Monday, December 26, 2011

My week 12/18 to 12/24/11

Sunday-I got up late. So I took a shower before I wrote my weekly blog. Jerry Aiken and I became friends on facebooklast week. Stori send me a message to tell me. She is taking the boys to First Chance Center on Wednesday.

Monday-A jerk tired 2 of they house dogs to a picnic table in the cold at work.We call the pound. For the pound to take the dogs.

Tuesday-Carol call me, Matthew and Lyndsay coming down on Thursday. Sophia Rae Blake is 6 month old Today.

Wednesday- My nephew Michael ask Trisanna Mills to marry him. Trisanna Birthday is Today. Owen Charles Sullivan is 6 month old Today. Stori and all 5 kids show up at First Chance Center with cookies.

Thursday- I got done working at 9AM. Went to Walmart for the week. I'm off of work until Tuesday.

Friday-I meeted Sophia Today. I saw Trisanna ring Today. I took about 14 pictures of Sophia. I made a list of the family. There is 20 persons in the family now from Dad to Owen.

Saturday-Christmas Eve. Tom and Christy pick me up at 9:55AM.  Tom, Christy,Matthew, Lyndsay and Sophia had Christmas. Because Matthew, Lyndsay and Sophia went back home to Fort Wayne. So they can have Christmas with Lyndsay parents. Mom broke a wine glass at Carols. I didn't get home from my parents until 9:30PM. Because I come home at 4:30PM from Carols. Then Tom pick me up 7:30PM for dinner.


Sunday, December 18, 2011

My week 12/11 to 12/17/11

Sunday-I went to bed at 1:20AM and it was 18 outside. When I got up for the dayit was 18 outside. Stori received the cookies from Raynell (MOButtercup). Raynell had the cookies in three cutes Christmas tins. Put half of my laundry away.

Monday- had 5 loads of laundry Today at work. Barry Manilow had surgery for bursitis in his hipsand to repair torn leg muscles. Barry said That what you get when you jump around to " Copacabana" for 30 years! Barry will takes 6 weeks to recover. Then be back on stage in chicago on Feb 2.

Tuesday-I'm thinking about doing my weekly blog after I get home from Christmas Day next week.

Wednesday Crazy Day

Thursday-I gas up my car. It was $19.38. Went to Walmart for the week and got my Christmas shopping done. I received a Christmas card from Christy and Tom it was a picture of  them with Sophia.

Friday-I got my paycheck at 11AM. 

Saturday-I sleeped in the living room last night. I wake up at 3:15AM. Clean part of the kitchen put part of the laundry awayby 8AM. Indiana College Basketball team won again Today. I made a group For Barry Manilow, David Cassidy, Shaun Cassidy and Clay Aiken fans on Facebbok


Sunday, December 11, 2011

My week 12/4 to 12/10/11

Sunday-It start raining at 8AM. I got my banking stuff together for Tomorrow. I thought I would be about to watch the Indiana college basketball game. No it was on

Monday-It rain since Yesterday. I forgot the Sullivan Christmas post card to show Amanda. It stop raining around 2PM.

Tuesday-I take the Christmas post card of The Sullivan Family. I need Jamey to help me with my computer. Because I can't update my Firewall. It said my flash player wasn't hook up. Amanda told me she wouldn't be at work Tomorrow.

Wednesday-Crazy Day

Thursday-Some how got Clay Aiken new song on download. I don't think it ture. Because what Clay said on Oct 7.

Friday-CNN report that been post stuff on they web site. They have NO RIGHT to have. Some big time stores may just close for good. Because been saying this stores are having %15 off sales. The stores saying Amazon lies about everything on they web site. I think the store are going to  sue for this.

Saturday-The National Inclusion Project Gala was Tonight. One bid got $30,000.00. I received a Christmas card from Carol Today. I received a Christmas post card from Lyndsay and Matthew Yesterday.


Sunday, December 4, 2011

My week 11/27 to 12/3/11

Sunday-I sended a message to Stori to see who fix her washer. Because my washer is don't working right. Stori told me she had to ask Jamey and he wasn't home. Because Jamey, Parker and Ian went to the Colt game. But Carol told me the person who fix Stori washer.

Monday-I call Starr to see if they work on my washer. The lady ask if I got the washer from them.. I said no. They don't work on washer they don't sale. So I call a place name Jerry's 15 miles away.  The guy said no one can come Today. So I said after 12PM Tomorrow. The guy said yes any time between 1 and 5PM Tomorrow.

Tuesday-It start snowing around 2PM. It melt when it hit the ground. The guy from Jerry's call at 3:08PM. He got here by 4:10PM. He thought he know the trouble was. But it wasn't fix. He look at the washer again. I ask if it was a big trouble. He said it better for me to buy a new one. I had the guy talk to Dad. Dad said we need to talk before we get a new washer. I know what that means. I TXT Carol about the washer. Carol TXT me back ask if I want her to help. I said yes and she need to call Dad and tell him.

Wednesday-Clay Aiken is 33 year old Today. I TXT Carol to see if there any news. Carol TXT back no washer at Jerry's.. Then Carol TXT back said windhorst has a Whhilpool for $399.00. Then Carol TXT back saying Starr have the same washer. I ok it. Then call saying they will be at my trailer at 9 or 10 AM Tomorrow.

Thursday-Crazy Day

Friday-Mary and I went to Subway for lunch. I had sweet tea to drink. I wash my towels Today.

Saturday-I wash my bed sheets. Put last month towels away. I email Christy about Barry Manilow last show at Paris Las Vegas.


Sunday, November 27, 2011

My week 11/20to 11/26/11

Sunday-Stori TXT me about Thanksgiving. We are going to her house for Thanksgiving. We are eating at 1PM. Sophia Rae Blake is 5 months old Today.

Monday-Owen Charles Sulivan is 5 months old Today. Jamey facebook page is missing. So I inbox Stori about Jamey page. After I got home from work. I got on my facebook page. Stori got back to me. Jamey don't have a page anymore.

Tuesday-Carol and Mike been married for 36 year Today. I think I need to take something then cottage cheese for lunch. Because I was cold after lunch.

Wednesday-Thankgiving dinner at work

Thursday-It Thanksgiving. I shower at 7:30AM, but didn't dress after the shower. I start not feeling good. I took Tylenol and lay down. I got dress at 11AM. Went out to Stori at 12:15PM. Stori and Jamey what us to start eating at 1PM. But my parents was 18 mins late. Carol and I call my parents 2 times looking for them.

Friday-It been 6 years since I saw Clay Aiken in concert in Louisville, KY. My washer half dead Today. I got drzz bad. I took my meds but it took 2 hours before the meds kick in.

Saturday-I didn't feel good when I got up for the day. I inbox Stori to see if I can use her washer on Thursday. I put laundry away. I wish I knew why I get drzz alot.


Sunday, November 20, 2011

my week 11/13 to 11/19

Sunday-It Parker 10th Birthday. I mop the bathroom floor, didn't vac Today. There a guy on the Indiana College Basketball team from Louisville, Ky. The wind was bad all day.

Monday-I went to Bureau of Motor Vehiches it didn't take long. My sonicare toothbrush dead Today. So I order a new one from Walmart online. Then I email Tom and Christy about the toothbrush.

Tuesday-My power went out at 7:40PM until 12:30AM . Paoli had a tornado last night. Half of the building down town roofs is off. A tree hit a trailer in the trailer park. The tree cut the trailer in half. Paoli had the big fire a year ago on Nov 13.

Wednesday-I received the cookies form Raynell Today. I bag 10 cookies for Livia, Parker, Chad, Ian and Owen. I received my new sonicare toothbrush Today.

Thursday-Stori forgot to call me. Ian didn't go to playschool. Because the lady daughter was in the hospital. So I went out to Stori for 2 hours. I'm hoping order out will go good Tomorrow.

Friday-Order out went well. Christopher is 29 year old Today. Chad and Ian been here for 2 years Today. Putting laundry away.

Saturday-Went to Walmart with coupons save $6.65 I check my new Frontier bill for Dec online. My bill is $133.96. Because I didn't pay it before  Nov 16. But the nov bill don't have that on it. It just have due date 11/19 and I paid it online yesterday I call Frontier. The guy said they billing is all mess up in Indiana.


Sunday, November 13, 2011

My week 11/6 to 11/12/11

Sunday-I wake up at 4:15AM. I change my computer room clocks, and bedroom clocks. Then wrote my weekly blog at my website. Then wrote my weekly blog at Clay Aiken Fan Club. I put away laundry and wash towels.

Monday-. The water from the washer at work didn't go down the sink after the 3rd load. I took the car out to Stori's to show her the car. Stori show me how to work the CD player in the car. I played Clay Aiken Christmas CD on the way home.

