Stori called and to tell me they will be home on Thursday. I call mom back and told her not to believe in anything Carol Say.

Wednesday-I lock Toby in the laundry room at 5:10AM. Nina will let Toby out at 8:30Am as she clean Stori house. I got back to Stori at 2:30PM.

Thursday-I got done working at 8:15AM. I start packing to move back to my trailer. Went to my trailer at 11:15AM to put my stuff in my trailer. Went to work to pass out notes for Tomorrow. I hit Lori coke with my arm, the coke went on the floor. I help clean the coke up. I gave Lori $.50 for another coke. Then I went back to Stori's for lunch. My cell phone went crazy. It would have 2 bars on it, so I would change it up. When it was done I turn it on and have 1 bar. Stori TXT me and said they be home at 4PM. I TXT back and said I would go home go at 3. Jamey Mom and Dad come to get they opener from me. Jamey mom gave me a $40.00 check. I wasn't going to keep it. But then I thought I woul put it in my National Inclusion Project jar. Then my cell phone went white. So I went to Radio Shack at 2:10PM. The guy took the batttery out for 5 to 10 sec. Then I only had 1 bar. Then I got another battery and a changer for the car. It raining bad with wind. The power went out at 10:30PM. I call and wake her up. Then she call back 10 mins later to tell me that part of Orleans was out too.

Friday-The power come back on at 12:05AM. Mary call we talk for 44 mins. I went back on the Internet. At 1AM the power went out again. I call Mary and wake her up again. I sleeped for about 2 hours. I wake up at 5:06AM and power yet. . We have to go to work. We can't order at Pizza Hut. The staff order pizza from Chicago Pizza in French Lick.. The power is not on yet at 12:30PM. I went to Town Of Paoli office to see when the power going to be on again. The lady said 4 to 5:30PM. So I went to my parents to tell them what time the power will be on. Michael was there I told him I had a job for Parker and him. I told him I would pay $100.00 I didn't want to stay at my trailer. So I call Stori about stuff I had for her, I went out there I come home at 4:30PM and had power. But my VRC and DVD player is dead. But some of my TV channels have NO sound because of my player.

Saturday-I went to Wal-Mart for the Month.  I try to Clean the Living Room up.

Until next Sunday

Sunday, March 21, 2010

week of 3/14 to 3/20

Sunday-I mop the kitchen floor. Mom call. Dad is not going to Stori's, because his back is bad. Mom told me he is having back surgery. Before Easter or after. So Mom is picking me up to go out to Stori's. I ask Parker when he got his hair cut. He told me Today. I ask Stori who cut Parker hair. Stori told me he got it cut at The Look on Wednesday. I told Parker he lost his Birthday money again. Livia couldn't wait to cut into the Chocolate cake. I told Livia it wasn't hers day. Livia told me it was her house and she can kick me out. I may not have a computer the week of 20 to 25 at Stori's.

Monday-It's Mom 76 Birthday. I don't understand how worker can go into the break room drink they drinks without being on break. I got 2 new pollows for my bed. Dr. McCormack will not be in Bedford on 3/23. Stori told me I may be using Jamey Laptop next week. Stori told me they will go on Vacation on Friday night. So I will start sleeping at Stori's Friday night. I put my Courier-Journal Newspaper on holded for a week from 3/19 to 3/26. If I don't have a computer next week I will catch up on my pen pal and reading.

Tuesday-I guess Stori , Jamey and the kids are not going anywhere this Summer. Because I ask Stori to E-mail dates if I have to house sit this Summer and she didn't.
Wednesday-It's St. Patirck's Day. Amanda mom went to Wal-Mart Yesterday for Amanda. I put stuff away for Amanda. I had Donna make notes for order out day next Friday. I start packing for Stori.

Thursday-I start not feeling. I think it my Sinus. Did my laundry. Put part of the Laundry away. Clean some of the Kitchen up.

Friday-Went to Wal-Mart after work. I call Stori to see if she need anything. She said no. But Jamey parents are going with Jamey and Stori. Jamey mom want me to feed they cat and water hers flower. I will not have a computer at Stori's. I will have to go to my trailer to check my Yahoo e-mail.

Saturday-Went to my tailer at 8:28AM. Got to Jamey parents house at 9:40AM. My sinus is not good. I haven't feel good because of my sinus. I sleeped almost all day.

I walking out to Stori in about 25 mins
Until next Sunday

Sunday, March 14, 2010

week of March 7 to March 13

Sunday-It took me an hour and 30 mins to get a DVD out of the player last night. I wonder what Dad think if I told him why Stori and Jamey have to do everything for me. There could be 4 persons in trouble with Dad. Livia call to thank me for the money I gave her for her Birthday. She got stuff from All-American Girl. Stori show Livia when Stori and I saw Clay Aiken at on December 22, 2007. The DVD player working but lock up after the movie is playing.