Tuesday-I had 8 loads of laundry at work. . When I try to be nice to a person. I get called the B-word. from the person.

Wednesday-I drove to work, by the time I park the car my oil light was on. At 8AM I call my parents Mom answer. I told her to tell Dad about the oil light, and I would read the book call them back I read the book for the oil light. The book said change the oil. Dad said no, Babcock need to look at it. Dad come about 4:25pm about the oil light. Dad try to reset the oil light but couldn't.

Thursday-Stori and the boys came for lunch. I did my laundry for the week. Dad and I took the car back to Babcock to have them fix the oil light for me. It took about 10 mins. Stori thinking about having a Birthday party  for Parker Tomorrow night.   
Friday-It Carol Birthday. The low this morning was 24. I turn on the car before I went to work at 7:55AM. I got back in the car at 8:10AM and saw that the tire light was. I call my parents about the tire light.. Went to Stori's at 5:15PM for Parker Birthday Party. After I got home I put my laundry away.

Saturday-I clean the kitchen and bathroom up. Dad air up my tires for me. Livia received Girl Life magazine. I order for her in October. It part of her's Christmas gift from me. I got my new Insurance cards for my new car. I have to pay $83.96 more for the Insurance for the car.


Sunday, November 6, 2011

My week 10/30-11/5

Sunday-I count my National Inclusion Project money I have $100.00 Yesterday. My can opener dead Today. I want to Walmart at 5:15PM to get a new one.

Monday-It Halloween. I received Cookies from Raynell Pruett. I want to Thank her on a group on Facebook. But it went bad.

Tuesday-Newwave TV cable box DMX music channel (Holidays and Happenings channel) start playing Christmas music Today. 

Wednesday-Dad came with a 2009 red G-3 Pontiac to see if I like it. I do so Dad took it back to Babcock Motoors, and see what kind of a deal. he can get. I made a thread at Clay Aiken Fan Club for (MOButtercup) Raynell Pruett for hers Cookies Fundraiser for National Inclusion Project. I mulch my grass Today. I ate all the cookies from Raynell in 2 days.

Thursday-Jamey is 38 Today. I put Happy 42nd Jamey on his Facebook page. For a joke.  Dad come we talk. He ask for the page on my car. We clear my car out. I had Dad drive my car to Babcock motors. By 2:05PM I was driving away in a 2009 red G-9 Pontiac. We went to State Farm so I could update my Auto Insurance. It will be over $300.00 every 6 months. I made a check out for Raynell for the cookies. I own her $5.00 but I made the check for $30.00. That is for $5.00 for Every Great-nieces and Great-Nephews I have. I went to Walmart for the week.

Friday-I let everyone at work look at my car. Carol saw it at Walmart. Dad come to see how I did with the car. I didn't do my laundry Yesterday or Today. I got more then I thought on my paycheck.

Saturday-I did laundry. I hang the laundry in the trailer. What is wet Tomorrow I will put in the dryer. I clean up my computer room.


Sunday, October 30, 2011

My week 10/23 to 10/29

Sunday-Mom call around 11AM to see if I want to go out for lunch. I said no. Christy call at 5:25pm We was eating dinner. I was talking to Carol. Mom cut me off two time. I told mom off. I told her to stop cuting me off from talking, Because she do it everytime I'm talking to anymore. I told Christy I will be done working at 9AM. I was brushing my teeths

Monday-I was filling up the washer with water at 6:04AM. I got done working at 8:45AM Went to the  bank and my parents house by 9:30AM. Mom, Carol, Ian, Christy and I went to the old High School that the Upland group made 24 Apartments in the building. Then we meet Stori at my moms house. Ian went with Stori. Then we went to Pizza Hut for lunch, But we had to wait for them to unlock the door, it was 11:04AM we think they forgot to unlock the front door at 11AM. Then we went to the new library. Because Chrirsty and I never been in it new library. After that we went back to moms. Christy went home around 1:30PM

Tuesday-I was working and thinking I forgot to turn on the dishwasher. .  come home after work turn on the dishwasher. Then went to pay the two town bills. I was thinking it was oct. 26 or Oct 28. When Jamey and Stori went to Congo to get Chad and Ian.

Wednesday-Before I went to work. I check my Journal to check the date for Oct 26 or Oct 28. The date Jamey and Stori went to Congo was Oct. 26, 2009. Last night and Today I can't get to my Wekekly blog page, and I don't understand why. I got to it ok all day Yesterday until 10PM last night.

Thursday- Stori and the boys come for lunch, but stay for about an hours. But Stori forgot the coupons. I went to Walmart for the week Today.

Friday-Order out went ok. Some orders was mess up  I received Kelly Clarkson new CD. I order it on Monday night online.

Saturday-Paoli had Halloween tonight for the kids. The time was 6-9 I had about 60 kids at my door. I had kids coming up at 8:55PM to my door.


Sunday, October 23, 2011

My week 10/16 to 10/22

Sunday-Yesterday on my TV cable box music channel DMX had Clay Aiken song "On My Way Here", it was on the Adult Contemporany channel on DXM.I wrote 4 pen pal letters. My grass by my bay windows donn't look like I mulch my grass on Monday.

Monday-I didn't feel good when I got up for the day. I got my new account with Frontier up and working. I will be able to pay my phone bill online in Nov. I clean the kitcken. I received a letter from Philip Robillard.

Tuesday-I only had 6 load of laundry at work. So I got done working at 11:15AM. 5 mins after I got home it start raning. The high for Today was 50. There was pictures of Clay Aiken woking on Celebrity Apprentice show on Facebook.

Wednesday-My heater come on before I went to sleep last night. Then at 4:30AM when I wake up for the day the heater come on. I got Halloween candy. I went back to reading "To Sir Philip With Love" by Julia Quinn. I will try reading the book between 2 and 3:45PM weekdays. If  I'm not sleeping. Christy Email me about coming home on Sunday for the day. and do something with her. I email Christy back ask her what time she was going home on Monday. If she stay for lunch I would take her out.

Thursday-Sophia Rae Blake 4 month old Today. I was getting dizz at work but it would go away and come back.. Went to Post Office to get 3 book of stamps. I was using my Master card. The lady couldn't take my card. So I came home and order 4 book of stamps online. I start getting dizz bad. I call Stori to tell her not to come for lunch. Stori told me Livia was home from school sick. I took the pill lay down in the living room. I didn't do anything after taking pill. I sleep msh of the day. Christy Email me back, she will go home around 2PM.

Friday-Owen Charles Sullivan 4 month old Today. Mom call this morning about Christy. I forgot to put my Car Insurance bill and rent bill in the out going mail box Today. So I took the bills to the Post Office.

Saturday-Went to Walmart. I walk in to Walmart about 7:45AM and walking out at 8:15AM. I took coupons. I got 22 Items. Without coupons and tax it was $55.80. With coupons and tax it was $49.69. I save $8.10. I put laundry away and did laundry.


Sunday, October 16, 2011

My week of 10/9 to 10/15

Sunday-It my 46 Birthday. Stori readed my weekly blog and comment on it on Facebook. She told me that we was having a cookout at 12 and eat at 1 . Stori ask what I want for my Birthday and said she was a bad niece. I told Stori I wish we could go to the Gala. I told Stori I wouldn't make her go. Because I told Stori in 2008 I wouldn't let her to Clay's concerts anymore. Stori told me she was talking to Livia about what to get me for my Birthday. Livia told Stori Clay Aiken tickets for a concert. I want to Thank Carole Hart and Angie Gincel for donating to my Birthday wish. My Dad give me a $20.00 check for National Inclusion Project.. Because he didn't know how to do it on Facebook. By 9:30PM I had 69 Birthday wishing from on Facebook.

Monday-I was going to pay my Frontier phone bill online. But they have a new web site for online bill paying and it not up. So I pay it on the phone and cost me $3.50 more. I use my mulching mover  to mulch my grass. Peoples was going to the mailbox Today.

Tuesday-Went to the bank after work . I check Frontier web site. I call them for my account number and pin number. The lady said the web site be up by the 14th.

Wednesday- I fall to sleep watching Y&;R. Because I didn't get a nap Today.

Thursday-The power went out for about an hour. I call Town of Paoli. But they didn't answer. So I drove up to the office to see what happen with the power.

Friday-Crazy day

Saturday-I put laundry away. I was thinking Clay Aiken dog Raleigh Aiken Birthday was Yesterday. That what Clay said in the Live Chat last Friday night. So I post and blog about Raleigh Birthday at the Fan Club. I only waterpk when I went to bed at 3AM.


Sunday, October 9, 2011

My week 10/2 to 10/8

Sunday-It was 35 outside when I got up for the day. I got LannahSawers-Diggins from Western Australia pen pal letter done. Will take it to the post office Tomorrow. Had Home Style Beef Golash from Schwan's for dinner. It wasn't that good.

Monday-Lannah Sawer-Diggins letter cost me $0.98. I didn't get any pen pal letters Today. I post and blog about Stori Facebook page (Helping Raise Funds for Families Adopting) at Clay Aiken Fan Club. I what to thank Suereu for click Like on Stori Facebook page I only mop the Kitchen floor. Because after lunch I check on how to renew my driver licence online. I saw I have restriction they are A Glasses,or Contact and D Automatic transmission. I can't renew online. I order Girl Life magazine for Livia. Stori ok it.

Tuesday-I had 8 load of laundry at work. I got done at 12:45PM. I I order it from her Girl Scout group on Facebook. It was 70 outside and 70 in my trailer at 12:50PM.

Wednesday- I need to talk to Trisanna about if I could put my washer on my taxes if I donate it. I got a Birthday card from Mom and Dad in the mail.

Thursday-I was thinking in my bed last night.. Mom call when I was at work. She ask if I want a cookout. I ask Stori if she could do it on Sunday. Stori Yes with the 3 boys. Because Jamey, Livia and Parker going to the Indianapolis Colts football game on Sunday. I call mom I said the cookout on Sunday. Mom said go out on Saturday. Stoti can't make it on Saturday. Stori said Friday. I said NO  to Friday because of the Live Video chat. Mom said she had to talk to Carol about it. Because mom told Carol she cancel everything about my Birthday. Before I call Mom.

Friday-I told everyone at 11:30AM on Facebook that I was turning off my home phone and Cell phone at 8 or 8:15PM Because of Clay Aiken Live Video chat at 8:30PM. Mom never call about the cookout. Clay anwser one of my question in the live chat. Clay spelled my ID name out too.

Saturday-I did laundry Today. I hang my laundry out Today because it 84 Today. I'm coming down from a high from last night. Mom never call about Tomorrow. I guess Mom did Cancel everything about my Birthday.


Sunday, October 2, 2011

My week 9/25 to 10/1

Sunday-It rain all day. It been 3 years since Clay Aiken been on PEOPLE about being a gay Dad. I got my bank stuff together for Tomorrow.

Monday-I received a Email from Jerry Aiken he wrote this:

Deborah, good morning

In reviewing Network for Good data I see that you have been donating monthly and additionally to the National Inclusion Project. In that donations though Network for Good are handled by them including receipts I have to go searching to see donor information. In my search today I was pleased to see several recurring donors.

Thank you so much for your support of the National Inclusion Project. Your donations help us make a difference in the lives of all childern through inclusive experiences. I knew I remembered your name so I searched facebook and happily found you in my friend's list.

All the best to you and your and thanks again!

Jerry Aiken

Executive Director

National Inclusion Project

PO Box 110104

RTP, NC  27709

919-314-5540 Office

Tuesday-Shaun Cassidy Birthday is Today.

Wednesday-I received another Clock. It work, but it took me about 30 mins to get the time, month to set. Clay Aiken will have a live Video chat on Oct. 7. It will be a great Birthday gift to me.

Thursday-After work I went to Huck's to get a 16oz Diet Coke. Then went to the Post Office. Stori call at 11:30AM to see if they could eat with me. Stori had to pick up Chad and Ian from Play school. I took pictures of Owen. I'm getting one or two new pen pals a day.

Friday-Order out day went bad. I received a letter from a lady from Western Australia. My Internet went for 2 hours.

Saturday-I put laundry away. I received a Thank You card from Matthew and Lyndsay for being at the Wedding and the Wedding gift. I have $72.00 in my National Inclusion Project jar.


Sunday, September 25, 2011

My wee 9/18 to 9/24

Sunday-I subscribed to Tom Anderson and Mark Zuckerberg. on Facebook. I roll $0.50 in Penny. It rain hard as I was blog my week at Clay Aiken Fan Club. This week will feel funny because. I have to work all week.

Monday-I got done at 8:55AM at work.. It rain off and on all day. Since Saturday to Today.. I had 22 repiles on my Saturday mail thread at Barry Manilow Fan Club, and 272 look at it. I didn't sleep good last night.

Tuesday-Sophia Rae Blake is 3 month old Today. The Saturday mail will stop. I wish I knew what Saturday they will stop the mail.

Wednesday-Owen Charles Sullivan is 3 month old Today. Because I would LOVE to have more rooms. But I don't have the money yet to buy a house. That is my goal since I was 9 year old..

Thursday-I got done working at 8:45AM. I got my laundry done for the week. I'm counting down the months to February. 5 months to go. I hate thinking of winter and cold weather.

Friday-Stori help me air up my tireds Because I had 2 low tireds. I have 24.25 hours for 2 weeks on my paycheck With 2 days I got Today.

Saturday-I put half of my laundry away. My order from Harriet Carter came. But it don't work. I order a Color-Changing Alarm Clock Glows in a Rainbow of Color. I try Calling but they not open on Weekend. The colors work. But not the clock and it didn't came with a AC.


Sunday, September 18, 2011

My week 9/11 to 9/17

Sunday-Its 10 since 9/11/01. I went to Wal-Mart to get stuff I forgot on Friday. I got a new Dated Planner for 2012. I got home put put the word payday in the dated planner. I saw it was a 12 month dated planner. for 2011 not a 2012I clean the computer room up. A friend  donate $10.00 to my Birthday wish on Fcabook.

Monday- I found the Thank You post card from National Inclusion Project from 2008 Yesterday. I told  Stori about the dated planner. I took 3 coupons ouit to Stori.

Tuesday- I dust off the TV stand last night. I thought I would get my bank statement Today but didn't I made a list for Wal-Mart.

Wednesday- feel for my cell phone I didn't have it. So I come home and got my Cell Phone and went back to work.  Stori post on Facebook that she made play-dough this morning.

Thursday-I was on Facebook and saw a post from last year. We had Friday off last year too. I got my laundry done for the week. Clay Aiken Fan Club was down again.

Friday-I got to Wal-Mart at 8:05AM got back in my acar at Wal-Mat at 8:56AM.  There a new trailer in the trailer Parker Today.

Saturday-I went to Wal-Mart for the month with coupons. I got 39 Items, cost me $86.12. I save $14.80 in coupons. I put laundry away.


Sunday, September 11, 2011

My week 9/4 to 9/10

Sunday-Last night was nice at Dad & Mom Anniversary dinner. Because there wasn't any kids under 12 there but Owen. Because Stori have Owen milk 24/7 LOL We could talk about anything last night. We laugh last night too.

Monday-It Labor Day. I was taking trash bags outside. It was cold outside. I guess I will start wearing blue jeans Tomorrow. I change my weekly blog name from to on Saturday night.

Tuesday-I didn't sleep good last night. I didn't feel good at work. I didn't feel good all day. I haven't been in Clay Aiken cat room since Sunday. Because I want to get in to bed before 11PM.

Wednesday-I didn't sleep good last night again. I feel ok. I feel funnyToday. 

Thursday-I went in my computer room at 4:55AM. The Internet light was off. I turn off the Internet  box and back on the light stay off. So I call the number the lady gave me a month ago. The lady test my box. The Internet light come on but it is red. The lady said they was working on the lines. The internet will be back on at 6PM. I said 6PM. The lady said no I mean 6AM. So 1 min before I walk out the door for work. the Internet was on. Clay Aiken wrote on The National Inclusion Projcet Web Site. This is what Clay wrote: To due to an unavoidable scheduling conflict with a network. television show, I am unfortunately not able to host you on the original date. So to avoid diappointment the Gala has been resheduled for December 9 to 10 2011.

Friday-I wake up at 4:08AM. So I got on the internet and pay my phone bill. On Reality Blurred web site have Clay Aiken on Celebrity Apprentice seem likely. Because Clay had to rescheduled the Gala  from October 21, 22 to December 9, 10 . Last night I got the Indiana (IU) College Basketball 2011-2012 schedule. Indiana (IU) vs NC State in Raleigh on 11/30. No one could get on Clay Aiken Fan Club for about 30 mins tonight.

Saturday-I fell to sleep in the living room last night. I wake up at 5:28AM. I got on the Internet for about 30 mins. Then went in the bathroom to take a shower. When I got in the bathtub I saw the water was brown. It was my cold water that was brow, I got out of the bathtub turn on the bathroom sink cold water. I had the bathroom sink and the bathtub cold water on at the same time for the brown water to turn clear again. It took about 5 mins. But it feel like an hour. I start claeaning my bedroom at 6:30AM.