Monday-I talk to the lady I work for about start working at 5:45AM on April 5th and 6 th. I went to Radio Sack about my Cell Phone. When I get a new Cell Phone Stori have to be with me. Mary call we talk about stuff on facebook. Mary ask if I had wrote when I got the cell phone in my journal I look. I got the cell phone on April 21,2008. Karen E-mail to tell me that she will not here on April 3.

Tuesday-Danny help me get the laundry from a van. Because the ladys didn't put the laundry in the building last night. I order Clay Aiken new CD "Tried And Ture (CD/DVD ) (Deluxe Edition)" from Amazon. The CD/DVD will be out on June 1.

Wednesday-Its Ian First Birthday. Danny had to help me open a crane laundry bag . I found out 2 persons was fire from work on last Friday and Monday.

Thursday-I wrote to Jennifer Furey from Montpelier VT. Jennifer ask me to be pen pals. She wrote me on facebook. Mary went to work. Mary can go back to work full-time .

Friday-First Chance Center is having a dance at the Senior Citizens building at 9AM on a Saturday. I think it crazy about the dance. Karen post on facebook She will be coming down on April 3 in the afternoon.

Saturday-I clean part of the kitchen. Stori call about going out to the for Iand Birthday lunch and cake. Then Stori ask if I would house sit from 20 to 25. Because it Spring Break for Livia and Parker. The town fix a street light in the trailer park Yesterday. The light is white and I thought someone car headlights was on Tonight. But it was the street light.

Until next Sunday.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Week of 2/28 to 3/6

Sunday-The last day of February. I don't think I will get any help with my DVD VCR player. I don't think I will see my Christmas gift from Carol. Because she is using it. I guess I have to go buy a Ottoman myself. It show me Carol don't care ab out anyone but herself.

Monday-Michael is 30 Today. I feel very old Today. I paid my Town bills. I don't like the parking lot at the bank. I put 2 work T-Shirts in the trash Tonight.

Tuesday-I call The Look for a hair cut. I will get my hair cut on Thursday at 11 AM. I have all my bills paid for the month.

Wednesday-A guy pee on the floor of the mens bathroom at work. My Cell Phone battery went crazy Today.

Thursday-I call Stori about my Cell Phone. She told me to go out to her house at 3:20 to 3:30 so I see if the Michael Jackson DVD's work in hers DVD player and they did. I got there Jamey pull in. I talk to Jamey about my VCR DVD player. Jamey think I need a new new one. Parker told me he didn't like my hair or my face. I told Parker his Birthday money went down the toilet. He told me I will forget what he said. I told Parker I write everything in my Journal. Then Parker said he love my hair and my face.

Friday-I think I need a new battery for my Cell phone. But I got a new battery in Nov. Mary and I went to Bob's for lunch. Then I took Mary to hers bank. Then I went to Wal-Mart for the week. Cindy E-mail me at facebook. They will be here on the 5th until 7th. I send a message to Karen on Facebook about coming with Cindy. Clay Aiken Fan Club change my renew date again.

Saturday-I my towels and bed sheets. Put other sheets on my bed. Clean my bedroom up. Karen wrote back she will be here on the 3rd of April. I told Karen to call my mom because mom think everyone is coming on the 6th.

Until next Sunday

Sunday, February 28, 2010

The weekof 2/21 to 2/27

Sunday-I called Barnes and Noble about the Michael Jackson DVD. They will ship a new one out Tomorrow. Mary and I was talking. Yesterday was the First time I didn't have to wear my snow boots.

Monday-It's Livia 10 Birthday. Call Stori about having Ice Cream Cake at 6:30 for Livia Birthday. I recevied Parker Christmas gift.

Tuesday-I was thinking of Michael. Because he had to do something Today. 

Wednesday-I start working at 5:50AM. I done working at 12:45PM.

ThursdayWork had snow route. So I went to see if we was ordering out Tomorrow. I pass out notes at 8:30AM. I call my friend Sandy about Tomorrow. The snow was gone by 10:30AM.

Friday-My DVD player is not working again. If I put a DVD it will not play. It just go White or green. Then it take me 30 to 1 hour before the DVD can come out. It a VCR and DVD player.But I can use the VCR part. I need Jamey to look at it.

Saturday-I received my license plate for my car Yesterday. Carol call about having a dinner for Michael 30th Birthday for Tomorrow. His Birthday is on Monday.

Until Next Sunday