Sunday, September 4, 2011

My week 8/28 to 9/3

Sunday-I found out that Dad didn't want Christy, Carol, Mike to go with Christopher and him to Deadwood, S. Mom told me Dad wasn't happy because of it. Mom and I went to see Michael house. His house should be done by the end of November.

Monday-I paid my electric and gas bills Today. My new NewWave TV cable bill come Today. I can pay on or before 9/21.

Tuesday-Parker Christmas gifts should be ship to me Today. But I didn't received a email yet about Parker books from Barnes & Noble

Wednesday-I received a email about Parker book from Barnes &; Noble. The workshop have computer in every group with the Internet.

Thursday-I mulch my whole yar. I start mulch at 10:17am. I stop at 11:35 for lunch went back out at 1pm. I got done mulch at 1:30pm. Carol call about taking Mom and Dad out for they Anniversary. Carol TXT me later we going Saturday night at 6pm.

Friday-Mary and I went to Wendy's for Lunch. I had a Diet Coke. I would had water but it wasn't on the list. Carol call we will have dinner at her house at 6PM Tomorrow night.

Saturday-Mom and Dad been married for 55 Years Today. I received Chad and Ian Christmas gifts  Yesterday. Today I received Parker Christmas gift.


Sunday, August 28, 2011

My week 8/21 to 8/27

Sunday-I put a clear Shower liner in the bathtub. I save $9.56 in coupons Yesterday at Wal-Mart. On Wednesday I got unbreaded Chicken Breast Filets from Schwan's. I broil 4 Chicken Breast Today. I thought I would had to use my special knife to cut. I didn't need the knife. Owen Charles Sullivan is 2 months.

Monday-A Carol win. She put her nose in Jamey and Stori business 24/7. She have no right in doing it. 

Tuesday-I couldn't sleep that good last night. I start not feeling good before work. I wasn't feel that great at work all day. I only brush water pikemy teeths because I was so sleepy to stand up.

Wednesday-I sleep good last night. I wrote part of a pen pal letter on my print shop last night.. I ask Angie about ordering out on Friday.

Thursday-I start writing down questions for the next Clay Aiken LIVE chat

Friday-. I got the pen pal letter done Tonight. I put all the letters in the out going mailbox Tonight.

Saturday-I clean some of the computer room up. Mom took Sharon and I out to eat tonight. Because Dad, Christy, Carol, Mike and Christopher went to Deadwood, South Dakota for 2 days. Then everyone go home on Sunday, but Dad and Carol. They are going to UT to see Dad sister Alice. Then they be home in Louisville, KY at 12AM Monday morning.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

My week 8/14 to 8/20

Sunday-I didn't wake up until 7:40AM. I didn't get anything done Today. A friend told me that Clay Aiken was at Toys R Us in New York the day before Parker Birthday. Why aren't there any good movies on Sundays anymore.

Monday-I mulching around my bedroom tree at 9:15AM. The grass was wet and dry. I mow the other half after lunch.

Tuesday-crazy Day

Wednesday-. I'm going to weed eat Tomorrow. 

Thursday-It been 6 years since Stori took me to my First Clay Aiken Concert. Anniemae from Clay Fan Club went in the hospital Today. I made a thread in Annie name. I work outside after work .

Friday. I will go to Wal-Mart Tomorrow for the month with coupons.

Saturday-My cell phone was dead at 7:15AM. It tokk about 2 hours to charge up my cell phone. I saw an old classmate of my from school at Wal-Mart. Sophia Rae Blake is 2 months and 8lb.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

My week of 8/7 to 8/13

Sunday-Carol never Email me back about the invite to the National Inclusion Project Ninth Annual Champions Gala. I didn't do to much Today. It storm this morning for 2 hours.

Monday-It Clay Aiken son Parker 3rd Birthday. I thought I had 2 apples. I only have 1 apple I went to Division of Family Ressurce to get copys of my paychecks. But the lady could fax my paychecks.

Tuesday-I  call the number after work. The number was 1-800flowers.

Wednesday-The Internet wasn't working at 5AM. So I call Frontier, Frontier don't answer call until 7AM. I ask Amanda if I could go home early. So I could call Frontier. The lady said the 812 area code Internet was down. By 8:30AM the Internet was working.

Thursday- Channel 11 didn't have sound. I had to look up NewWave phone number on the Internet.

Friday-I show the Invite to the National Inclusion Project Ninth Annual Champions Gala. to everyone at work. The channel 11 was back at 11:30AM. I call NewWave before I went to work about the channel 11.

Saturday-I was going to mow my grass Tomorrow but it start raining Today. I watch the movie Honeymoon for one on Hallmark. I didn't like it.


Sunday, August 7, 2011

My week 7/31 to 8/6

Sunday-President Obama was on TV talking about a deal. The deal need to go to Congres. I hope congress pass the deal.

Monday-I have $56.00 in my National Inclusion Project jar. Congress pass the deal Today. Clay Aiken was login to the chat room for an hour before the LIVE CHAT. I could hear and see Clay without any problems. But there was fans in the chat room being rude to other fans. My new Black and Decker grass shear came Today. Amanda told me Terry last day is Friday. Becazuse she is moving to Ohio to be with her daughter.

Tuesday-Senate pass the deal. I couldn't sleep last night. Because I was coming down from seeing Clay Aiken in the LIVE CHAT. But I did want to with 2 hours of week.

Wednesday-Crazy day

Thursday I gas up my car. I received my order from HSN. It was glamor lip gloss from Y&R Jabot.

Friday-I received a invites to The National Inclusion Project Ninth Annual Champions Gala. But I can't go to it. Because I can't get there. Parker dog (Toby) have a limp now after he got hit by a car 2 months ago. Stori told me Parker can have his sizure only in his sleep. The Meds he is on making Parker mad at others and cary and other stuff.

Saturday-I put away my whites from last week. Wash my towels and sheets. I mop my Kitchen floor on my hand and knees.


Sunday, July 31, 2011

My week 7/24 to 7/30

Sunday-Yesterday my cousin June became my friend on Facebook, my Dad is my friend on Facebook too. I couldn't get on Barry Manilow Fan Club Today. I didn't get anything done Today. Only thing I did was looking up stuff in Washington DC about the deal. I E-mail President Obama from the White House Web Site.

Monday-I couldn't get on Barry Manilow Fan Club yet this morning. I got on Barry Manilow Fan Club at 10:50AM. President Obama talk on TV Tonight. About the deal they need to sign. I went get the Therapy treatment for my ears. But the lady couldn't help me. Because she couldn't get me dizz.

Tuesday-I was thinking House speaker John Boehner & President Obama need to sign a short deal before Aug 2. Then they should start talk about pay the whole debt Crisis off .

Wednesday-I mow my grass Today. It took 2 hours. because Dad mower dead on me. Had to use my mower.

Thursday-I had to order a new grass shear. Because my grass shear dead on me Today before I use it Today. I post on Todd Young Facebook page. I ask him not to sign any deals that cut Social Security out for good. Todd comment after me. Saying there no deal with SS cut out.

Friday-Order out didn't go to good. I forgot to write down a order. So I feel bad about it. I got my paycheck before lunch.

Saturday-I wake up at 4:10AM. I clean some of the Computer room. I had to order a Crazy Horse T-shirt online Today. There was a deal for Aug 2 last night. But it was dead in the water this morning.


Sunday, July 24, 2011

M week 7/17 to 7/23

Sunday-Stori and Mom try every kind of cleaner for my bathtub. But they didn't work. I try old Scubbing Bubbles. It work better. But it will take a long time to clean the brown stuff off the bathtub.

Monday-I inbox Stori at Facebook to see if Chad like his Birthday gifts from Christy & Tom. See when Parker going to the doctor again for his seizure and see who is out Congress men was. Stori come back and told me. Chad love his gifts. Parker going to the doctor in September. Parker was at Church camp this week and Parker will start taking his med after he get home on Friday. Our Congress is Todd Young. Clay Aiken was on The Talk. Clay said his son Parker don't like Clay singing in the house or with the TV. But Parker like listening to Clay CD's in Clay car. Clay knows he will stop singing, but not soon. I wrote a letter to Clay about when Clay stop singing. in the Dear Clay thread at his fan club. But I got told don't have to worry. I'm sick of other telling me what they what me feel. I can't write anything without someone telling me I can't feel that way.

Tuesday- When I got home and got on my Internet it stop. The Internet yellow light went to red. So call Frontier. It took Frontier 2 hours to fix it. It was something in Town.

Wednesday-Sophia Rae Blake is a Month old Today. The power went out at 1:32AM for 2 hours. I got papers to fill it for Medicaid/ Hooier Healthwise Eligibility Review Form. I told Mary about the form. She told me where I can get the form fax. Ask Mary if she would go with me Tomorrow.

Thursday-Owen Charles Sullivan is a Month old Today. I pick Mary up at 8:30AM. We got the form fax done by 9:10AM. Blog about how I can feel stuff before it happen at Clay fan club.

Friday-I went to my doctor for my dizzy. He want me have therapy treatment for my ears for vertigo. I went home and call about my 1st therapy treatment. I will go on Monday at 1PM. I got the order out day note done for next Thursday. All week it feel like bath water at 6AM outside. We having a video chat with Clay Aiken on Aug 1 at 8:30PM. I try to upload Firefox, but delete it because java wasn't hook up with firefox yet. I hope I can see and hear Clay with my Internet Explorer.

Saturday-I received a letter from Avenue Broadband. NewWave Communication is purchasing Avenue Broadband. I did my laundry Today. Wish Washing DC would get they act together before next weekend.


Sunday, July 17, 2011

My week 7/10 to 7/16

Sunday-I wrote my weekly blog at my main page, then at Clay &; Barry fan clubs. I didn't get my mail Yesterday. I went to my mailbox Today. There was a key in my mailbox for the other mailboxes that hold boxes. There was a larger Post Office box it was from Carol Cooke. Carol gave me 13 DVD's of Clay Aiken 9 CD's of Clay. Pictures, a book of pictures of Christmas tour of 07, and other stuff. I E-mail Christy about walking on Friday's to First Chance Center and I would eat something from ther snack machine then floss my bridge. Christy said it sound good.

Monday-Crazy at work

Tuesday- I TXT Stori to see when she want me to take Chad Birthday gift from Christy and Tom out to him. Stori never TXT me back. So after work I call Stori. Stori got my TXT but got busy. I understand because Stori 5 kids under 12. I received the poster I order from Clay Fan Club. It the same one from Clay concert in Summer of 05. Because the one I have is falling down, and I have so much tape on it. But right now it staying on the wall. I thought Today was Wednesday.

Wednesday-Parker is having EEG done Today. I may not have my Monthly check on Aug 3. My dad said the Gov. have the money to pay in Aug. But they don' after Aug.

Thursday-Chad Birthday is Today. I waas dizz after I got home from getting my hair cut. I took the pill again. I sleep all day again after taking the meds. I miss the TV show Big Brother. Wal-Mart freezers was down Today. Lyndsay due date was Today. But she had Sophia on June 20.

Friday- Wal-Mart freezers was working Today. Stori & Jamey had a pool party for Chad Birthday. Jamey parents & I was the only family at the party. Carol talk my parents out of going to the party because it was kids under 12. Jamey got dad favorites beer for him for the party. I ask Stori about Parker EEG. She told me they are putting Parker on med. They have to go back to the doctor next week. I think. Livia, Parker. Chad, Ian & Owen have a 2 story playhouse outside. I blog my Great-nieces & Great-nephews ages at Clay Aiken fan club.

Saturday-I wasn't dizz. But I didn't fell like do anything Today. I wish everyone in Washington DC would get they hands out they butt and make a deal before Aug 2. I blog my Great-nieces & Great-nephews ages at Barry Manilow Fan Club Today.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

My week 7/3 to 7/9

Sunday-There wasn't any good movies on Today. Clean some of the trailer. Stori post on Facebook that she took the boys hiking days ago. They got off the patch and she realized they were in Poison Ivy. went home and shower everyone quickly Apparently, Stori miss washing her ears, neck, and upper chest!Stori carrying Ian home. Stori have some wicked posion Ivy. But Stori feel better from Mastitis. The power didn't go out doing the storm Today.

Monday-I have a black and blue mark. on my right leg. I blog my week at Clay & Barry fan club. It's the 4th. I clean my bedroom. I laugh hard watching The Talk with Donny Osmond Today. It will feel funny working Tomorrow.

Tuesday-When I got to work my car dead as I back up. The battery & oil lights came on. I turn off the car. Then turn it back on with no problem. I call Mom so she could tell Dad about my car. . Dad came We talk. Dad drove the car almost to French Lick without any problem. The book I'm reading the pages are falling out after I read it. Carol call me. Because Christy call Carol to tell us that Sophia is back up to her birth weight 5lb 3oz. Because Sophia lost her wight when she went home.Sophia is small too.

Wednesday-I was thinking Today was the day I came home from my 2 weeks vacation last year. I didn't have any problem with the car. Mom was on my answer machine. To see if I had any pictures of her or Dad on my facebook. She order me to delete a pictures. Because she said the a law the no one have to have pictures. on Facebook. I guess Mom will have to call hers 2 nieces and Tom sister and order them to take all picture of her and Dad off. I made 2 thread about Casly Anthony Verdict. at Clay & Barry Fan Clubs. I have abou 8 post at Barry fan club. But no one post at Clay fan club. Today was the first outing for Stori with all 5 kids.

Thursday-I call Stori about Chad Birthday gift from Christy and Tom. Casly Anthony will be out on Wednesday. Stori call to see if I would house -sit started Tonight. She will understand if I don't want to because it was last minute call. I said no. Parker will have a EEG done on July 13. Owen went on his first road trip to Indianapolis for Jamey niece wedding. I blog about Matthew and Lyndsay Meun from they wedding. at Clay Fan club.

Friday-, Mastitis and hers outing with all 5 kids. I think I will do my fill-in puzzles on Fridays and write pen pal letters on Saturdays and read my book on Sundays.

Saturday- I was going to Clear real good Today. But I got Dizz. It took Antivert. I sleep almost all day because of the Antivert. But I did mow my grass. I use both mowers. I use my to mulching around my tree by my bedroom window. Then I use Dad cordless Electric mower. It took me about an hour to mow After dinner sleep 3 hours off and on.


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Week of 6/26 to 7/2

Sunday-The power went out at 5:14AM it come back at 6:06AM. But Mary told me. Her stove clock stop at 3:42AM. But I wasn't up at that time. I clean the bathroom sink. I try writing a pen pal letter.

Monday-It storm when I was at work. I paid my Town bills Today. Weather man said it will storm Tonight and Tomorrow. I didn't think it was Monday. When my cell phone alarm came on at 4:30AM. Sophia is one week old.

Tuesday-It's didn't rain Today. Owen is a week old. I need to get the pen pal letter done. Mary TXT me. To see if I know Sandy Mom age. Because the ambulance was call to a Asbell resident and the lady was 87.

Wednesday-Crazy day at work

Thursday-Stori due date was Today. But Stori had Owen 9 days ago. Mary don't have money to go out for lunch Tomorrow. Mary will TXT me if she want to go for lunch.

Friday-A year ago. I was in Custer, South Dakota. Mary at TXT 12:21PM but I was eating lunch. Before 4PM I post on Mary Facebook page to see what she want. Mary said she want to go for Lunch. I told her I thought she would TXT before 12 not after 12. Mary post back with she was sick with a headach that why she TXT so late. We will try next month. I have $49.00 in my Jar for National Inclusion Project. A police man came to my door looking for a guy. The police man was calling in Licence plate numbers.

Saturday-At 12AM I put my laundry away. I wash my Towels and sheets. Fold last month towels. Stori post on Facebook last night that had Mastitis. Carol Cooke will send me stuff of Clay Aiken.


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Week of 6/19 to 6/25

Sunday- Its Father Day. It rain hard the power went out for sec. Then I was half way done with my blog. Then the power went out again and I thought I lost all what I type. But I didn't, the blog page was saving what I was writting before the power went out.

Monday-I TXT Carol to see if she heard anything on Lyndsay and Sophia. Carol said no. I ask when Lyndsay was going to the hospital. Carol TXT back with They were suppose to do Censerian at 10:30AM. I went to the bank, Wal-Mart. At 10:14AM I received a TXT from Christy. She said shes here and healthy 5lbs 3oz. I TXT Christy back with: Ok Grandma I will tell everyone online and at work. Dad came to take his mower. At 3:49PM I received from Stori : Please No facebook post, keep to yourself. My water broken! We are on way back to Paoli could be 24 hours before he come out. We will let you know when he get here. I ask if I could post on Clay board. Stori TXT back with: No where please until he is out and ok. I received a TXT from Stori at 6:52PM: False alarm Vaginal discharge or he pushing on my bladder. So we are back home. I am feeling pretty stupid and sad. Heading to bed.

Tuesday-I was at work I look at my cell phone. I had a TXT from Jamey: Please nothing on Facebook. We came back to hospital late last night. water broken thing are moving slowly. Still will be a while. I call Carol at 9:30AM no news on Stori. Stori and Jamey went back to the hospital at 10PM last night. Call Carol at 11:30AM no news yet. I ask Carol if Stori was in labor. Carol said no only her water brken. At 1PM I call mom no news, but Stori was taking a nap an hour ago. At 1:30PM Carol call Stori said everything was ok. The doctor think Owen is not moving because of her bladder. I didn't hear anything for a long time. So at 4:30PM I call Carol. She said no news but Stori move from 3 to 4. Then at 5:30PM Carol call Jamey said if Owen don't move they will have a C-section in 30 mins. I didn't hear anything for a long time. I call at 8PM Mike told me no news but Michael went up to the hospital to see what going on. At 8:42PM I got a TXT from Carol: Start pushing in 30mins. Please say a prayer for them. At 9:14PM I got a TXT from Carol: He here and loud. I got a TXT picture from Jamey at 10PM I ask if I could post the news yet. Jamey came back with: Not yet let Stori do it First. By 10:30PM I post on Twitter, Facebook and Clay Aiken Fan Club about Owen Charles Sullivan.

Wednesday-I went to bed 12AM. Because I posting about Owen until 11PM. I post in Barry Manilow Fan Club this morning about Owen.

Thursday-I went to get a diet coke for lunch Tomorrow . I got a 16oz. I pass out the notes for Tomorrow . Stori and Owen went home Tonight at 10PM.

Friday-Order out day went well. I E-mail Christy and Tom about the 16oz diet coke. Christy hopefully will be released Tonight. She is small is having trouble regulating her temperature. So they will decide if she is ready to go home. She is nursing well and everything is good she just need to get heavier. Around 10PM Tom wrote: Sophia did went home Tonight.

Saturday-Christy told me. Matthew, Lyndsay, Sophia and they dog is staying at Lyndsay moms. Because Lyndsay can't use steps. I had to use my own mower too Today. Because Dad mower dead again Today. Stori told me. Her water did broken on Monday afternoon. Owen head was keeping water from coming out at one time. Parker watch everything in the room on Tuesday. Stori took pictures of Owen and I Tonight. I put the pictures on Facebook. Put laundry away for the week.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

The week of 6/12 to 6/18

Sunday-It took me longer to write my weekly blog. Because I was going save the first 4 days of the blog. It didn't save it. So I had to start all over. Carol came with my clothes from Matthew and Lyndsay wedding.

Monday-I mow with Dad mower. I was half way done. Then I mow by the bay window. I hit 1 of block under the window. The mower start smoking and stop working. I wait for 5 mins. The mower start but it don't sound right and it want to dead.. I went on Neuton website. I chat with a lady. She gave me a address in Louisville, KY. I E-mail Dad about the mower. Carol wasn't happy that I knew about Tom's Dad being in the Hospital.

Tuesday- Carol call Tom's Dad (Dave) is not doing good. Barry Manilow New CD 15 Mintues drop Today.

Wednesday-. Tom Dad (Dave) passaway in his sleep at 4AM. No one was with Dave when he passaway. Parker dog (Toby) got hit by a car last week as Parker and Toby was walking to Jamey parents. Toby have limp now. Stori told me that Toby didn't walk at all Yesterday. I received Barry Manilow new CD 15 Mintues from Barnes and Noble. I received David Foster book "Hitman". It rain off and on all morning. At 9AM it look like it was 10PM outside. Lyndsay will have a C-section on Monday. Because there no water around Sophia. Sophia can't move around anymore. Carol told me that Dad, Mom, Mike and her will go up to Dave Blake funeral that is on Saturday. I had Stori order all the pictures from my camera.

Thursday-. I got the pictures from Wal-Mart. I had Stori order 3 prints of all the wedding pictures. Because Mom want the pictures and Christy want the wedding cake picture.

Friday-I talk to Terry about Wednesday. Terry told me, I will have to do 3 load of laundry at First Chance Center on Wednesdays. It Barry Manilow Birthday. It been a year since I went on 2 weeks vacation. I had Stori order more pictures of the wedding. Because I lost my I can't found them. Stori went to the doctor Today. Stori is at 1 an half. Carol, Mike, Mom and Dad went up to Fort Wayne, IN around 1PM for Dave Funeral Tomorrow.

Saturday-I vac the living room I post on Clay and Barry Fan Clubs that Stori was at 1 an half. Dave Blake Funeral was at 2PM in Fort Wayne, IN Today. I send a card to Tom Today. I order Tom and Parker Christmas gifts. I will start writing a pen pal letter Tomorrow.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

week 5/29 to 6/11

Sunday-Anya Mcclure will send me around 5 friendship books. I think Anya is not in the USA. Because she ask me if I was. I join David Foster Offical Website tonight it free.

Monday-It Memorial Day. Today is Stori Birthday. She is 35. I blog at Clay Aiken and Barry Manilow fan clubs. About Stori's due date. Michael and Trisanna offcally braken ground for they house. I was home all day.

Tuesday-Amanda told me that she will not be at work on Thursday. I told Amanda that I need to leave no later then 8:45AM on Thursday. I went to the post office to get 3 books of stamps and put my mail on hold from 6/2 to 6/9. It hit me I will have only 4 days on my paycheck from FCCI. I ask Nanette to have Gary to mow next weekend.

Wednesday-I have $43.00 National Inclusion Project jar. . I took Dad Birthday card to the mailbox outside the post office at 5PM. Carol TXT me about leaving at 11AM Tomorrow. Donna told me to TXT her next Wednesday about doing the towels on Wednesday.

Thursday-I got done working at 8:45AM. Carol call about driving out to hers house. Because they was doing yard work. Dad and Mom meeted us at Carol's. I TXT Christy before Mitchell, IN. We gas Mike car up. Carol had me call Christy about Christopher cell phone number. Because Mike going to pick up Christopher at Fort Wayne airplane at 6PM. Christy call Carol to tell us that the breakfast wasn't on Saturday and I could stay at the house on Friday night. I have a handicapped Hotel room. I have a wheelchair shower. Mike and Carol paid for my room. Christopher was late getting to Fort Wayne. There was a problem in Chicago. Lyndsay and Matthew baby weight 4 pound right now. Matthew and Lyndsay had guest bags for they guest at the Hotel. Thier had a Thank You card in the bag. The card said : Thank you so much for coming into Town to help us celebrate our wedding and marriage, we are so excited to have you with us on our special day! We especially appreciate you traveling on Friday to be with us! Enjoy your night we have a special evening planned so let's some fun! Love Matt & Lyndsay

Friday-Christy is 54 Today. I TXT Christy Happy 21 Birthday. Christy TXT back with Ha Ha Thanks. Carol, Mike, Mom, Dad and I took a walk it was cold 60 at 10:30AM. By the time we leave for the wedding at 1:30PM it was 80 outside. Got back to the Hotel room at 5:30PM. Leave for the Embassy Theatre at 6PM. Here evening events went : Cocktail and Butler Passed Hor Dourved at 6:30PM at Indiana Hotel Lobby. Then Grand Entrance of Bridal party at 7:30PM in The Embassy Theatre Lobby. The Toasts by Mother of the Bride and Father of the Groom at 7:45PM The meal at 8PM. Then Toast by Maid of Honor and best man. at 8PM. The Birde and groom Fisrt Dance at 8:30PM. Then Bride and Groom parents and Grandparents Dance at 8:35PM. Then Father Daughter Dance with hers real Dad at 8:40PM Then Mother Son Dance at 8:45PM. Then Father Daughter dance with her step-dad at 8:50PM Then Music by Good Night Grace at 9PM Then Cake cutting Bouquest and Garter toss at 9:30PM. The Dollar Dance at 9:45PM Late Night Burger bar at 10:45PM . Everything happen in the Embassy Theatre Lobby. Carol, Mike and I got back to our Hotel Rooms at 11:55PM I have a niece in law now.

Saturday-Carol open the door between our rooms to tell me that her and Mike going to Stori's room. Because Stori was taking Parker to ER. I told Carol to call when they get there. I look at my cell phone clock it was 12:31AM. Carol TXT they got in a ER room at 12:45AM. The Doctor got a CT X-ray done on Parker . Carol and Mike got back to the Hotel at 3AM. Carol told me Parker had a seizure. Parker did it in his sleep. When Stori and Jamey wake Parker up. He couldn't move his left hand. Carol , Mike and I walk around the ball park by the Hotel. Then everyone Carol, Mike, Michael, Trisanna, Mom, Dad and I meet Christy and Tom for lunch. Then we went to Christy's to help get stuff done before the cookout. Lyndsay said she will have a C-section. Because of the water and the baby butt is the wrong way. Matthew told me, I spell his daughter name wrong. I had it as Sophina. But it is Sophia.

Week 6/5 to 6/11

Sunday-Everyone on Tom side of his Family. Went out for Breakfast. I went with Tom, Christy, Christopher. After Breakfast Christopher went home with Matthew and Lyndsay. Then Matthew and Christopher come back to Tom and Christy house. Then Tom took Christopher to the airport. Then at 4:45PM Christy and Tom went to Lyndsay moms house to watch Lyndsay and Matthew opening Wedding gifts.

MondayLast night I went to sleep around 11:05PM and wake up at 5:36AM.Went to the Bathroom at 6:20AM lay back down fall to sleep then wake up at 9:43AM for the day. Christy help Tom fill my teeth. I saw my first 3D movie Tonight. We saw Kung FU Panda. Christy ask me if Matthew was my friend on Facebook I said no . It took Tammy about 10 mins to take the bridge out of my mouth. Because Tom fix it in April. It wouldn't fall out when I was home in April.

Tuesday-Stori and Jamey been married for 14 years Today. I stayed at Christys house by myself. Because Christy had to go places that I didn't need to go to. Tom Dad was put in the Hospital Today. I hope Tom and I can go to Paoli Tomorrow afternoon. I told Tom I will pay for dinner Tomorrow.

Wednesday-I wake up at 4:30AM. I lay on the couch until 7:30AM. Then got up shower and pack. Then I inbox Amanda on Facebook. About Tom Dad so if I couldn't make it home Tonight. Amanda know why I'm not at work Tomorrow. I told Christy my body wake up at 4:30AM because it know I will be working Tomorrow. Tom's Mom Carol Lou call and Dave sound good on the phone. Carol Lou is staying home until Dave is going home Today. Because Carol Lou been having back pain. Christy and I leave Christy house at 1:50PM. Christy had to go places before we go to Tom office. Tom and I got in his car to come to Paoli at 3:36PM. Tom and I ate at Carrabba's in Indianapolis, IN. I walk in my trailer at 8:30PM. I blog Clay Aiken Fan Club. That I been home from Ft Wayne, IN for 48 mins. Now Wait on Owen and Sophia to come. My Dad Birthday is Today. He is 83 years old.

Thursday-I got to work ok. I got done working at 8:30AM. I went to get my paycheck from June 3. I gave Amanda 4 days of work. I got 2 pen pal letters.

Friday-I got for my bridge. I check on my Clay Aiken Fan Club membership package. It was ship Yesterday. Stori and I will order Matthew and Lyndsay wedding pictures on Wednesday.

Saturday-Christy told me that Tom Dad was put back in the Hopsital again. Matthew is my friend on Facebook now. I need to write a pen pal letter for about 5 pen pals.


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Week of 5/22 to 5/28

Sunday-I wrote a pen pal letter to Brenda Cooley. Because I received her letter last Friday. Brenda is on Facebook.

Monday-Crazy day at work

Tuesday-Yesterday and Today I watch Oprah show off and on. Because I was watching Y&;R too. I TXT Stori to tell her that her Birthday gift in the mailbox Today or Tomorrow. I TXT carol about picking me up at my trailer on June 2.

Wednesday-Oprah last show was Today. She gave everyone her own email address. I email Oprah after the show.

Thursday-Stori call about Matthew and Lyndsay Wedding gift. We had bad storms last night. I didn't have power from 10:20PM to 3:45AM. Stori told me that Jamey, Stori and the kids went to the basement doing the storm. All 7 stay in one bed with a dog. I blog at Clay Aiken Fan club and Barry Fan club about what will happen in a week from Tonight.

Friday-It was COLD outside Christy received hers Birtday gift. Christy told me that she put the brownie cake in the freezer. She will bring it out when I'm there. It came with choc chip, sugar and Iced cookies and candy.

Saturday-I pack for next Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Carol have my clothes for Thursday night and Saturday. Mom have my dress for the wedding. It didn't rain Today. Since Thurday night I been sleeping good. Because I couldn't sleep good on Wednesday night. Tomorrow is my last blog until June 12. Because I will be in Fort Wayne on June 5.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Week of 5/15 to 5/21

Sunday-I'm sending 7 new pen pal letters to Joseph Roth from Evanston, IL . Marcelene Gonzalls from Dulce, NM. Carol Martin from Blue Ridge, VA. Julia Arlene Wright from Anaheim, CA. Vanessa Marlowe from Swannanoa, NC. Melissa Gillard from Twillingate Canada. Lin Ritcher from Colorado Spring, CO. To see if we can be pen pals. Melissa and Lin are from Facebook.

Monday-A lady name Brenda Cooley from Springfield, CO. Send me a message to me on Facebook. Brenda want to be pen pals. I had shorts on at work. When I walk to my car after work at 8:50AM. It was cold outside. I had turn on my heat in my trailer at 10AM. Because my trailer was 64 inside. I put blue jeans on too. I'm in sandbooknet pen pals and swappers site, Smail mail pen pals groups on Facebook. I order Barry Manilow New CD 15 MinutesIt will be out on June 14.

Tuesday-I start working at 6:10AM I came home at 11:30AM. So I could clean up for my doctor appointment in Bedford, IN. I have orange county transit taking me to Beford. Jamey put a picture of Ian and Chad sleeping in Ian crib on Facebook. Chad snuck into Ian crib. The transit driver came at 1PM. We had to pick a guy up in a wheelchair. I got to my appointment about 5 mins late. I ask how long before go back not long the lady said. But it would be an hour or 45 mins with everything. I didn't stay. I try to an appointment for June. The lady said the appointments for June is only for the Bloomington office. So I told the lady just forget it. I went outside and transit for them to pick me up. After I got home I call to make a appointment for July but I forgot to ask if it was at Bedford or bloomington office.

Wednesday-I update my Yahoo Email to beta.

Thursday-It didn't rain. I can get in to Barry Manilow message board again. Another fan told me that she was disabled from Message Board too. No one know why. I was disabled from it since September of last year. Until I sent a letter to the main Fan Club on 5/9.

Friday-We are not having order out day next week. Because they are having a outing and cook-out next Friday. Mom was on my answering meachine when I got home Mom said Christy had a bad week. Christy Best friend have 2 kind of cancer. Then the dress Christy was going to wear to the wedding. Had to to be sent back. Christy don't know what she going to wear at the wedding. Matthew and Lynday baby don't have that much water around it. The baby can't move around.

Saturday-I put laundry away from last week and wash what I didn't do on Thursday. I check the weather for the next week. It will rain all week.  I post in Twitter, Facebook, Clay Aiken fan club, Barry Manilow fan club about the new yahoo email beta. Ladys from Barry fan club comments.


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Week of 5/8 to 5/14

Sunday-It Mother Day! It was fog outside this Morning. I wrote to Barry Manilow International Fan Club Today.

Monday-I wake up at 2:30AM and saw my clock on my TV cable box wasn't showing up. After work I call Aveune about my TV cable box. A guy come at 2:30PM and saw I had a old TV cable Box. The guy gave me a new TV cable box. The guy wasn't bad my on eyes too. Stori call to see if Parker could stay with me when they go to Livia school band concert. Jamey pick Parker up. Stori and Livia come about 30 mins later to pick Parker. I meet them outside told Stori. Jamey had pick Parker up. I saw Livia was dress up. I told Livia she look nice for a brat. I got alway from the car before Livia hit me.

Tuesday-I got my A/C on in my trailer. I need to tell Stori to tell Parker I have A/C on. Because I didn't have it on. When Parker was here last night. My trailer was 85 inside last night.

Wednesday-I received 2 GOT CLAY AIKEN T-shirt Today. I could renewal at Clay Aiken Fan Club. Tonight I went with Ulitmate package. The package have CD/DVD case, Dry erase magnet board and 50-sheet notepad. Ground (ctrl) will hook us up with a Live Video chat with Clay Aiken starting this Summer.

Thursday-I went to get my hair cut. I knew the lady who cut my hair wasn' t there. The owner was going to cut my hair. When I got there. The owner Debbie told me. The lady (Can't think of her name right now) had hers baby last night. I received a post card.

Open House

Dr. Blake and Christy

along with his Dental Staff

invite you to an Open House commemorating

Dr. Blake's 30 year in Dentistry

Where: Orchard Ridge Country Club

When: Thursday June 23, 2011

Time: 6:00PM - 8:00PM

I email Christy last night to see if Tom was working all day on the 8th. Christy email me back Today. They both are working all day on the 8th 7AM- 4PM. I told Dad I was going with Mike and Carol to Fort Wayne on June 2.

FridayI got the order outday note done for Pizza Hut for May 27. I'm hook on the bingo game on Facebook. I did laundry for the week tonight.

Saturday-I clean up the kitchen. I told Carol that I told Dad I was going with her and Mike up to Fort Wayne on June 2. I received a post card to renewal my subscription to Paoli newspaper before June 1.


Sunday, May 8, 2011

WEEK 5/1 to 5/7

Sunday-I got The Thank you card for Tom and his staff in the out going mailbox I have $22.00 in my National Inclusion Project jar.

MondayMy cell Phone alarm didn't come on this morning. I had no service with my phone. After I got to work  We got service back at 8:38AM. I forgot to go to the Bank. Carol said not to go out to hers house to fix the clothes for the wedding because of the weather. I blog at Clay Aiken Fan Club about a month from Tonight.

Tuesday-Our cell phone went out of service again Today.  Because Orleans and French Lick was under water. I received my GOT CLAY AIKEN hoodies from E-bay. My heat for my trailer was on when I got up for the day.

Wednesday-My cell phone didn't go out of service. The weather is crazy. It was 38 this morning.

Thursday-I was looking at my Calendar and Memorial Day on Monday. I e-mail Christy. I ask her if it ok for me to miss a brushing teeths on 6/1.Because what I do on Tuesdays I will have to do it on Wednesday(6/1) and (7/6). Because of Memorial Day and 4th of July. I told Christy I brush my teeths on weekdays 5 times. Christy email me back. She told me it ok to miss 1 time.

Friday-Mary had me pick up our lunch at Long John. We ate at the Yard sale Mary was helping out at. There was a DVD about Bill working at First Chance Center . Bill was at First Chance Center for 28 years. So he will not have to get out of bed on weekday for work anymore.

Saturday-I look down to pick something up when I look up I got dizz since then I haven't feel good. I try to clean the trailer. I got my paper stuff for the bank done Yesterday I will take it on Monday to the bank. No one call about getting together for Mother Day Tomorrow.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Week of 4/24 to 4/30

Sunday-It Easter Went out to Carol's at 3:45PM but everyone got there at 4:30PM. Dad start talking to me about having my own room at the Wedding. Dad wasn't happy about it. Carol ask me when I can have her fix the clothes for the wedding weekend.

Monday- I told everyone about how Tom give me about 5 shots in my mouth. I got the Thank You card for Tom and his staff done but will mail it on Friday.

Tuesday-. I went to Wal-Mart got Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pie. I will brush my teeths after I eat a Little Debbie and I did not right away but I had one around 9:30PM and was brushing my teeths at 10:10PM.

Wednesday-I was getting my lunch in the microwave oven. Then I turn on my TV but no picture or sound. I got the picture but no sound. I saw my cable cord was in the TV. It don't have to be hook up to the TV.Because Stori and I fix it that my VCR box will turn on the cable. I call Stori but I forgot Jamey and Stori went to Florida for a Business trip for Raymond James. So I call Dad. He come over and undone the cable cord. He ask me why would anyone do it. I start to answering Dad. Dad told me to shut my mouth up he didn't want to hear it. Dad ask me why again. I start answering again. Dad told me to shut up, he didn't what to hesr me. This went on 2 more times until I told him about the marks on the TV. Dad said why I didn't call Stori. I told Dad Stori and Jamey was out of Town. Dad didn't said one word after that. I guess Christy and Carol didn't talk to Dad about what I told them about Mom. Because Dad act like Mom when I try talking to him. He may don't hit or push me. But telling me to shut up in my own home hurt too. I wish I could move out of Indiana, In a place where I can to concerts anything I want and use the town bus to get around.

Thursday-My Cheryl cookies came It rain Tonight. I'm sick of this rain.

Friday-I forgot to use my waterpik. This morning because I was watching the Wedding of Prince William and Lady Kate. Order out went well. We had about 33 orders.

Saturday-The last day of April. I mow my grass Today. I remember as I was mowing I forgot to send the Thank You card to Christy for Tom and his staff.


Sunday, April 24, 2011

WEEK 4/17/ TO 4/23

Sunday-I was thinking last week. Stori ask about going on vacation with them for 2 weeks last April. I look in my Journal . It was March 30 when Stori ask about going on vacation.

Monday-I paid my taxes on my trailer. I went to the treasurer office. There wasn't a line at the treasurer office. I went to the post office to mail CD to Randi Penland. Then sign a card so my mail will be on hold for 3 days. Carol TXT me Yesterday about going to Fort Wayne on Wednesday. I received my membership stuff from Barry Manilow. Fan Club.

Tuesday-I pack a overnight bag for the trip to Fort Wayne this morning. Stori call to see if I want to stay with them. Because we will be in a bad wind and rain storm. The wind will get up to 70 to 80. I inbox Sue about the storm. So if something happen to me. Sue will know. I told Sue if she don't hear from me Tomorrow. She know I'm hurt or dead.

Wednesday-I got onlie at 12:30AM I could stay in bed this morning. . Christy and Carol paid for shoses, earring and other stuff for Matthew Wedding. They thinking they help, but they didn't. I will get trouble when I tell Mom. Mom was mad because Carol was on my Cell phone when I was trying on the dress. We went to Matthew and Lyndsay house. Christy and Carol said they would help me get dress on the Wedding day. I will never see it. Because they will go help Lyndsay and I will be in the Hotel room with my parents getting trouble. Matthew and Lyndsay will name they baby Sophina Blake.

Thursday-I told Christy and Carol about last Thursday and did what Mom did to me to Carol. Now I think they will listen to me now. Tom fill 7 teeths need and 2 more and they are my 2 front teeths. Tom took my Insurance to pay for the work from March and Today. I need to drink more water and 1 coke on Saturdays. I couldn't feel my nose for 2 hours. We got more stuff for the wedding weekend. Christy made a appointment for June 6. Because Christy and Tom going to French Lick for meeting on the 9th for 3 days. So they will drive me. I inbox Amanda on Facebook about June 6 to 8 I told her I need to talk to her. Carol got rooms at Hilton. one for mike and her 1 for me on the same floor and 1 for Michael and trisanna for Matthew Wedding. I show Christy, Carol, Mike, Tom and Matthew National Incluision Project Thank You card. I have to use a waterpik on my teeths now to keep them.

Friday-My mouth blood last night. I told Tom about the blood. I ask Tom if I could have a coke one time a month. Tom ok it. I ask Tom how could I have 5 bad teeths in a month. Tom told me they didn't check that good at my teeths in March. Mike, Carol, and I start coming home at 9AM. We went to Sam in Bloomington. We got to Carol's at 2:30PM I went right to Wal-Mart for the week. I email Christy about what Tom told me about having a coke one time a month. Then I ask Christy if I could have a fiber bar. I got weak and tried. I posted Jerry Aiken note in the Thank You note thread in Clay Aiken Fan Club. Ground(ctrl) will give Clay fans a 6 years membership.

Saturday-Christy call about if it ok. If she put me with Stori,Jamey, Michael and Trisanna table after the Wedding. I was weak and tried again Today. I just sit around Today. I did laundry and inbox Stori about what Christy call that she will put me with her , Jamey , Michael and Trisanna table.


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Week of 4/10 to 4/16

Sunday-Mom call to see if there anything I need her to sew. Told her the dress for Matthew and Lyndsay wedding. Mom want me to go to the house. I told her it to hot and I will come on Thursday after work. I need a new trash can for the computer room. Because I got a new paper shredder and it don't work with the IU trash can.

Monday-It was so hot last night I couldn't sleep. It was 84 in the trailer. It got down to 80 tonight. It rain all day. I been getting about 150 Email every day.

Tuesday-Carol TXT to see if I need her take me to Maryann to get the dress fix. I TXT Carol back at break and told Carol about Thursday. Then I TXT Carol again and told her I will call her as I'm walking out my door on next Wednesday. Christy Email me. She saw my blog about Tom's bill. I don't have to pay the bill. Stori call about Saturday night. Because my cousin Cindy is coming to stay over night.

Wednesday- Stori went out of town to shop. I ask Stori if she was getting Matthew and Lyndsay Wedding gift. She told she couldn't. I received my taxes on my trailer. It cost me $60.80 for the year.

Thursday-I went to my parents to get my dress fix. Mom said I don't help Stori out. Then she call me fat. Then I try to tell mom Christy got me some underwear that I can wear at the wedding. But she call me every bad name for being disabled then Mom came after me and push me down in a chair. I took a picture of the dress for Facebook before I took the dress over to mom. I mow my grass Today. I try to get my only room at Matthew Wedding. Dad wouldn't let me because it will cost $300.00 for 2 nights at Hilton.

Firday-Stori TXT me about using my Computer. Because they CD player doesn't work. Because Livia use all they month time download music on her Ipod. I found out Chad and Ian put black marks on my TV. I call Stori, but she wasn't home. Carol call we may not go to Fort Wayne until Thursday morning the day of my appointment.

Saturday-Stori call about the TV. I told Stori to call me when Cindy and Mike get there. Because Cindy is my cousin. Stori called about 2:30PM. I went out to Stori's. Cindy ask about Clay Aiken Concert. Cindy said I need to meet Clay. But March 2 was my last concert for good. I came home at 8:30pm.